Everyone's Hero

2006 animated film

Everyone's Hero is a 2006 computer animated sports comedy-drama family film, directed by Colin Brady, Christopher Reeve (who was working on this film at the time of his death), and Daniel St. Pierre, with music by John Debney. The majority of this film was produced by IDT Entertainment in Toronto with portions outsourced to Reel FX Creative Studios. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox, and released theatrically on September 15, 2006. Everyone's Hero had a moderate performance at the box office, earning only $16 million worldwide during its theatrical run, but the film was not released in several major countries. The film is also dedicated to the memory of director Christopher Reeve and his wife, Dana Morosini.


  • [has fallen off Yankee's backpack and is bouncing down the fire escape] My head, my butt, my head, my butt!


  • [to Screwie] Face it, Leatherface. You're beat.


  • Announcer: And it just goes to show you... You can be the smallest, you can be the weakest, you can be the worst player on the field, but when people tell you you're no good, and say you should give it up, you know what you do? You just keep on swinging.

  • Yankee Irving: Dad. before you jump into the conclusion, just let me explain.
  • Stanley Irving: You want to explain? okay. let's see if you explain this.
  • Dave Cuthingham: It was mine.
  • Stanley Irving: All Yours? or did you have help. (Stanley reads the note.) Note: Our baseball practices begin in 10 hours. be there if you can. we are ready to feel greatness to the children from different houses. and we all know that rule of Stanley's is a fibber of your imagination. feel free to be there at 8AM for the baseball practice. after that, we will be ready for a big game. now how does that sound for you?
  • Gubby: Yankee didn't mean it to embarrass you.
  • Stanley Irving: The rule i gave to yankee was not to play Baseball or Soccer while punished. if your parents saw you right now breaking that rule, what would they say?
  • Martin: Uhhhhhhh....... Hey Stanley.
  • Stanley Irving: You three are to be away from yankee. You are to go to the party without him. You are not to speak with him. not one word. ever! Am i understood!
  • Martin and Keith: Yes sir.
  • Emily Irving: Stanley, it wasn't my son's fault.
  • Dave Cuthingham: yeah stanley. it wasn't that bad.
  • Stanley Irving: New is always bad. better than blind loyalty.
  • Keith: Well, Yankee, i must admit that all those years if training has paid and all that talk and no action. And perhaps the coolest things in my life. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DISOBEYED YOUR PUNISHMENT!
  • Yankee Irving: What?!
  • Stanley Irving: See? that's the way the cookie crumbles, dave. I told my son that he was supposed to remove some baseball and soccer stuff from his room as his punishment chore.
  • Yankee Irving: Dad. It's not what you think.
  • Stanley Irving: And i told you to disqualify him when he wasn't allowed to play baseball or soccer. But you didn't.
  • Dave Cuthingham: Stanley, you know how honesty means to Yankee.
  • Stanley Irving: It has nothing to do with honesty. Innocent people could have been at risk with this idea that you carry out here tonight.
  • Dave Cuthingham: yeah but.....
  • Stanley Irving: if you don't mind, i would like a word with my son. James Yankee Irving. no matter what you did, You are in bigger trouble. You and I will talk in the morning in my house, when i am done with this stinking backstabber named Dave Alex Cuthingham.
  • Yankee Irving: So...... Mistakes always happen. Right? I mean come on. It wasn't that reckless.
  • Keith: Yankee, You have already disobeyed your punishment, your father and your grounding!
  • Yankee Irving: Guys, It was an accident. I did it to impress my dad. Not disobey him. You are going to believe me. Don't you, martin?
  • Martin: That's Mr Martin to you, you Backstabbing rule breaker. Because of that, accidents are never the problem. Your endangered punishment is the problem, you savage!
  • Yankee Irving: I'm also called a shrimp. Right?
  • Martin: That too, yes.
  • Keith: You always get us in trouble and boss us around! And don't you deny it!
  • Martin: Keith, please. Did you wash yourself as a pancake?
  • Keith: Sorry.
  • Martin: all we can do now is leave you in the garbage can where trash like you can be in starting right now. You slob.
  • Yankee Irving: I didn't disobey my father. I was about to make him proud.
  • Martin: Too bad, James Yankee Irving. But it was such a dumb thing to do for. Unless if you have done your punishment chore, your coach, dave, would have disqualified you on that.
  • Keith: Like a peanut on the candle!
  • Martin: Ugh! Even you know that type of freak Yankee is right now?
  • Stanley Irving: I expected better from you as well, Emily. Thanks a lot for letting my son endanger his punishment.
  • Emily Irving: Excuse me, Stanley. My son did not put his punishment in danger. He did the right thing. You should be proud!
  • Stanley Irving: I am only proud of myself, Emily! I have already spoken with Dave and Yankee. It's over. Cops, arrest this coach.
  • Dave Cuthingham: Oh, Stanley. Sometimes it was a funny thing to do, right? Hahaha.
  • Stanley Irving: You think this is funny? You just let my son put his punishment in danger.
  • Dave Cuthingham: Sorry.
  • Stanley Irving: how can sorry cut it? All you do is sit on your chair and let my son cuss him his punishment.
  • Dave Cuthingham: Come on. I.....
  • Stanley Irving: This entire baseball game thing was your idea! I mean what is it?! What's the problem?! Is all of this because you let my son do it?!
  • Dave Cuthingham: well I...... Don't forget that baseball thing. that's the thing that keeps his brain alive.
  • Stanley Irving: Too bad. i would've pour some pancakes rather then beat up that rule breaker named James Yankee Irving.
  • Dave Cuthingham: but i have spent one month on this.
  • Stanley Irving: One month. pity. If I were you, I considered myself as a miscalculation of your own shoe that swells within your reach. (Turns away)
  • Yankee Irving: Dad, Somewhere in that valley of stuffing is a boy who taught me that life's only worth living if you're being loved by a kid. And I traveled all this way to do good in baseball or soccer, because I had to do my punishment chore.
  • Stanley Irving: Well too bad, Because of that, you wasted your time.
  • Yankee Irving: I understand how you feel, Dad, but this is my only chance.
  • Stanley Irving: To do what, Son? Watch yourself to do good and be proud of what you are? Such a reckless fib. And based on that, you do not understand how i feel. My life would be so much better if I didn't marry Emily and never had a son at all.
  • Yankee Irving: Well, My life would be so much if you didn't have to be a nagging dad.
  • Stanley Irving: (Sighs) Perhaps. But that's the way it's going to be, Rule Breaker. So get use to it.
  • Yankee Irving: Your not gonna give me another punishment chore, are you?
  • Stanley Irving: (Shakes his head) No. Not this time. I'm afraid there's nothing i can give you. But i wish you had done it sooner or later. (As Stanley said those words, Yankee walks away, miserable) As a matter of fact, you should've done that at all.

