Eternal Sonata

2007 video game

Eternal Sonata (トラスティベル ~ショパンの夢~, Torasuti Beru Shopan no Yume) is an original Xbox 360 RPG, based on the life of Fredric Chopin, told through a fictional/fantasy perspective world. It was developed by tri-Crescendo in 2007. The title was released for PlayStation 3 in 2008 with new features and dungeons and a somewhat revised script.

Battle quotes



  • This entire world is my dream! I will not let you destroy it!
  • How pitiful! You soulless creatures!
  • You dare to turn your sword to me?
  • You dare to bare your fangs?
  • Piu Grave: "There is power within my melodies. Listen!", "A never ending vibration within eternal silence".
  • Sacred Signature: "Never extinguished by any means, burning without wood or oil", "Rise up and shine bright, the morning light has now come".
  • Coup de Grace: "Bow down before me!", "Heed my command and obey, disappear!"
  • Coup de Jarnac: "Hound them, stab them, consume them!", "Dance amidst the darkness, amidst the shadows..."
  • Spirit's Pathway: "My power shall become a shining beacon, that will bestow healing upon your broken wings", "The sun rises, shadows take flight.."
  • Mirage Blow: "Sleep an endless dream".
  • Orzel Bialy: "You do not understand", "He who lives among mists and tempests, and travels by riding the wind, answer my call!" "He who walks above the winds of the sky, and travel by riding the clouds, appear!" "It takes but a moment, don't worry".
  • Crimson Blaze: "The sun rises, and the shadows take flight!", "Rise up and shine bright, the morning light has now come!"
  • Legion Fulminante: "This will be a hard lesson". "Triumph and victory, the hoof beats of the brutal hoard approach".
  • Phantom Pain: "Live in ignorance... die in ignorance", "Triumph and victory, the hoof beats of the brutal hoard approach", "Believe what you see and die!"
  • Tri-Clementia: "Within us is a blazing fire, fanned by a raging wind".
  • Applaudissement Sonique: "There is no one else, I am the only one here!"
  • There is no way for you to stop our relentless advance.
  • Forget the pain you felt in the dream.
  • Now you will rest.
  • Now you will sleep.
  • Be gone for a time.
  • Go back, back into a nebulous dream!
  • This is but a brief parting.
  • Continue your sleep.
  • It's a frame of mind, you see!
  • Let us celebrate and be satisfied.
  • Let us rejoice, for now.
  • Someone! ...


  • So... how 'bout we go a round?
  • Sun Slash: "Blind their ignorant eyes, blazing sword of the sun!", "Look up to the light shining down from the heavens!"
  • Phantom Wave: "Haunted by the hatred and envy of the dead", "You're gonna fry!", "Listen closely... to the angry winds of your requiem!", "It's over now!"
  • Sky Divider: "Taste the naked blade of death!", "Cut through the cloud cover and rain upon them!"
  • Shadow Assault: "Drawn into the never-ending depths of night!"
  • Fire Wave: "Burn to ashes in the flames from the depths".
  • Void Edge: "Stay adrift in the boundaries of nothingness", "Vanish in the absolute emptiness of karmic beyond!"
  • Starlight Blast: "Watch the light of the countless stars in the night sky!", "This one has a little extra spark in his cutting edge!"
  • Bloody Plume: "With the blade in the night comes the wings of death", [End] "See the feathers", "Think you can take it? Go ahead and try!" [During] "Cry me a river, you wimp".
  • "That feels good!"
  • "I really wanted a challenge".
  • "Gonna have to come back later"

Upon reviving from unconsciousness: "Okay!"


  • I am not going to lose this battle.
  • Is this really okay?
  • Let me by, okay?
  • Sorry, but I'm in a hurry!
  • Upon facing Chopin: Is that your magic?
  • Orange Glow: "Do your best everyone!", "This has to do it..."
  • Shade Comet: "This has to be it", "Now! Keep watching", "Stay away from me!"
  • Earth Heal: "Do your best everyone!"
  • Nether Wave: "Is that enough!?", "... Take this!"
  • Shooting Star: "This has to be it".
  • Zodiac: "Stay out of my way!"
  • Roundel: "Stay out of my way!"
  • Terra Externa: "Stay out of my way!"
  • Disruption Wave: "Is that enough!?", "Now, keep watching!", "This'll really hurt!"
  • Blossom Shower: "Do your best everyone!"
  • Pure Geyser: "Stay out of my way!"
  • Excuse us!
  • Perfect!
  • Phew, okay!


