Fantastic Four (1994 TV series)

American animated television series from 1994–1996

Fantastic Four (1994-1996) was an animated series based on Marvel's Fantastic Four comic book series.

Season 1 Edit

The Origin of the Fantastic Four (Parts 1-2) Edit

Sue: (To Reed) ...and maybe you should call yourself Mr. Fantastic.
Reed: Well, er, rather presumptuous - but it does have a ring to it.

Ms. Forbes: Now, then, about your experiments, professor - they won't be dangerous, noisy or smelly, will they?
Thing: Hey! I'm dangerous, noisy and smelly!

Dick Clark: ...tomorrow's telecast for the rest of the story of the origin of the Fantastic Four.
Invisible Woman: To be continued!

Now Comes the Sub-Mariner Edit

Namor: I am from the world beneath the sea that lies just outside your window. We have endured your pollution for centuries, but we shall suffer it no longer! Know that I am Namor, ruler of the kingdom of Atlantis! Your time in the sun is over!

Krang: I'm afraid you have no authority here, Namor. I have taken command.
Namor: But I am lord of the seas, and you serve me. This is treason!
Krang: I am commander of all forces, and you are a foolish prince who has surrendered his heart and his kingdom to an Earth woman. That is treason!

Incursion of the Skrulls Edit

Thing: (As an alarm goes off) They're playin' my song.

The Silver Surfer & the Coming of Galactus (Parts 1-2) Edit

[Human Torch and Thing are watching an old black-and-white movie]
Professor Helmut: Live! Live, I say!
Woman: No, Helmut! You've gone mad!
Helmut: Silence, woman! Nothing must stand in the way of science - not even... our love! [Tears bandages off of the monster] It lives... it LIVES!
Monster: [Growls] Rose... bud...

Mr. Fantastic: Galactus must have seen us! Why doesn't he say anything?
Watcher: Do you greet the cockroaches on your kitchen floor?

Thing: Could you give us that again in Swahili?
Mr. Fantastic: You don't understand Swahili!
Thing: Well, I don't understand nothing you just said, neither.

Alicia: I'm really not very special, Surfer. But when I awake and feel the sun on my face, and I'm able to do my work and be with my friends - with those I love - I'm very glad to be alive.

[The silver surfer is watching Alicia play the piano. He decides to go in uninvited and she notices. A conversation ensues]
Silver Surfer: You are concerned for the comfort of a stranger?
Alicia: We are all strangers until we meet.

Superskrull Edit

The Mask of Doom (Parts 1-3) Edit

Doom's Father: (Last words) You have a great destiny to fulfill, Victor. You must survive... and triumph!

Mole Man Edit

Thing: Oh, yada yada yada, let's get going already. We get hassled underwater by Prince Namor, bugged in ancient Greece by Doctor Doom, and now we're stranded in a cockamamie cavern! Just once, I'd like a problem that took us to Vegas.

Behold the Negative Zone Edit

Ms. Forbes: (Seeing the portal to the Negative Zone) ...and now you've put a hole in my wall!

The Silver Surfer & the Return of Galactus Edit

Ms. Forbes: (Watching Doctor Doom) Poor Foo-Foo! I know you want to see your Lassie re-runs, but there's nothing on except this tacky man covered in aluminum siding!

Season 2 Edit

And a Blind Man Shall Lead Them Edit

Invisible Woman: This is pretty uninspired. The big, bad Doctor Doom kidnapping me just to lure us here to your wretched little island?
Doctor Doom: Yes, I'm so sorry to involve you in the timeworn damsel-in-distress cliché, Mrs. Richards. I fear the only thing missing is the onrushing train! However, sometimes expediency outweighs originality. Now, with your permission... [Leaves]

Doctor Doom: Goodbye, Fantastic Four. Time to join the choir invisible.

Doctor Doom: A toast, Boris: To Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, who have of late passed on to the undiscovered country. Bereft of their interference, I'm free to bring much-needed peace and order to a world gone mad.

Servo-Guard: Your plan to destroy them has failed, master.
Doctor Doom: "Failed". [Focuses for a moment; the robot sparks, shudders and explodes] Doctor Doom does not fail.

Mr. Fantastic: Amazing, Daredevil - how did you find your way through that mess?
Daredevil: Hm... call it a gift. Came with the red suit.

Daredevil: (Dodging a missile) Funny - a lot of people react that way to lawyers.

Doctor Doom: (Easily subduing Daredevil) Fool! Did you presume to catch me unawares?
Daredevil: Was it my breath?
Doctor Doom: You Primrose Popinjay! You're too late! The Fantastic Four are dead, and you are in time for your own demise!

