Ethel Hampson Brewster

American classical philologist

Ethel Hampson Brewster (1886-07-03 – 1947-08-18) was an American college professor and philologist. She was Dean of Women and taught Greek and Latin at Swarthmore College, where she was a member of the faculty from 1916 to 1947.

Ethel Hampson Brewster in 1926


  • "It is as stupid to oust ancient history from the schools in favor of American and modern European history as it would be to knock out the first two stories of a skyscraper and expect the structure to stand."
  • "Because of its very personal influence men of action as far back as Cicero have proclaimed that there can be no more distinguished calling than that of instructing youth."
  • "I am distressed that there are so few who indulge in the ecstacy of even a humble translation, and still fewer who attain the worthy translation."
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