  • *sigh* Will somebody please take care of that?
  • Huh? I'm supposed to fight this?
  • Come on, come on, come on!
  • Attacked from behind: "Huh? Nobody told me about this! Ahh!"
  • Vivid Shot: "Say cheese!"
  • Rapid Shooter: "This'll pierce through iron!", "This'll blast through steel!", "Just shut your mouth and watch!"
  • Fire Blast: "This'll scare ya!" "Now turn your back and count to 10!", "I'm really gonna teach you a lesson!", "This is it for you!"
  • Night Shot: "Watch the little birdie!"
  • Power Smash: "This is gonna hurt!"
  • Sledgehammer: "This'll hurt an awful lot!", "How's it going? See ya!", "Times like these... (during attack) call for desperate measures!"
  • Sky Fire: "Are you ready to dance?", "I have a present for you!"
  • Vital Drain: "Please excuse me!"
  • Were you impressed?
  • So, whaddaya think?
  • (Battle win with very low health): "Ohh, that was a close call".
  • That was a piece of cake.
  • No problem!
  • Great, that was perfect!
  • I'm gonna be stronger than anybody!


  • Sacred Strike: "You better beg for mercy from this one!"
  • Bone Crumble: "Roaring wind, blast them!"
  • Heal Arrow: "Roaring wind, sing!"
  • Hawk Eye: "You're not getting away!"
  • White Dagger: "Roaring wind, crush them!"
  • Evil Strike: "Trample them down with horseshoes of solid steel!", "Now run them through with a horn of pure iron!"
  • Night Arrow: "Roaring wind, reach out!"
  • Full Barrage: "The last thing you'll ever see", "Just watch, this'll take care of 'em!"
  • "Bulls-eye!"
  • "You don't look so good"
  • "Picking on weaklings really isn't my style!"


  • I'll be perfectly polite when I send you flying!
  • Grand Slam: "Fly up, fly high, fly far far away!", "You're gunna roll on the ground moaning in pain!" [end] "That's right, worship me".
  • Shadow Silhouette: "Flames in the darkness, illuminate my form for all!", "Infinite power come emerge from the shadows!"
  • Solar Flare: "Burn them to a crisp!" "I'll teach you a lesson!"
  • Deadly Orbit: "Descend from heaven and shatter the earth!", "Grind them to pieces with power!"
  • Corona Stream: "Bow down to the crown of the sun!", "Oh perfect ring of the sun, shine bright!" [end] "You're finally catching on?"
  • Iron Cross: "Listen up, I'm gonna show you somethin' you'll never forget!"
  • Deadly Circle: "Surrounding blast!", "Surrounding blows!"
  • Dark Nebula: "Arise in the starry sky, Collide!", "Envelop the stars in a black curtain!"
  • That was perfect.
  • That worked great.
  • Okay, Who did that?
  • Are you looking down on me?!
  • That's right, worship me.
  • Just a little fabulousness.
  • That should wake you up.

Upon level up: Well i did it!


  • Nice to meet you.
  • Full Moon Bind: "You shall be ruled by the power suspended above the blue sky!", [end] "Take care!"
  • Aurora Curtain: "The north is a place of oblivion, silence and uncertainty! It is the ultimate veil of darkness!"
  • Super Nova: "The bright light within me is a part of all things that shine!" "Ready?" [end] "How was that?"
  • Eclipse Gaze: "Now you will learn the power of wisdom! Be silent!"
  • Luna Stream: "In my voice, the moon becomes a mirror, its light becomes a piercing flame!"
  • Midnight Cloud: "The mother of darkness shall entwine you in her tresses!", "The father of darkness shall hide you beneath his mighty wings!"
  • Illumination: "Now you will learn the power of light! Radiate!", "That's enough, now it's my turn!"
  • New Moon Bind: "I am the future in a veil of mist, your fate will be revealed in the dim light", "Before all creation is the date of chaos, darkness, and night!"
  • How was that?
  • You did well.
  • Well then, g'bye.


