Ernest Goes to Camp

1987 film by John R. Cherry III

Ernest Goes to Camp is a 1987 movie starring Jim Varney as the popular TV commercial character Ernest P. Worrell as he tries to be a camp counselor.

Directed by John R. Cherry III. Written by John R. Cherry III and Coke Sams.


[Nurse St. Cloud gives Ernest a shot]
Ernest: I did it! I took the Lindbergh baby! I am Josef Mengele! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

[Jake is trying to get Ernest to taste his "Eggs erronious"]
Jake: Now Ernest, would someone dressed up like this lie to you about food?
Ernest: Fond as I am in Tibetian cooking, a hungry lion always hunts best. KnowhatImean?

[Counselor Stennis is sitting in a lifeguard perch and is about to teach the boys a swimming lesson.]
Counselor Stennis: Okay. Everybody to the line. All right, everybody in the water.
[Everyone jumps in the water except for Moustafa]
Some boys: Hey! C'mon, Moose!
Counselor Stennis: Moustafa, Moose, whatever they call you. NOW! So you're the only one who can't swim? Well, you're gonna learn the Stennis way.
Moustafa: No! NO! I can't swim!
[Too late; Stennis picks up Moustafa and drops him into the water]
Moustafa: [sinking fast] Help! Somebody help!
[Ernest saves Moustafa from drowning]
Moustafa: Thanks, Ernest. I could of made it.
Ernest: Glad to help out.
Counselor Stennis: Well, meatheads, we're gonna try this again. This time it's to the end of the lake and back. Everybody in the water.
[The boys topple Stennis' lifeguard perch into the water]
Counselor Stennis: [in severe agony] My leg! My leg!
Danny: He’s learning to swim the Stennis way!
[The boys laugh at Stennis' expense]
Counselor Stennis: My leg! Aah!

Mr. Tipton Ernest, Have you had any leadership experience?
Ernest: I had an antfarm once.
Mr. Tipton: Close enough.

Nurse St. Cloud: And that was the ceremony of the Blade, the Stone and the Arrow.
Ernest: Like in our culture: Paper, Rock, Scissors.

[last lines]
Mr. Tipton: What happened?
Chief St. Cloud: Ernest broke the sign.
Mr. Tipton: Well. At least no one was hurt.


  • Jim Varney - Ernest P. Worrell
  • Victoria Racimo - Nurse St. Cloud
  • John Vernon - Sherman Krader, the Head of the "Krader Mining Company"
  • Iron Eyes Cody - Old Indian 'Chief St. Cloud'
  • Lyle Alzado - Bronk Stinson, Krader's Foreman
  • Gailard Sartain - Jake (Chef #1)
  • Daniel Butler - Eddie (Chef #2)
  • Patrick Day - Bobby Wayne
  • Scott Menville - Crutchfield
  • Danny Capri - Danny Simpson
  • Jacob Vargas - Butch "Too Cool" Vargas
  • Todd Loyd - Chip Ozgood
  • Hakim Abdulsamad - Moustafa "Moose" Hakeem Jones
  • Eddy Schumacher - Counselor Ross Stennis
  • Richard Speight, Jr. - Brooks
  • Andy Woodworth - Pennington
  • Buck Ford - Attorney Elliott Diate
  • Larry Black - Mr. Tipton, the Head Counselor of Kamp Kikikee
  • Hugh Sinclair - Counselor Sparks
  • Johnson West - Counselor Puckett
  • Jean Wilson - State Supervisor
  • Ivan Green - Mr. Stewart
  • Christian Haas - Molly Stewart
  • Brenda Haynes - Mrs. Stewart
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