Doctor Doom: I've made an interesting little improvement in your ventilation system. I will now suck all the air out of the room, and like the martyrs of Masada, you may watch each other die. Have a nice day. [Exits, chuckling sinisterly]

Doctor Doom: You leave me no choice but to act for the greater good. I've just destroyed the fusion limiters from Reed Richards' dimensional reactor. In exactly one minute, it will create a minute tear in the space-time continuum, reducing this building - and, regrettably, most of Manhattan - to cosmic dust! Let it weigh on your souls. A pity, really... [Sighs] I never did get to see Cats.

Inhumans Saga (Parts 1-3) Edit

Wizard: (Brainwashing Thing) Friend? Reed Richards, you call "friend"? He who foolishly exposed you to unknown cosmic rays? Resulting in your becoming the hideous creature you are today? My dear Benjamin Grimm, Reed Richards destroyed your life.

[Two construction workers drop a board on a model of the Baxter Building]
Invisible Woman: You'd think these guys were working for Doctor Doom. Destroying the Baxter Building is getting to be a real growth industry around here...

[The Seeker jettisons Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Thing from his ship]
Thing: Congratulations, Mr. Big Brain. Now we know everything about them un-humans except where they stashed Torchy.
Mr. Fantastic: I had to keep the Seeker talking, Ben. To buy enough time to place a homing device on his ship.
Invisible Woman: [chuckles and embraces Mr. Fantastic] Oh, Reed. At times like this, I remember why I married you.

Worlds Within Worlds Edit

Thing: That's the dame, alright. Spiked collar, red cape... hey, that reminds me, Mother's Day is coming up soon.

Malice: Looking for me... dear?
Mr. Fantastic: Susan!
Malice: Correction: Malice. Susan Richards was a pathetic creature, someone to be ignored at worst, patronized at best - someone you frustrated and stifled at every turn.

To Battle the Living Planet Edit

Thing: (To Thor) Son of Odin, eh? Thou has ticked off Ben Grimm, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grimm!

Invisible Woman: Ben, grab that power pack and follow me! I have an idea!
Thing: "I have an idea." The four scariest words in the English language...

Ego: (Battling Galactus) Galactus! [Laughs] At last, my quest is done. My vengeance is at hand. Let this, then, be your end.
Galactus: This time, the triumph shall be mine!
Ego: You mouth madness! You are but a simple being - I am an entire world!
Galactus: Your words are true, but in all of space, I stand alone. I am Galactus! The be-all and end-all of the universe!

Prey of the Black Panther Edit

Black Panther: At last, the Black Panther's prey has arrived.
Thing: Oh, yeah? Puss-in-Boots' prey? Well, you better start prayin' I don't catch you!

Invisible Woman: T'Challa, the world has many dangers. For your people's sake - and the entire world's - a man with your powers can never rest.
Thing: So what do you say?
Black Panther: Then... let the monument of the Panther stand tall! The Black Panther is ready to stalk again.

When Calls Galactus Edit

Invisible Woman: Galactus, I beg you - stop in the name of humanity!
Galactus: What knows Galactus of humanity? I do what I must.

Ghost Rider: They call me Ghost Rider. I am summoned when innocent blood is shed... and you have shed much innocent blood. [...] Do you dare face the agony of those you have slain?
Galactus: Mortal or demon, whichever you be, begone! Galactus has no time for games.
Ghost Rider: This is no game. (Using the Penance Stare) Feel the torment of a billion billion extinguished souls. Experience the pain of eternal guilt!
Galactus: (Clutching head amid ghostly wailing) No! [Falls]
Ghost Rider: My task is complete. I leave you now, Galactus, in mortal hands.

Galactus: Reed Richards, you saved my life when it would have been far easier to do otherwise. For this act, Galactus willingly renews his pledge to spare your planet. Perhaps here, as nowhere else in the limitless cosmos, Galactus has found those he might dare name... friends.

Nightmare in Green Edit

Doctor Doom: (To Bruce Banner, as he transforms into the Hulk) Oh, don't change on my account, Doctor...

Doctor Doom: You're guest of honor at my Latverian embassy, Dr. Banner. In fact, I've prepared a suitable room especially for your needs. I call it the Gamma Ray Suite.
Bruce Banner: Let me go, Doom. Without my help, Reed Richards might die.
Doctor Doom: Reed Richards, dead of a virus - how common. (To self) Not quite the ultimate vengeance I'd always hoped for, but... tidy, nonetheless... (Abruptly) Oh, and yes, I will let you go - after the Hulk destroys the remainder of the Fantastic Four!