  • "I can see where you are going to end up".
  • Heat Blade: "Burn away to nothing!", "Soon you'll be dust on the ground", "Burn in my fury!"
  • Magma Pillar: "Now, face the fury of the earth".
  • Plasma Chains: "This final blow is our resentment", "This sword blade is our wrath".
  • Geo Blade: "Be smothered in darkness", "Become ashes in the wind, dust on the ground".
  • Whirlwind: "It's time to get rough", "Damn it to Hell! Would you just open your eyes?!"
  • Maelstrom: "Surround everything in sight", "You people don't understand!"
  • Raven Blast: "Heaven's fury".
  • Dimensional Turn: "The wheel will keep on turning, until it falls apart!", "Pride goeth before the fall".
  • "Lets keep moving".
  • "We are pulling back for now".
  • "Last man standing is the winner".
  • Upon reviving from unconsciousness: "Not yet!"


  • "I won't let you get in our way!"
  • Snow Claw: "At my feet is the frost, but the sun is on the mountain. A single touch!", "Anything that gets in my way, is going down!
  • Willow Strike: "Transforming weakness into strength, strength will surely become weakness. Flower Rage!"
  • Night Fist: "The shadow of the flower falls on the vortex and knows no fear. Imperial Spirit!"
  • Dragon Blow: "The sun rises the clouds, the wind makes the waters roll. Iris of Heaven!"
  • Death Chasm: "Rip the demon formation, defeat the hungry army. Vanquish all!"
  • Phoenix Rising: "Break free from the cage that holds you. Soaring Skies!"
  • Howling Thunder: "By lightning and thunder will you be thrown, by wind will you be scattered! Heaven and earth!", "Who ever sees my fist shall bow down before me".
  • Shadow Beam: "When the plants die, the earth does not tremble. When the hills crack, the flowers are bright. Morning frost!", "If you strike a stone rocks are scattered, if you strike a person their soul is scattered. Death to both!"
  • Hmph, that was perfect.
  • You wanted that!


  • Eagle Wing: "Let's have a look", "Sorry, but the shows over".
  • Feather Spin: "Here's a taste".
  • Unicorn Horn: "You all right?", "Get it together".
  • Aiatar Horn: "Are you ready?"
  • Bird Swarm: "Let's have a look".
  • Obsidian Needle: "Can you see the point of my sword?", "Here, take this!"
  • Wolf Fang: "Let's see how you do it".
  • Beast Meteor: "Let's see how you do it".
  • That's it!
  • Upon reviving from unconsciousness: "Once more..."

Crescendo (PS3 only)

  • Galactic Nebula: "You look rather pale, you must know what's coming!", "All stars in the sky, come... appear before my eyes and answer my call!" [end] "That should do it!", "From across the Sea of Desolation and beyond, come to me!"
  • Diament: "It ends in a place where all things burn inside and true", "I will not be stopped!", "The summit is demolished, and the peaks crumble. Watch!", "Virtue does exist in this world..."
  • Crystal Judgment: "I will be the shield that protects my people", "Forget all you know, hold your tongue and depart!"
  • Chaos Bolt: "Hear the clamor of the gathering rain and thunder", "Justice does exist in the planets", "Lightning cuts a jagged path across the sky".
  • This game... Is over!
  • You gutless coward!
  • Baroque, my beloved homeland!
  • You should have retreated.

Serenade (PS3 only)

  • Please let us pass.
  • "Prince Crescendo!/Prince Crescendo..."
  • Verbum: Celebrus: "I assure you I'm quite serious. [During] I'm quite serious indeed". "Your plot will soon be smoldered. Verbum: Celebrus!"
  • Throne of Thorns: "Time to play my trump card", "Enter unto the thistles and walk amongst the brambles!", "Divide, collide, fall into ruins!"
  • L'energie du Vent: "To me thou art a bone, to me thou art as limbs".
  • Verbum: Expello: "I've given the matter a great deal of thought. This may be considered my answer!", "I've called upon the power of the shadows within", "I shall become the master... The night shall become my clause!"
  • Be patient.
  • My resolve will never waver.
  • So you refuse to understand?
  • Is everyone unharmed?
  • Phew, shall we go then?
  • Is this really the only way?
  • Leave this place!
  • Huh...shall we go then?


