Eve 6

American rock band

Eve 6 (sometimes typeset as EVE 6, EVƎ 6, or Eve6) is an American rock band formed in 1995 in Southern California. The band originally consisted of Max Collins (bass, lead vocals), Jon Siebels (guitar, backing vocals), and Nick Meyers (drums).

Drummer Tony Fagenson (left) and singer/bassist Max Collins (right) at a Boston concert in May 2012.
Jon Siebels, in Boston in May 2012

Song lyrics


All lyrics written by Max Collins, except as noted.

  • I would swallow my pride,
    I would choke on the rinds,
    But the lack thereof would leave me empty inside.
    Swallow my doubt, turn it inside out,
    Find nothin' but faith in nothin'.
    Want to put my tender
    Heart in a blender,
    Watch it spin 'round to a beautiful oblivion.
    Rendezvous, then I'm through with you.
  • So-Cal is where my mind states,
    But it's not my state of mind.
    I'm not as ugly, sad as you.
    Or am I origami, folded up and just pretend?
    Demented as the motives in your head.
    • "Inside Out"
  • Tell those stories to me
    I'm dying to hear.
    The things you've done and seen,
    Farfetched as they may be.

    You strike a smile in me,
    Your stories ring of perjury,
    Construed with self empowering theme.
    • "Leech", writen by Max Collins and Jon Siebels
  • So break the bruised monogamy
    And let him fade to memory
    And your erotic, wet atomic eyes keep reoccurring.
    In my mind, do me a favor please and touch your lips to mine.
    The telephone, doesn't scare me any more.
    You're home, and I am here alone, my dear.
    Always stupidly sarcastic, my hyper-spastic, Superhero girl.
    • "Superhero Girl"
  • One thousand faces all look the same;
    They're all so boring mild and tame.
    Contaminate him, knock off his glasses,
    Teach him to tamper with the cloning process.

    Pardon me sir can I ask you a favor?
    Make me a cowboy like my next door neighbor.
    Pardon me sir can I use your eraser
    To remove my brain of unconventional nature?

    Take my tongue,
    It's cocked and loaded.
    The board has dubbed you "special student".
    Sit alone sweat in silence.
    We don't tolerate defiance.
    • "Tongue Tied"
  • I promise not to try not to fuck with your mind.
    I promise not to mind if you go your way and I go mine.
    I promise not to lie if I'm looking you straight in the eye.
    I promise not to try not to let you down.
    • "Promise"
  • In the throes of young love, Leroy
    Didn't think to think and in the blink of an eye
    Tied the knot not knowing how to know.
    He was the prodigal son; this girl had brought him home.
    • "On the Roof Again"
  • So denied, so I lied.
    Are you the now or never kind?
    In a day and a day love,
    I'm gonna be gone for good again.
    Are you willing to be had?
    Are you cool with just tonight?
    Here's a toast to all those
    Who hear me all too well.

    Here's to the nights we felt alive.
    Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry.
    Here's to goodbye.
    Tomorrow's gonna come too soon.
  • When all is said and done
    And dead, does he love you
    The way that I do?
    Breathing in lighting,
    Tonight's for fighting.
    I feel the hurt so physical.

    Think twice before you touch my girl.
    Come around I'll let you feel the burn.
    • "Think Twice"
  • Down to the corner to call collect,
    Your mother wants to know, "Are you happy yet?"
    Waiting for someone to come along and find you.
    Going on a night looking for distraction.
    Sleeping through the day, there's no redemption.
    Waiting for someone to come along and find you.

    At least you're breathin',
    At least you're alive,
    As long as you're dreamin',
    Everything's gonna be alright.
    See everything's gonna be alright...
    • "At Least We're Dreaming"
  • 'Cause I tried to forgive you
    For the shit you put me through.
    But it's just the hardest thing to do.

    So I guess it's goodbye brother.
    Goodbye rock and roll.
    Guess it's goodbye to the only life I know.
    It's a shame you couldn't just say you were hurting.
    I will see you on the other side of the curtain.
    • "Curtain"
  • No, I don't believe you went to bed at 10:15.
    Victoria, you're tearin' me up.
    You said you'd call, I waited up.
    I don't know why I even try, I need another tequila.

    She goes out, lets her hair down, bumps up.
    I'm all alone.
    She's groovin' to a Coldplay dance mix turned up.
    I'm all alone.
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