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Excel Saga (1999) is a comedy anime directed by Shinichi Watanabe (ja. Watanabe Shinichi) and based on a manga series written by Koushi Rikudou. The complete Japanese title is へっぽこ実験アニメーション エクセル・サーガ, translated as Quack Experimental Anime: Excel Saga. Excel is the heroine of this series. The director Shinichi Watanabe is featured as Nabeshin in this series.

Season 1 edit

Koshi Rikdo Assassination Plot [1.1] edit

Excel: How dare you live in a place with a roof, you user of INK!?

Excel: Please just pretend you were bitten by a stray dog and DIE. MY WHAT A TENACIOUS BASTARD!!!

Excel: There is one Earth! If it splits, there will be two!

Good Excel: The bullet of justice, caps evil's ass!

The Woman From Mars [1.2] edit

Excel: Ma anghang!!!

Watanabe: Hey! Ano problema mo?!? Can't you be a little quieter while I wallow in misery?

Nabeshin: "Ramdam kita....... Space Butler.... HYOOOOOOOOH!"

The Sacrificial Lamb of the Venomous Great Escape of Hell [1.3] edit

Excel: FREE AT LAST!!!!

Army Captain Guy: You have the right to breathe. You have the right to blink freely. You have the right to pick your nose.

Excel: Who is this place? Where are you? Me am Excel!

Iwata: Awww...Come on, we just used your porn magazine for a potholder! Heck, the gravy stains might even enhance the experience!

Army Captain Guy: "Ah! Very good Nabeshin! I see you're still a ninja commando from hell!"

Love Puny [1.4] edit

Watanabe: I'm.... a....... a....... CIVIL SERVANT!!!

IlPalazzo: Who puts a bomb in a dating game?!

The Interesting Giant Tower [1.5] edit

Excel: Come on scribbles on the bathroom wall! Please show me the path that I must follow!

Nabeshin (Singing): I'm Nabeshin, my afro suits me, it's easy to clean, just wash it once! The babes all like it 'cause it's fluffy and I like it 'cause I don't have to brush. Shaggy and curly, frizzy and messy, my afro do is the best for me. I'm Nabeshin and the chicks dig me. It's a wap-doo-wap doo-wap-doo-wap hair! Do-didididi-dey!

The Cold is Winter! Snowed Under Episode [1.6] edit

IlPalazzo: Resources, resources! You must obtain more resources!

Melody of the Underground Passage [1.7] edit

Three dying Puchuus: Doo-Wop!

Increase Ratings Week [1.8] edit

Excel: I'm sexy"

Bowling Girls [1.9] edit

Nabeshin: I ain't dead.

Elegy to the Dogs [1.10] edit

Butt Out, Youth! [1.11] edit

Excel: By the way, Mr. Aesop, education starts with just how you get close to those naïve young hearts. Categorically yelling at them produces the opposite effect. What we need on the modern battlefield of education is... Yes! A glass of tomato juice!

Big City Part II [1.12] edit

Excel: [to Hyatt] If you keep punching holes in the definition of death, you're gonna get dissected for real one of these days!

Doctor: We did what we could, but she was already as dead as a dodo. It wasn't our fault this time

The New Year's-End Party Hidden Talent Contest [1.13] edit

Prop [1.14] edit

Ropponmatsu: (to Iwata; in Iwata's fantasy) Senior, will you please register me? Please put me in your private folder and lock me away with a password just for us.

More! Prop Memorial [1.15] edit

Watanabe: (yawns after waking up) Another lovely morning of hopes doomed to be trashed begins.

Take Back Love! [1.16] edit

Excel: (to Ropponmatsus 1 & 2) Look! If you don't answer, we'll turn you into the Sailor Scouts and make you star in the next episode, got it?!
Hyatt: Senior, that script is already written.
Excel: Oh...

Excel: Holy tin cans! You're a robot?!
Ropponmatsu 2: You hadn't noticed that yet? Don't you know humans can't fire missiles from their knees and beams from their eyes?
Excel: Come to think of it, you're right.

Animation USA [1.17] edit

Excel: In the name of the moon, I'm going to slap yo' butt!

Municipal Force Daitenzin [1.18] edit

Kabapu: The peace of this city rests on your spandex-clad shoulders! You will let no evil escape you! For now, I christen you the team supreme, Special Municipal Force Daitenzin!

Menchi's Great Adventure 2 - Around the World in 80 Hours [1.19] edit

Ann Anzai: From the strongest steel! To stir-fryed noodles! We're the guardian of your home - the Goddess that anticipates your needs! We're the ones behind you - Alps is at your service! Alps! The Alps company, all for you!

The Best of Mr. Pedro [1.20] edit

Excel & Hyatt: Mitsuo! Menda! Naha Naha!

Visually Appealing Type [1.21] edit

Ilpalazzo: (thinking about Key) Quit putting on such a show! Giving yourself an artist's airs, you narcissistic bastard! Nar-bastard, nar-bastard! Disappear! Leave! Go away, away!

Key: My name is Key. I am a key. And could you perhaps be... (to Excel) my keyhole?

Ilpalazzo: (thinking about Key) Damn you. Just because you're visually appealing, you little bastard, doesn't make you cool. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I'll kill you, you poser! I'll definitely make you die!

Invasion, Mother [1.22] edit

Puchuu Commander: Since when do my flashbacks have commercials?

Excel: He's coming... Oh crap, he's *here*!

Legend of the End of the Century Conqueror [1.23] edit

Excel: I am shock!

For You, I Could Die [1.24] edit

Excel: I don't understand. Why did this end up happening? I don't understand. I don't understand. Something is flowing out of my body. What could it be? What could it be? I don't understand. I don't understand. I'm sure it happened many times. That's right, I have the feeling I've been killed many times, and I was dropped down a hole quite a few times too. Now that I think back, it feels rather uncaring of him. But even so, I tried so hard for him. For him... him...

We Will Not Be Held Responsible [1.25] edit

Pedro & That Man: One shot is all we get!
That Man: Chinpyourousupoun!
Pedro: Nabe-hame-ha!

Going Too Far [1.26] edit

Kumi-Kumi: (as Nabeshin and Koshi Rikdo face off) Idiots...

Nabeshin: Don't worry girls, I've got it all under control! Explosions fix EVERYTHING!

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