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Everybody Wants Some!! (film)

2016 film by Richard Linklater

Everybody Wants Some!! is a 2016 film about a group of college baseball players in 1980 who navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood.

Directed and written by Richard Linklater.
Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time  (taglines)



  • Have you noticed whenever we're around baseball all we talk about is pussy. Now, we're actually around a few potentially interesting young women, all you talk about is baseball. It's a little fucked up!
  • That just went from cute to restraining order.
  • Everything around here is a competition. You get a bunch of competitors together and you are addicted to winning.

Charlie WilloughbyEdit

  • This is college Jake. You bring what you are, never be what they want you to be. And that my friend is when it gets fun.
  • We came for a good time, not for a long time.
  • Don't be afraid to let the experience find you.


  • Things only mean as much as the meaningfulness that we allow them to have.

Glen McReynoldsEdit

  • [about practice] Voluntary means mandatory.


  • Dale Douglas: This ain't high school, man. This is a new level. You have not earned teammate status yet...And until you do, you're nobody.
  • Jay: I'm too fuckin' philosophical for this shit!


Roper: Look at what we have here! Hey, ladies! Party later tonight at the baseball houses.
Bev's Friend: You should be investing this energy elsewhere.
Roper and Finn: [together] Lesbians.
Beverly: I like the quiet guy in the back seat.
Roper: Whoop, there's nothing here.
Jake: I can see how that would be threatening, new guy coming in getting all the ladies... That was a joke.
Plummer: I've got your joke right here.
Finn: Did he just call his dick a joke?
Dale: That's what he implied.

Roper: We have a little tradition welcoming the new guys.
Everyone: [to the freshman, taped up onto a wall] Freshman batting practice!
Plummer: Welcome to the big time, boys.

Willoughby: [while smoking pot] It's about finding out who you are. You gotta tune in, man. You guys want to try a little telepathic stuff?
Dale: Let's do it.
Willoughby: Okay, what am I thinking about?
Dale: Baseball
Plummer: Having a tail.
Jake: Cereal.
Willoughby: I was thinking about sharks.
Plummer: Sharks have tails.
Willoughby: Good point, that's a good point.
Coma: I wish I had a tail. That'd be awesome.

Jake: I'm starting to have an identity crisis. We danced out of disco, danced to Cotton-Eyed Joe in shitkicker attire, here we are, punks for a night.
Willoughby: You gotta fucking embrace your inner strange, man. Just be fucking weird, you know?

Beverly: How did you know what room I was in?
Jake: I'm an investigative journalism major.
Beverly: So, I guess you know my name then.
Jake: Yes, as soon as you tell me.

Finnegan: It's all so damn tribal. That's the pack mentality, all the adrenaline.
Jake: Does that mean you're not going?
Finnegan: I didn't say that.

Beverly: It's kind of beautiful, isn't it?
Jake: What?
Beverly: That we get to feel passion in this world, you know about anything.

Jake: The gods intend Sisyphus to suffer, right?
[Beverly nods]
Jake: Well, my point was that they'd actually blessed him with something to focus on, something that he could potentially find meaning in. It's a gift to be striving at all, even if it looks futile to others. I mean, yeah, it's ridiculous to roll a boulder up a mountain over and over and over again, but so is everything else in life.


  • Here for a Good Time Not a Long Time
  • From Writer/Director Richard Linklater Comes The Spiritual Sequel To Dazed and Confused


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