  • "Just stand stll and give up already".
  • "Even if you run, you won't get away. Got it?"
  • Gigantic Slam: "Ha! Learn your place, peon".
  • Demonic Embrace: "C'mon and dance". "Let's go for a spin".
  • Mega Mash: 'This is gonna be fun, ha!" "So long you stupid bastard".
  • "That'll teach you!"
  • "Haaa ha".
  • "Haaa ha ha".


  • "I can't stand the smell of this forest. The plants, the animals, the sweat coming from you people!"
  • "I'll allow all of you to comfort each other..since this is the end of your pathetic lives!"
  • "I'll leave your bodies to rot right here".
  • Blood Scent: "To enjoy the morning roses, you must kill the insects", "For flowers to reflect in water, the water must be clean".
  • Dark Presence: "You will die trembling beneath the blazing sun".
  • J'accuse: "This elegant fragrance is lost amidst these leaves".
  • "Very comendable".
  • "Hmpfh. Pitiful".
  • "I can hear the accolades".

Captain Dolce

  • "Oh I'll hang you very slowly".
  • Tempest Swirl: "Tell me does it pinch, does it hurt?"
  • Dead Man's Tale: "Come on I can't take it anymore, blow up already!"
  • Burning Spindle: "Oh come on honey I know you can take it".
  • "Wasn't that fun?"
  • "Huh,whats this? You mean to tell me we're done already?"
  • "Did you enjoy that?"
  • "Does it feel good?"


  • "So, all the little sheep flock together".
  • "Suffer".
  • Fer De Lance: "Take that vile rat".
  • Bombardment: "Take that you swine".
  • Hell Eruption: "Take that filthy roach".
  • Grand Venom: "Ha!" 'Amateurs'.


  • "Come on now! Lets see what you've got".
  • "Hehehehehehahahahaha eyaha nothing can stop me!"
  • "You'll lose and be nothing once more".
  • Apocalypse Fall: "Worship the power of the king!", "Hahaha, wahahahahaha-haa! What a joyous feeling; I'll let you have a taste of it as well!"
  • Aure Dominium: "It's the will of the people".
  • Volcano Concussio: "Get down on your knees before the sword of the king", "There is no tomorrow for the weak".
  • Harsh Torment:
  • "Hahaha, you did well".
  • "Hehehe, you're too slow".
  • "I guess it was just the rambling of fools".

Frederic (Boss)

  • "Don't you all understand? This entire world is my dream!"
  • Orzel Bialy: "He who walks above the winds of the sky, and travel by riding the clouds. Appear!" It takes but a moment, don't worry
  • Nimbostratus: "Carry them away to the rivers side, to the waters edge". Thunder is the heavens, lightning illuminates the field.
  • Applaudissement Sonique: "There is no one else! I am the only one here!" Thunder is the heavens, lightning illuminates the field.
  • Coup de Grace:
  • Pala:
  • "There is no way for you to stop, my relentless advance".
  • You foolish creatures!
  • How pitiful, you soulless creatures.






Polka: Frederic, you said before that this whole world is all just a dream you're having. Right? But, if you're in your own dream, how can you be so completely positive that what's happening is only a dream? And if what you're experiencing in the dream is so realistic to you, how can you even tell what's actually the real world? And, to prove my point, you didn't read my mind earlier. You were wrong. I was thinking about leaving Tenuto. I want to go out into the world and live my own life. Even if that life only exists inside your dream.



Frédéric: I am no longer sure if this world truly is a dream. Maybe it is real after all. Perhaps the world I thought of as reality was in fact nothing more than a dream. But then would that mean Warsaw and Paris do not exist? No. I am sure they existed! I'm as sure as I am that my name is Frédéric François Chopin... has gone down in history in those cities as a famed pianist and composer! I am not mistaken. This is a dream! no matter how unquestionably close it is to reality, this is just a dream. Unquestionably close to reality? How can it be that ambiguous? What will happen to me when I am no longer able to recognize that a dream is merely a dream? To not be able to recognize that a dream is a dream, what a horrifying prospect! And conversely, would a person like that even be able to recognize that reality is reality? No. How could they? Why should there be a need to recognize that reality is reality in the first place? No one actually thinks of something as obvious as that in their daily life. In the same way, the presence of air goes unnoticed. It's so common it isn't really recognized, is it? But if something can not be recognized, does it even exist? I am being tested. That must be what's happening. There is something I am meant to realize on this journey. Paris and Warsaw are irrelevant! If my dreams and reality have already been mixed, then... then I must do my best to live life in this merged world! That is what's most important.



