Fantastic Four (2015 film)

2015 film directed by Josh Trank

Fantastic Four (stylized as "Fant4stic") is a 2015 superhero film based on the Marvel property of the same name directed by Josh Trank, written by Simon Kinberg, Jeremy Slater, and Trank. The film serves as a reboot to the franchise released by 20th Century Fox.

Change Is Coming

Reed Richards

  • [As a child] When I grow up, I want to be the first person in human history to teleport himself.
  • Well, you're wrong. I don't want to be famous. I just want my work to make a difference.
  • I promise you, I'm gonna fix this.

Ben Grimm

  • Looks like you're home, buddy.
  • [Lands in front of Reed] [Reed Richards: Oh, my god, Ben.] So this is where you've been hiding out. [Reed Richards: Wait, stop. Let me explain–] [Punches a tree] WHY?! [Reed Richards: I'm no good to you! To anyone! This is all my fault!] That, we can agree on. [Headbutts Reed]
  • I'm not your friend. You turned me into something else.
  • Hey! It's clobbering time!
  • You can't fix this. Nobody can.

Johnny Storm

  • Oh yeah, this one is definitely going on Instagram.
  • I did listen to you, and that's what got me here in the first place!
  • How about two guys, a girl, and the thing that nobody wanted?
  • We should use these powers to help people.

Sue Storm

  • I'm making the environment suits.
  • Doctor doom over here.
  • I gotta say, it's fun having you here.
  • You can't change the past, but we can still change the future.

Victor von Doom

  • If this world must die so that mine may live, so be it.
  • The earth is dying. Humanity had its chance.
  • When your world is destroyed, and I'm all that's left, then it will be enough.
  • Always so smug, thinking you were smarter than me.
  • [From trailer] You think you've had power handed to you? You opened a door you don't know how to close. You don't know anything about what's coming.

Franklin Storm

  • [Last words] Promise me– Look after each other.


Ben's Brother: Hey, where you going?
Young Ben: I got homework.
Ben's Brother: What? Look at that fridge pile!
Young Ben: [To himself] Idiot.
Ben's Brother: What'd you say?! Hey! It's clobberin' time.
[Ben's brother strikes Ben and grabs him up to him]
Ben's Brother: You think you can talk to me like that, huh?! You think you can talk to me like that, punk?!
Mrs. Grimm: What the hell is the matter with you?!
[Mrs. Grimm comes in and starts striking Ben's brother repeatedly. There is some rustling sounds outside and the dogs start barking.]
Young Ben: Ma!
Mrs. Grimm: [To Ben] Go check on that fuss. [To his brother] You didn't do nothin'?! I watched you! How many times do I gotta tell ya?! You don't hit a kid!

Franklin Storm: [To Johnny, after his accident during a street race] I cannot believe you were out here, doing this nonsense. Again.
Johnny Storm: I told you.
Franklin Storm: What?
Johnny Storm: I told you I was doing 45 when I spun out.
Franklin Storm: Yeah.
Johnny Storm: The ground was wet at I hydroplaned.
Franklin Storm: Funny, I don't seem to remember any rain today.
Johnny Storm: You were probably too busy to notice.
Franklin Storm: Johnny, I thought you were turning things around! What is this?
Johnny Storm: What are you talking about?
Franklin Storm: This! This! Is this the way you want the rest of your life to be?! You keep acting out! You have the potential and the I.Q. to do much more!
Johnny Storm: Oh, you mean like Sue?
Franklin Storm: I know you think you know what's best for you, but trust me son, you do not.
Johnny Storm: Will you stop that?!
Franklin Storm: What?! Stop what?!
Johnny Storm: Stop talking to me like I'm one of your students!
Franklin Storm: Well, you're not getting the car back.
Johnny Storm: Excuse me?
Franklin Storm: I said you're not getting the car back.
Johnny Storm: I built that thing from scratch with my own two hands!
Franklin Storm: With my money. My money, my car. You want it back? You're gonna have to earn it. You're gonna have to come work for me.
Johnny Storm: I'm not wearing a lab coat.

Harvey Allen: Victor? We don't know how you survived over there, but, we're still analyzing the data. It appears that your environment suit fused with your body, but, we're working on that. We're going to help you, Victor. We're working with the government now. We're going to send more expeditions to the other side, but first, you need to tell us everything you know about that place.
Victor von Doom: You want to know how I survived? That place kept me alive. Gave me strength. Power.
Harvey Allen: What– kind of power?
Victor von Doom: The kind men like you must never possess.
[Suddenly, Victor uses his telekinesis to kill every scientist in the room, except for Allen, who looks in fear.]
Victor von Doom: You couldn't resist coming back. It's not enough to ruin your world. Now you want to ruin mine.
Harvey Allen: Victor–
Victor von Doom: If this world must die so that mine may live, so be it.

Franklin Storm: Victor, no! Just stop!
Victor von Doom: Out of my way, Franklin. I'm going home.
Franklin Storm: This is your home, son.
Victor von Doom: Not anymore.
Franklin Storm: There is nothing for you over there.
Victor von Doom: Only the power to create a new world.
Franklin Storm: Victor, we're not gods. We're just people. And we are stronger together than we are apart. What good is it if you're alone?
Victor von Doom: I have always been alone.

[During military meeting after their battle with Doom]
Military Colonel: While the world may not know what you did to save it, the men and women in this room do. And so does the president. However, we'd still like to continue our existing relationship. So, if we're in agreement–
Reed Richards: We're not.
Military Colonel: Excuse me?
Reed Richards: We're not remotely in agreement.
Susan Storm: We don't need you or anyone else to keep an eye on us.
Reed Richards: We just want a place where we can work.
Susan Storm: And whatever move we make belongs to us.
Military Colonel: And what if we say no?
Johnny Storm: Say yes.
Military Colonel: How much space are we talking here?
Ben Grimm: A lot.