Esther Loring Richards

American psychiatrist

Esther Loring Richards (June 6, 1885 – July 6, 1956) was an American physician and child psychiatrist, based in Baltimore. She was on the faculty at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and psychiatrist-in-charge of the outpatient department at the Henry Phipps Psychiatric Clinic from 1920 until 1951.

Esther Loring Richards in 1924


  • "One of the most difficult things the doctor and teacher have to do is to blast the popular and ancient delusion that there is an instinctive preparation for parenthood; that because a husband and wife produce a child they are mysteriously endowed with perfect wisdom concerning the nurture and development of this child."
    • Richards, Esther Loring (1929-02-01). "Mental Aspects of Play". American Physical Education Review. 34 (2): 98–100. doi:10.1080/23267224.1929.10652371.
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