Evita (musical)

1978 musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

Evita is a musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice that premiered in 1978. It is based on events surrounding the rise to power of Eva Perón, the Spiritual Leader of the Nation, First Lady, and labor chief of Argentina. It documents her husband Juan Perón's rise to the presidency, possible only because of the revolution organized by Eva, and takes the viewer through her political partnership with Juan, their foreign and domestic policies, her feminist and charity work, her role as the national leader of labor, and her nomination for Vice President and ascent to Spiritual Leader. Mary Main's biography of Eva, The Woman with the Whip, was used as a base.

A Cinema In Buenos Aires, 26 July 1952 edit

Theater Manager: It is my sad duty to inform you that Eva Peron, spiritual leader of the nation, entered immortality at 20:25 today.

Oh, What a Circus edit

Che: Oh, what a circus. Oh, what a show. Argentina has gone to town over the death of an actress called Eva Peron. We've all gone crazy, mourning all day and mourning all night, falling over ourselves to get all of the misery right! Oh, what an exit. That's how to go. When they're ringing your curtain down, demand to be buried like Eva Peron. it's quite a sunset, and good for the country in a round-about way. We've made the front page of all the world's papers today! But who is this Santa Evita? Why all this howling hysterical sorrow? What kind of goddess has lived among us? How will we ever get by without her? She had her moments. She had some style. The best show in town was the crowd outside the Casa Rosada crying "Eva Peron!" But that's all gone now. As soon as the smoke from the funeral clears, we're all gonna sing and howl,"She did nothing for years!" You let down your people, Evita. You were supposed to have been immortal. That's all they wanted. Not much to ask for. But in the end, you could not deliver. Sing you fools but you've got it wrong, enjoy your prayers cause you haven't got long, your queen is dead, your king is through, she's not coming back to you. Show business kept us all alive since 17 October 1945. But the star has gone, the glamour's worn thin, that's a pretty bad state for a state to be in. Instead of government, we had a stage. Instead of ideas, a prima donna's rage. Instead of help, we were given a crowd. She didn't say much, but she said it loud. Sing you fools, but you've got it wrong. Enjoy your prayers because you haven't got long. Your queen is dead, your king is through. She's not coming back to you!

Evita: Don't cry for me, Argentina. For I am ordinary, unimportant and undeserving of such attention, unless we all are. I think we all are. So, share my glory. So, share my coffin. So, share my glory. So, share my coffin.
Che: It's our funeral, too.

On This Night Of A Thousand Stars edit

Che: Now, Eva Peron had every disadvantage you need if you're gonna succeed. No money, no cash, no father, no bright light. There was nowhere she'd been at the age of fifteen, as this tango singer found out. A tango singer --Augustin Magaldi, who has the distinction of being the first man to be of use to Eva Duarte.

Magaldi: On this night of a thousand stars, let me take you to heaven's door, where the music of love's guitar plays forever more.

Eva And Magaldi/Eva Beware Of The City edit

Evita: To think that a man as famous as you are could love a poor little nothing like me. I want to be a part of B.A. Buenos Aires, Big Apple!

Che: Just listen to that, they're on to you, Magaldi. I'd get out while you can.
Eva: It's happened at last, I'm starting to get started. I'm moving out with my man.

Eva: Monotony past, sububia departed. Who could ever be fond of the back of beyond?

Eva's Brother: Do all your one-night stands give you this trouble?

Magaldi: Eva, beware of the city. It's hungry and cold, can't be controlled, it is mad. Those who are fools are swallowed up whole and those who are not become what they should not become: changed. In short, they go bad.
Eva: Bad is good for me. I'm bored, so clean and so ignored I've only been predictable, respectable! Birds fly out of here so why oh why oh why the hell can't I? I only want variety of society!

Magaldi: Eva beware your ambition. It's hungry and cold, can't be controlled, will run wild. This in a man is danger enough, but you are a woman. Not even a woman, not very much more than a child and whatever you say, I'll not steal you away.

Buenos Aires edit

Eva: What's new, Buenos Aires? I'm new! I want to say I'm just a little stuck on you! You'll be on me, too! I get out here, Buenos Aires! Stand back, you outta know what you're gonna get in me, Just a little touch of star quality.

Eva: And if ever I go too far, it's because of the things you are. Beautiful town, I love you.

Eva: You're a tramp, you're a treat, you will shine to the death, you are shoddy. But you're flesh, you are meat, you shall have every breath in my body.

I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You edit

Colonel Peron?

Eva Duarte?

I've heard so much about you!
I'm amazed for I'm only an actress (a soldier)
Nothing to shout about (One of the thousands)
Only a girl on the air (Defending the country he loves).

But when you act, the things you do affect us all.

But when you act, you take us away from the squalor of
The real world--Are you here on your own?