Grande Valse Brilliante

Polka: Emilia will never really die. She'll touch the hearts of every generation to come. Through her brother's melodies, she will live on forever. I think that's wonderful. Frederic, do you need any more proof that part of her still lives on, than the thought of that?


Crescendo: War is simply a battle of egos. A desire to surpass your adversary. I'm afraid that as long as both sides feel this way, this clash will continue on indefinitely. It's not worth it. By placing so much effort into this never ending battle, we lose sight of other things that matter more. Ultimately, whatever the real issue was is forgotten and is replaced by this challenge, this battle for power. You may still think you are fighting your opponent... but at some point it's no longer about who wins or loses. It's a power struggle, a childish fight between adults who should know better. It's just embarrassing.


Polka: This isn't a bad luck fortune, not yet. Frederic, I think I should try having faith in this fortune. Things'll be different from now on. And I'll wait. I won't resort to that until the last possible moment.
Polka: I believe that the future holds infinite hope for all of us. So no matter what the odds, however slim the chance, I always try to hold on to that hope. I would never want to give up on something without at least trying. What about you? What would you have done in my place? Would you still have drawn a fortune if you already know what it was going to say?


Polka: Me? I only want a chance to do something to help everyone. And I don't have very much time left to live, so I have to use it wisely.

Heaven's Mirror

Beat: Huh? Wait Frederic! What are you doing?
Alegretto: Hey! Where are you going?
Chopin: When a man's consciousness is fading away he will find without fail that he comes face to face with his own soul and must challenge it. It is the one moment that we are able to look directly upon our naked selves. I have no longer any doubt in my mind that for me that time has now come. Don't you all understand? You're nothing more than fictional characters that I created in my mind!
Beat: Frederic! What are you doing?
Chopin: When I am defeated in this battle a truth will be born in this world. And a fleeting dream will transform slowly filling with color. And only when this ordeal is finally overcome, will my soul at last be allowed to leave my physical body. Then let us test it. Whether Whether my spirit can become a lance...capable of piercing through every one of you! We'll see if I am truly such a weak human being!
Polka: Ignoring the things that seem too hard to do, eventually becomes a habit, the natural thing to do. If we only allow ourselves to see what we want to see, we just end up filling ourselves more and more. But, eventually, we cloud our vision so completely, that we become blind to the small truths that are all around us. The same way that the twinkling of a star is blotted out by the glare of bright city lights.
Polka: It is my fate... to go into the sea. It's the only way, the only way the tremendous waves that threaten the people of this world can finally be made calm.
Polka: The time has come for everything to be settled. Was this fated to be? Was this always my life's purpose? No. It's a decision I'm making of my own free will. This is something that has to be done! There is a place, a place where I can make a real difference, now that the world is covered in darkness. It's a place that I have to illuminate, with the shining light of the astra that lies sleeping within my heart.
Polka: Thank you, everyone. I know it didn't last very long, but really, this was the most fun I've ever had in my life. If I blow him a kiss, I wonder, will it reach him up there? I hope so. I really do.