  • Emily Irving: Please. Don't do this.
  • Stanley Irving: you know I have no choice.
  • Emily Irving: No! Your not removing him! I'm the only one who loves Yankee! If you take that away, he won't stand a chance!
  • Stanley Irving: your making this harder than it needs to be.
  • Emily Irving: you don't know what you're doing! He needs this!
  • Stanley Irving: IS THIS WHAT HE NEEDS?! It looks clear to me that you need him, a lot more, than he needs you.

  • Napoleon Cross: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Their making things too easy! hahahahahahahaha. you know, most of the time people has already gotten rise to see me, and now for the first time. a young boy did the right thing, and his father doesn't believe him! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! (Pulls off the chart) And listen to this. the one coach who helped him was none other than Dave Cuthingham! HA! that's a lot to handle for himself!
  • Lefty: hahahahahahaha.....
  • Napoleon Cross: SHUT UP! What are you laughing at? Alright. Alright we're back on schedule.
  • Lefty: But Napoleon, we're the only ones left. Maybe we should give it a rest for a while?
  • Napoleon Cross: You give it a rest. I said money flies and I am paying you to get it.
  • Lefty: Oh right. Haha. I will be right back.
  • Napoleon Cross: I have to admit, this kid is quite a catch, isn't he? Ha ha ha.

  • Stanley Irving: honestly I couldn't find a better chore for you to handle like some kid with the cake on the face from over 2 months ago. Or 3 months ago if that's fine with me. You don't even know why this story is so periodicable. Unlike with dave, i never would have expected better from you. The problem is that the two of you. Couple of idiots who disobeyed orders, tainted the stage with fingernails as if you owned it! If i wasn't there to confront this baseball nonsense, would you have actually done your punishment chore by now?! Your both savages as far as I'm concerned.

