Estela Portillo-Trambley

American teacher and feminist author of books, poems, essays, and plays (1936-1999)

Estela Portillo-Trambley (January 16, 1926 - December 1, 1998) was a Chicana poet and playwright.

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  • I was not really of the barrio, but the barrio was an important part of my life. Spanish was my first language; English was the language of my reading world. This was the world I lived in—an idealistic world, and unreal world that filled my senses with hopes, with joy and identification…
  • Deep in my psyche, I am no different than any American—I have a greater command of their language than they do. I am a composite of all of the heroines in the books I’ve read—legendary, mythological, fictional ones. I wonder if I am real? I want to be!
  • I’ve always been at the peripheries of the Chicano Movement because the Chicano world does not consider me Chicana enough. They, however, respect me as a writer…

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