Farida Kabir

Nigerian entrepreneur and software developer

Farida Mohammad Kabir (25 July 1992) is a Nigerian epidemiologist, software developer, and technology entrepreneur. She is the team lead for Google Women TechMakers and co-organizer for Google Developer Group, Abuja. She is also the founder/CEO of OTRAC, a health technology company that develops enterprise software systems for the healthcare sector in Nigeria.

Farida Kabir in 2021


  • Before you know it, we have an army of strong and powerful women that can stand and compete anywhere in the world.
    • [1] Farida on Women in STEM in 2019.
  • Information is out there but local communities don’t have access to it, and they will rely on the next alternative.
    • [2] Farida on Ebola Training in 2018.
  • Over the years, people have gotten inappropriate medical advice from some practitioners, especially at the local council level and of course the consequence was disastrous to their health.
    • [3] Farida in an Interview in 2017.
  • I incorporated it in 2016, and it has grown beyond my wildest dreams.
    • [4] Farida as a software developer in 2017.
  • Government’s focus mainly on research findings from institutes is not encouraging to the young ones who have fresh and modern ideas that can help fast tract socio-economic development.
    • [5] Farida address the government on youthful innovations in 2017.
  • Also, available seminars and conferences are expensive and not flexible, so to address this problem, I designed O’track to enable health workers to easily choose courses online.
    • [6] Farida on accessing health information in 2017.
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