Facundo Cabral

Argentine singer and songwriter

Facundo Cabral (May 22, 1937July 9, 2011) was an Argentine singer and songwriter.


No soy de aqui ni soy de allá (1970Edit

  • Me gusta el sol, Alicia
    y las palomas, el buen cigarro
    y la guitarra española,
    saltar paredes y abrir las ventanas
    y cuando llora una mujer.
    Me gusta el vino tanto como las flores
    y los conejos pero no los tractores,
    el pan casero y la voz de Dolores
    y el mar mojándome los pies,
    no soy de aqui ni soy de allá
    no tengo edad mi porvenir y ser felíz
    es mi color de identidad.
    • I like the sun, Alice
      and doves, a good cigar,
      a spanish guitar, jumping walls
      and opening windows
      and when a woman cries.
      I like wine as much as flowers
      and rabbits but not tractors,
      homemade bread and Dolores' voice
      and the sea wetting my feet.
      I like to always be lying on the sand
      or chasing Manuela on a bicycle
      or all the time to see the stars
      with Maria in the hayfield.
      I'm not from here, I'm not from there,
      I have no age, nor future,
      and being happy is my color of identity.

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