Yes, Oh yes.

So am I--what a fortunate coincidence. Maybe you're my
Reward for my efforts here tonight.

It seems crazy but you must believe
There's nothing calculated, nothing planned
Please forgive me if I seem naive
I would never want to force your hand
But please understand
I'd be good for you.

I don't always rush in like this
Twenty seconds after saying hello
Telling strangers I'm too good to miss
If I'm wrong I hope you'll tell me so
But you really should know
I'd be good for you
I'd be surprisingly good for you.
I won't go on if I'm boring you
But do you understand my point of view
Do you like what you hear, what you see, and would you be
Good for me too?

I'm not talking of a hurried night
A frantic tumble then a shy goodbye
Creeping home before it gets too light
That's not the reason that I caught your eye
Which has to imply
I'd be good for you
I'd be surprisingly good for you

Please go on--you enthrall me!
I can understand you perfectly
And I like what I hear, what I see, and knowing me
I would be good for you too

I'm not talking of a hurried night
A frantic tumble then a shy goodbye
Creeping home before it gets too light
That's not the reason that I caught your eye
Which has to imply
I'd be good for you
I'd be surprisingly good for you.

Don't Cry For Me, Argentina edit

Eva: Don't cry for me, Argentina! The truth is, I never left you! All through my wild days, my mad existence, I kept my promise, Don't keep your distance.

Eva: I am only a simple woman who lives to serve Peron in his noble crusade to rescue his people! I was once as you are now, and I promise you this: we will take these riches from the Oligarchs--only for you--for all of you! One day you too will inherit these treasures! Descamisados! When they fire those cannons, when the crowds sing of glory, it is not just for Peron, but for all of us! For all of us!

Peron's Latest Flame edit

Che: This has really been your year, Miss Duarte. Tell us where you go from here, Miss Duarte. What are the roles that you yearn to play? Who did you sleep--dine with yesterday?
Eva: Acting is limiting. The line's not mine and that's no help to the Argentine.

Soldiers: Peron is a fool, breaking every taboo, installing the girl in the army H.Q. And she's an actress! The last straw! Her only good parts are between her thighs.

Rainbow High edit

Evita: I don't really think I need the reasons why I won't succeed. I have done. Let's get this show on the road. Let's make it obvious Peron is off and rolling.

Rainbow Tour edit

Eva: Did you hear that? They called me a whore! They actually called me a whore!
Italian Admiral: But, Señora Perón, it's an easy mistake. I'm still called an admiral, though I gave up the sea long ago.

Waltz for Eva and Che edit

Tell me before I waltz out of your life
Before turning my back on the past
Forgive my impertinent behavior
But how long do you think this pantomime can last?
Tell me before I ride off in the sunset
There's one thing I never got clear
How can you claim you're our savior
When those who oppose you
Are stepped on, or cut up, or simply disappear?

Tell me before you get onto your bus
Before joining the forgotten brigade
How can one person like me, say,
Alter the time-honored way the game is played?
Tell me before you get onto your high horse
Just what you expect me to do
I don't care what the bourgeoisie say
I'm not in business for them but to give all my descamisados
A magical moment or two

CHE and EVA :
There is evil, ever around, fundamental
System of government quite incidental

So what are my chances
Of honest advances?
I'd say low
Better to win
By admitting my sin
Than to lose with a halo

Tell me before I seek worthier pastures
And thereby restore self-esteem
How can you be so short-sighted
To look never further than this week or next week
To have no impossible dream?

Allow me to help you slink off to the sidelines
I'll mark your ado with three cheers
But first tell me who'd be delighted

If I said I'd take on the
The world's greatest problems
From war to pollution?
No hope of solution
Even if I lived for one hundred years

CHE and EVA :
There is evil, ever around, fundamental
System of government quite incidental

So go, if you're able
To somewhere unstable
And stay there
Whip up your hate
In some tottering state
But not here, dear
Is that clear, dear?

Oh what I'd give for a hundred years!
But the physical interferes
Every day more--O my Creator!
What is the good of the strongest heart
In a body that's falling apart?
A serious flaw--I hope You know that

You Must Love Me edit

EVA : Where do we go from here?
This isn't where we intended to be.
We had it all
You believed in me
I believed in you
Certainties disappear
What do we do for our dream to survive
How do we keep all our passions alive
As we used to do?

Deep in my heart I'm concealing
Things that I'm longing to say
Scared to confess what I'm feeling
Frightened you'll slip away
You must love me
You must love me
Why are you at my side?
How can I be any use to now?
Give me a chance and I'll let you see how
Nothing has changed.

Deep in my heart I'm concealing
Things that I'm longing to say
Scared to confess what I'm feeling
Frightened you'll slip away

You must love me

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