Hulk: Who are you?
Doctor Doom: [Bows] I'm your friend, Doctor Doom.
Hulk: Rick Jones is Hulk's only friend!
Doctor Doom: Oh, tut, tut. Not anymore, I'm afraid. [Turns on a video feed] Rick Jones has made new friends. He's deserted you, Hulk. He's betrayed your trust, and joined the Fantastic Four. And they have turned him against you.
Hulk: [Smashes computer] No! No one leaves Hulk!
Doctor Doom: Ah, but the answer is simple. To make Mr. Jones your friend again, you have only to destroy his new friends: the Fantastic Four.
Hulk: Yes! Hulk destroy Fantastic Four! [Jumps out through roof]

Rick: (Seeing Hulk fighting Thing) I gotta stop this!
Doctor Doom: [Stuns Rick] Oh, but I'm so enjoying this athletic little Donnybrook...

Mr. Fantastic: (Struggling to get up) Must... help them!
Doctor Doom: [Enters] I'm afraid that's entirely out of the question, Richards. Doctor's orders.

Hulk: (Pounding the Invisible Woman's force field) Why pretty girls always try to help ugly rock creature?
Thing: 'cause I floss, moss-mouth.

Doctor Doom: Such a tragic tableau! Worthy of Shakespeare, Rabeleis... [Charges gauntlet] or Doctor Doom.

Behold, a Distant Star Edit

Morrat: Very well. Have it your way. If traitor I am branded... (Grabs a gun from a soldier) then traitor I shall be!

Hopelessly Impossible Edit

The Sentry Sinister Edit

Sentry: (Sinking into lava) For the first time in all history, a Sentry has failed. Though I have not heard from my Kree masters for untold ages, I remain at my post, as a Sentry must, until the end. This is Sentry 4-5-9, making his final report. [Shuts down]

Doomsday Edit

Silver Surfer: Amongst the mightiest, the most imposingly savage of all Earth's creatures, I sit in peace; I dwell in safety. For food has been plentiful, and no longer do they hunger. (To a lion) Unlike the humans who call you "beast", there's no violence in your heart, no hint of avarice, no smoldering hate. Yet man, who has won dominion over all this world, is a stranger to peace, a prisoner caught in the net of his own nameless fear. And here stand I, hopelessly trapped in a world of madness, where reason is shunned while violence prevails. [Takes off on board, flying throughout the Earth] But no longer shall the Silver Surfer be part of man's insanity. Let humanity do what it will! As for me, I shall dwell amongst the beasts, or search for some semblance of freedom in the polluted skies of this mad, orbiting prison which men call Earth!

Doctor Doom: (Having stolen the the Power Cosmic) Imagine - I now possess the power to end hunger, to abolish disease, to eliminate crime, to establish a perfectly content, perfectly ordered world - all under the benevolence of my iron will!

Doctor Doom: Die? But who said anything about dying? Doom is no common murderer. Besides, I would never dream of letting my dearest enemies off that easily.
Human Torch: Then why did you...
Doctor Doom: Attack? Call it a lesson in humility, my fiery friend. No - for the Fantastic Four, I have devised a much more fitting revenge. You, the legendary bravest of the brave, shall live out the rest of your days in abject fear, watching helplessly as I bend the world to my will, knowing you are utterly powerless to stop me, that you are no longer important enough for me to destroy. Till we meet again... on Doomsday. [Leaves, laughing]

Doctor Doom: (Displaying his power) Let mankind beware, for Doctor Doom has attained powers without limit, and this time, there will be no failure - no defeat. I can breathe life into stone, or raise the very ocean floor. Hear me, nations of the world! My power is without limit! I can turn day to blackest night, summer to winter. But I am, above all, a reasonable man. Thus, I have granted your leaders one week to surrender to the rule of Doom, or suffer total annihilation.

Doctor Doom: (To Silver Surfer) Your unselfish concern touches me deeply, you unearthly clod. You, who refused to appropriately wield your cosmic powers. I, on the other hand, shall use them to enslave an entire planet. And after that, perhaps a universe, as well.

Doctor Doom: (Incredulous) Defeat my cosmic power? It is the fabric of creation! Ultimate power! The stuff of gods! As a final courtesy, Richards, I shall allow you to watch as I obliterate first your puny toy - and then, ultimately, yourself.

Silver Surfer: I have much to learn of the ways of human beings. It is true that you are slaves of greed and fear - and yet, there is a nobility in your hearts that cannot be denied. Perhaps one day I will understand. [Flies away]

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