Extended Family (TV series)

Extended Family (2023–2024) is an American short-lived television multi-camera sitcom that aired on NBC from December 23, 2023 until March 26, 2024. Jim and Julia continue to raise their kids at the family home while taking turns on who gets to stay with them. Navigating the waters of divorce and child-sharing gets more complicated for Jim when Trey, the owner of his favorite sports team, enters the picture and wins Julia's heart.

It's true, the marriage that we once had now is through, and now we're doing all that we can do, to keep us all together as a crew, trust do as we say, not as we do. We really thought that we were done, but we've just begun.
Julia and I were married 18 years ago last June.
Happiest day of our lives, was when we got divorced last July.

Season 1


Pilot [1.01]

Jim: Julia, hey.
Julia: Jim. Are you here for Sunday brunch?
Jim: No, I'm here to see you.
Julia: What? How did you know I was here?
Jim: What do you mean, how? Duh.
Julia: Duh, what? What am I looking at?
Jim: Oh, family sharing. That blinking green dot, that's you.
Julia: You're tracking me?
Jim: No. No, I don't have to track you. You're sharing your location with me. I just have to look at my phone. Again, the blinking green dot...
Julia: I know what the blinking dot is, Jim. But tracking me is not the intended use of that application.
Jim: It's entirely the intended use of that application. You share your location with your family so your family knows your location.
Julia: You and I are now ex-family.
Jim: Tell that to your phone. You're the one who opted into the sharing.
Julia: When we were married.
Jim: And just like we opted out of that, you gotta opt out of this, but that's not important.
Julia: Yes, it is. As of this moment, I am opting out of the family tracking. I am opting. I am scrolling. I am searching. I am... God, where the hell is it?
Jim: Go to Settings.
Julia: I'm under Settings.
Jim: Okay. Take a deep breath.
Julia: Don't tell me how to breathe. There! I am no longer sharing my location. I am no longer a blinking dot. I am a no dot. I have disappeared.
Jim: I can still see you.
Julia: You can't just track me down in person anymore, Jim. We gotta reboot our boundaries conversation.
Jim: OK. I am sorry that I used the quite common, quite useful family-sharing feature that was invented so that when people are kidnapped, they can be rescued. But I guess you would rather don some magical cloak of invisibility so that you can vanish without a trace whenever somebody close to you needs you. Noted.

The Consequences of Making Yourself at Home [1.02]

Julia: Anything fun planned for the week?

Jim: Yes, I am.

The Consequences of Gaming [1.03]

Jim: Well, what's the STN stand for?
Jimmy Jr.: Stab the neighbors.

Jimmy Jr.: Oh, yeah. Look what I rigged.

The Consequences of Sushi [1.04]

[first lines]
Jim: You're early.

Julia: Where are your kids, by the way?

The Consequences of Matchmaking [1.05]

Julia: (over phone) I think it's just a skin tag. Hack it off!

Jim: 3, 2, 1. Ow! That was so stupid.

The Consequences of Status [1.06]

[first lines]
All: ♪ Don't show up. Don't come out. Don't start caring about me now. Walk away. You know how. Don't stop caring about me now.

Officer Schramn: I'll be back in 2 seconds.

Trey: Hey, kids. Go on!

All: ♪ Breakin' rocks in the hot sun. I fought the law, and the law won. I fought the law, and the law won. I needed money 'cause I had none. I fought the law, and the law won. I fought the law, and the law won.
[final lines]

The Consequences of Sleepovers [1.07]

[first lines]
Jim: Nothing?!

Bobby: So no Golden Girls?

Jim: Anything but Golden Girls.
[final lines]

The Consequences of Loaning Your Dad Money [1.08]

Jim: Keep the change.

Bobby: Big tipper here! We got a big tipper!

The Consequences of Helping People [1.09]

Jim: Oh, it'll still fit.

Grace: It's a dad!

Jimmy Jr.: So, this is about you, not me.

The Consequences of Familial Obligations [1.10]

Bobby: Don't move, don't move, don't move, don't move!

Jim: Nobody gasps just to gasp.

The Consequences of Writing Things Down [1.11]

Jim: Sure. Have fun.

Bobby: I was trying to be discreet.

The Consequences of Being Irish [1.12]

[first lines]
Jim: Okay, St. Patrick is up.

Woman: I don't want to be Irish anymore!

The Consequences of Considering the Consequences [1.13]

Jim: Please stand aside.

Julia: We just, we just want to be sure.


  • Jon Cryer - Jim Kearney
  • Donald Faison - Trey Taylor, Julia's Fiancé
  • Abigail Spencer - Julia Kearney, Jim's Ex-wife
  • Sofia Capanna - Grace Kearney, Jim & Julia's Daughter
  • Finn Sweeney - Jimmy Jr. Kearney, Jim & Julia's Son



Guest Stars

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