Credits quotes

  • Solfege (Polka's mother): Can human beings, who create waves of ugly desire, ever become like the sea water that is stirred by the beauty of the moon?
  • Polka: No one wants to touch someone like me, someone who can use magic. After all, they might get sick, too.
  • Beat: Well, of course the bread you’re eating is much more important than the bread of a stranger. Huh? Uh… wait. How is it any different?
  • Frédéric: All around us the world is fading at an incredibly rapid rate. And yet, you say you aren't able to see it. Well, perhaps there is a reason for that. Perhaps you can't see it because you are fading even faster than the world.
  • Polka: If you are conscious of the fact that you are having a dream, and you can actually say that 'this is just a dream', then can you really be sure it's even a dream at all?
  • Allegretto: Can a picture taken through a bent piece of glass called a "lens" really accurately reflect what happened at a single moment in time. It seems to me that your eyes would have to be pretty bent themselves for that to be possible.
  • Viola: Something that people think is useful, but can actually be harmful in the long run? Hm… Well, the only thing I can think of right now is Mineral Powder, but I'm sure there are lots of other things out there. Maybe if you think about it for a while you can come up with things that I don't know about.
  • Polka: I think that everyone knows deep down that some things that might seem useful to us right now could actually be hiding a danger to the future. And yet there are many people out there who simply refuse to accept that. Are people really so foolish that they aren't willing to sacrifice those little conveniences for the sake of the future?
  • Viola: If people are too deeply involved in a problem, is it really not possible for them to realize what's wrong until it's too late to do anything about it?
  • Frédéric: The standards for justice in this world are decided amidst the driving ambitions and turbulent emotions of a small handful of people who just happen to possess the greatest influence. Well, you certainly have been born into a difficult era.
  • Falsetto: A lifetime to build, a moment to destroy. Will human beings ever become masters of creation? Or are we only destined for destruction?
  • Claves: I was acting out a part up until the moment I died. Do you plan to spend your whole life pretending to be someone you're not?
  • Polka: Are you sure you know the difference between things that can be forgotten right away, like letters written in the sand, and really important things that must never be forgotten, like words carved into stone. It's an important distinction to make.
  • Jazz: Without realizing it, people tend to act in ways that suit their own best interests, and before they know it, they've turn all their efforts to seeing just how powerful or successful they can become. It can't always have been like that. Things must've been different in the beginning. Try remembering the feelings you had when you first started out.
  • Polka: Can't we make better use of the energy we spend maintaining our feelings of mistrust? There must be a way. If we could all do that somehow, I think it would make it much easier to live a life filled with light.
  • Falsetto: When I realized that I had no hope of beating Claves, I ran away. What about you? Are you like me? Do you run away from situations where you know you can't win, too?
  • Polka: The view of Ritardando is so beautiful at night. But which part of that view is the most beautiful thing about it? The flickering of the city lights below, or the twinkling of the stars in the night sky above?
  • Crescendo: As the leader of Baroque, I am responsible for making the people of my country suffer under the fear of impending war. The citizens of Baroque are innocent people whose only crime is living the kingdom I rule. And there are others in this world who suffer similar misfortune. Remember to be very grateful if you are lucky enough to happen to live in a country at peace.
  • Polka: I believe that the future holds infinite hope for all of us. So no matter what the odds, however slim the chance, I always try to hold on to that hope. I would never want to give up on something without at least trying. What about you? What would you have done in my place? Would you still have drawn a fortune if you already know what it was going to say?
  • Serenade: Suppose you could not be sure whether or not there was any ground behind you. Knowing that, would you still have the courage to take a step backward? At certain times in life, does it not take much more courage to take a step back than to take a step forward? Would you be courageous enough to do it?
  • Polka: If you live with your eyes closed to whatever is difficult to face, does that mean those things don't exist?
  • Allegretto: People with brightly glowing Astras always have to suffer in the end. Is the place where you are a miserable role like that? Don't you want to change it? You can't just sit back and accept a destiny of death. You have to fight back, resist. You have to try as hard as you can. After all, that's what life's all about, isn't it?
  • Beat: You can give up when it's really, truly, absolutely the very end. Until then, you gotta try and do whatever you can. I guarantee that you still have time.
  • Claves: That's right, you still have time.
  • Salsa: Absolutely. Now is when it really begins.
  • March: Just take a moment to study yourself.
  • Polka: I know what it feels like to have a future filled with doubt. To feel overwhelmed… To think it's all over... To want to give up on everything… But, there's no use just thinking about it. You can't hesitate. You need to act upon it. Since in the end, all you can do is try as hard as you can.
  • Allegretto: You don't have to rush. There's still time. You have infinite potential, after all. I promise you, even now, you can still do it. All you have to do is the very best you can. I guarantee you still have time.
  • Frédéric: When one thing comes to an end, something else begins.
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