Ezra Koenig

American rock musician

Ezra Koenig (born April 8, 1984, in New York City) is the lead singer and guitarist of New York based indie rock band Vampire Weekend.

Ezra Koenig


  • Sit on a park wall
    Ask all the right questions
    "Why are the horses racing taxis in the winter?"
    • Song "White Sky"
  • Every dollar counts
    And every morning hurts
    We mostly work to live
    Until we live to work
    • Song "Run"
  • But, wait,
    Oh, it's much too late
    Oh, and I cannot be walking home
    Until I've found my love.
    • Song Carby
  • I think ur a contra,
    And I think that you’ve lied.
    Don’t call me a contra
    Till you’ve tried.
    • Song I Think Ur A Contra
  • His Honor drove southward seeking exotica,
    Down to the pueblo huts of New Mexico,
    Cut his teeth on turquoise harmonicas,
    Oh, Oh, Oh...
    • Song A-Punk
  • a writer once asked what I'd say if i ever met my biggest hater. I paused, thought deeply and said, "probably 'suk a dog dik, motherfuker'"
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  • that story is 93% true
    • In reply to his previous tweet on Twitter
  • #1000daysof1d congratulations. may you reign for 1000 years. your humble servant, ezra
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  • 7 min or less - ur not late, 7-10 "sorry", 10-20 "SO sorry!", 20-30 "i am truly ashamed", over 30 min late - fake ur own death
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