Evil Toons

1992 film by Fred Olen Ray

Evil Toons is a 1992 live-action/animated Comedy-Horror B-movie written and directed by Fred Olen Ray. The film is a light spoof of traditional haunted-house films. Despite the use of plural for in the title, the film features only one "toon," not two or more.

Directed, produced and written by Fred Olen Ray.
First they undress you, then they possess you! Taglines


Jan: How come every time you stay in an old, spooky house it has to lightning and thunder?
Megan: Well, I think it's standard issue.

Cartoon Monster: You little bitch! I'll get you in the sequel for this!

Terry: [after suggesting that Megan go downstairs to check on Roxanne] Either way, it's a dark, stormy night and we're rour young, attractive girls in a big, spooky house all alone. If we don't go downstairs one at a time, how will we ever get bumped off without the others knowing about it?

[last lines]
Mr. Hinchlow: I brought along my portable TV set, in case you'd like to use it.
Terry: That's nice, but... why?
Mr. Hinchlow: [last line of the film] Hell, it's Saturday morning. [chuckle] Don't tell me you kids don't enjoy a good cartoon!
Megan: [screams]


  • This dude is rude!
  • First they undress you, then they possess you!


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