  • Yankee Irving': Hello? anyone home? Lee? Marry?
  • Copple pot: Well. You actually went and did it.
  • Yankee Irving: Gene. Where is everybody?
  • Copple pot: Their gone. After Stanley stopped you and you putten your punishment in danger, Everyone panicked and abandon ship.
  • Yankee Irving: but...... i got here now. i'm here to help.
  • Copple pot: It's too late, son. Stanley's pulling your plug in the evening. (As Copple pot speaks, Yankee looks at his card and feels uncomfortable) But.... never let it to be said i am a man who's capable of the entire world war of 1914. (Copple pot gives Yankee the keys) The place is yours, son. Enjoy.
  • Yankee Irving: (Before Copple pot took off, Yankee stops him) Gene, wait. listen. This is not what I wanted.
  • Copple pot: Well, what did you want, Yankee?
  • Yankee Irving: I don't know. Maybe it was one of those things were from one thing to another. That's all it took me. I didn't mean for this to happen. I think there might be away to fix this. All of the goals in my life live alone in my body.
  • Copple pot: Well, now you can let it live alone in the pant house. (Storms off leaving Yankee disappointed)

  • Emily Irving: stanley, the problem isn't as bad as it looks.
  • Stanley Irving: The problem, Emily, is you.
  • Emily Irving: What?
  • Stanley Irving: you place your own feelings about everything in particular! Practice! Training! tradition! It all means nothing to Yankee!
  • Emily Irving: It means everything to him! (Emily Tells Stanley About yankee on her own feelings) His heart tells him what to do and he follows it!
  • Stanley Irving: (groans)
  • Emily Irving: you are a brilliant father, stanley. you are brave. you are kind. but you don't trust your heart. So you need to be proud of yankee. And sometimes I even wonder if you even care less about it and even have a heart.
  • Stanley Irving: the price of everything in my life..... has made it clear. i am only proud of myself.
  • Emily irving: maybe too proud of yourself.
  • Stanley Irving: Fine. (before storming off) the next time Yankee does this whole baseball thing again, i will blame dave for it a lot more than last time. (storms off)
  • Emily Irving: Fine. But wouldn't it be enough to just let Yankee do it?
  • Stanley Irving: (comes back in) Emily, don't be ridiculous. I am sick and and tired of your stories, okay? The things that are happening around everything you are sayingroght now, they're not true, And they're going to get worse if you keep saying them, for the love of lord, Emily, Who knows what can prove that from turning on me? The mess that happened was like an unexpected testament. you have no idea what it's capable of! you might just have a bad taste in humor, living in one roof. And you might think it's not gonna stop, But it's gonna stop now, before things might end up going crazy or get more worse than last time. You may have agreed to yankee to become good enough in baseball or soccer, emily, but it won't happen again. It won't... (Storms off again) And don't you ever forget that.

  • Miss Patty: I'm sorry about what happened last night. You know, you did the right thing yankee. Your heart stands out more than your punishment. Everything you have done has made people proud. Almost as proud as your mind was here for a......
  • Yankee Irving: Look! Don't you get it?! I screwed up! I mean for two seconds, I thought that maybe i can do something right! But....... (Groans) i just......... Just forget it. Forget it.
  • Miss Patty: Now, you listen to me, James Irving. You got the makings of greatness in you. But you have to take the helm and chart your own courses. Stick to it, no matter the squalls. And when the time comes, you'll get a chance to really test the cut of your sails and show what you're made of! And... well, your mother, dave, and i hope we are there, catching some of the light coming off you that day.

  • Ritmore: That bad. huh?
  • Stanley Irving: You should have seen this mess! (Stanley tells Ritmore about the Drama at the Yankee Stadium --and he tells him about the Cheering as if he --Ritmore-- had seen the Chaos.) the disgraceful baseball game nonsense by Dave's, Popcorn, the people cheers, the yelling all over the guide book, the baseballs hit this way and that, It was absolutely ridiculous! Everything that I told dave about James Yankee Irving and the punishment I gave him! in one year and out the other! (Indeed. that was what was in The Baseball Practice Chaos --caused by Yankee, Dave, the other boys, and The cheering of the people. There was baseball everywhere, practice nonsense, disgraceful cheering, and the one where yankee already put his punishment in danger.)
  • Ritmore: Dave does have to share the blame. But it sounds like there were quite a few at this Baseball thing. Hm, maybe it was one of those situations where one thing lead to another and things have gotten completely out of control. I’m sure it would’ve gotten out of hand if the kids had done a good job.
  • Stanley Irving: I know that Ritmare, but if i knew this was happening, i could’ve suggested that Yankee attended to play baseball or soccer some other time. or just play both of them with the kids in our house.
  • Ritmore:Yes Stanley...... (Sighs) but you didn't. From what I have seen, it was your responsibility to confront him. You just need to know that part of the responsibility that comes with the privilege of having children. Understand?
  • Stanley Irving: i guess you are right. i am partially to blame. Yankee could've done his punishment chore at first.
  • Ritmore: Privilege and responsibility go for parents as well as children.

