Faith Ringgold

African American painter and sculptor

Faith Ringgold (October 8, 1930April 13, 2024) was a painter, writer, mixed media sculptor and performance artist.

Ringgold in 2017


  • I was encouraged to look around me and to paint what I saw. I painted my story, and it had a lot of angles to it. I was trying to explain how I saw life as a black person living in America, and I put things together that were not acceptable. A lot of people did not want these kind of paintings representing America in any sense, but I wanted to tell my story and what I saw…
    • On the Civil Rights Movement puncturing the image of the American Dream in [1] in The Art Newspaper (June 5, 2019)
  • …Quilting was a method of artistic expression that could also be used to cover people, to keep them warm, but which also put designs together to make them beautiful…
    • On the origins of quilting in slavery in [2] in The Art Newspaper (June 5, 2019)
  • I think they were a little bit too bold in that I was showing the relationship between black and white people, the struggle for independence and freedom that black people were pursuing during the civil rights era. It was just a little bit too damn much going on. The struggle was one thing when you talk about it, another thing when you picture it. I wanted people also to look at that work and see themselves. Whichever part you were playing, this is what's going on…

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