  • Keith: Yankee!
  • Martin: Yankee?!
  • Keith: You're here!
  • Martin: What are you doing here? didn't we hear it from your father that we can't be with you after what you did?
  • Yankee Irving: No. And i try not to. I couldn't do it. the baseball or soccer practice is my only choice of a matter. i can't forget about them. and you have to tell my dad it was in accident.
  • Martin: How? you already have putten your punishment in danger. (Turns away)
  • Yankee Irving: I know and I'm sorry. I've been, like, obsessed with my dad's approval my whole life. I couldn't let it go, but.... letting you guys go feels even worse.
  • Martin: Well, too bad. Cause you did.
  • Yankee irving: ...................I didn't know where all of this was coming from, but i....
  • Martin: Go. i don't need your distraction.
  • Yankee irving: I didn't mean it to put all of us at risk.
  • Martin: That's all you ever do. first at school, and now this!
  • Yankee irving: Yeah, but.......
  • Martin: you made us look like fools in front of your dad, and our peace and quiet. you think it's so obvious for us to make your dad think it was in accident. I have been working my whole life to get to the top with my boys! you have completely put your stinking punishment in danger! End..... of...... discussion!
  • Yankee Irving: i don't know what i ever did to you. but i am trying so hard to create the happiness.
  • Martin: Ha. it's nothing. any kid can have the punishment to be as garbage. (phone rings) Ah Come on! Are you kidding me!
  • Yankee Irving: Ha ha. Now you finally believe me after all.
  • Martin: You are just not understanding the fact on this, do you?
  • Yankee Irving: No. But it was my idea to deep things out.
  • Martin: I don't have time to listen to you're nonsense. This story is so periodicable.
  • Yankee Irving: Ha. Not as periodicable as ourselves.
  • Keith: Sweet!
  • Martin: Shut up! You really want us to tell him it was an accident? Seriously?
  • Yankee Irving: Yes. That's just what i want. i can't just do this without you guys.
  • Martin: Okay. It may be reckless, but i'll hold you on to that. We'll try.


Yankee Irving: [he and Darlin' have just had a bonding moment] Thanks, Darlin'.
Darlin': No, no. Thank you, Yankee.
Screwie: Oh, brother! You could pour this stuff on pancakes!

Yankee Irving: [to the two saint bernards see him and runs past, barks loudly at Yankee] Huh? Oh, there you are! Take it ea... [to Beethoven and Cujo jumps Yankee, grunts and knocks him down. Yankee hugs Beethoven, paints and starts lick his face. Yankee laughs] Hey, you two. Stop it [Beethoven and Cujo licks Yankee's face, laughs. Beethoven and Cujo back off Yankee and barks, runs off. Yankee wipes his face] Good dogs.
Screwie: Oh, great! I really hate saint bernards.
Yankee Irving: [to Screwie] You see, Beethoven and Cujo the two saint bernards. [Yankee gets up, and walk over] Come on, right this way.

Yankee Irving: That guard had to have stolen Babe Ruth's bat!
Screwie: Why would a guard working at a Yankee Stadium steal Babe Ruth's bat? Now, if it were somebody workin' at the stadium in Chicago, I could see that...

Bully Kid Tubby: Hey, look. A baseball.
Screwie: Hey, look. The missing link.

About Everyone's Hero

  • It's a lovely script. I like the simplicity of it and the beauty of it. Some of the Pixar films, you know, they've got those double entendres in it for adults, and some of the jokes truthfully I think when you're with your 6 year old you have to say, "Daddy, why is it funny when the cookie says eat me?" And you have to say, "Uhhh, because if you ate him he wouldn't be there, would he?" This doesn't have any of that in it. It's so pure and clean. It's about keep swinging, don't give up."”