Eraser (film)

1996 film by Chuck Russell

Eraser is a 1996 film directed by Chuck Russell. It stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as U.S. Marshal John Kruger, who works in Witness Protection "erasing" key witnesses' identities for their protection, who must now protect an executive of a weapons manufacturer that's selling a new secret weapon to international terrorists; a conspiracy that includes some of his fellow U.S. Marshals.

Written by Tony Puryear and Walon Green. Directed by Chuck Russell.
He will erase your past to protect your future.

John Kruger

  • One more thing: I work alone. If anybody comes to you and claims that I sent them...[Holds up a revolver] Use this.
  • You've just been erased.
  • You're luggage!

Father Rodriguez

  • The police have returned to the safety of their doughnut shops.

Robert Deguerin

  • I want this town locked up so tight, it'll make his balls ache.
  • [After John throws a small concealed knife into his arm] I can't believe you nailed me with this cheap piece of mail-order shit!


Robert Deguerin: You know, if God were as forgiving as WITSEC, Hell would be one empty joint, no?
John Kruger: God doesn't have our court system.

John Kruger: That weapon, whatever it was, it was from your company. It was from Cyrez, wasn't it?
Lee Cullen: Yeah, it's an EM gun prototype. It's not even supposed to exist.
John Kruger: EM?
Lee Cullen: "Electro-magnetic pulse". No gunpowder, no conventional bullets. They fire caseless aluminum shells at nearly the speed of light.
John Kruger: You're talking about the Railgun.
Lee Cullen: [Surprised by his knowing that] Yeah, that's another name for it.
John Kruger: The Navy's been working on one for years. The smallest one I've ever seen was mounted on a battleship.
Lee Cullen: Well, Cyrez was contracted to scale them down, design a man-portable version. The most powerful assault rifle on Earth. They took millions, then said the physics were impossible.
John Kruger: Looked real enough to me. Maybe Cyrez found a higher bidder.
Lee Cullen: Well, they're connected everywhere: CIA, NSA...even your people, for all we know.

Agent Calderone: Don't you ever get tired of babysitting scum?
John Kruger: Yeah... but in your case, I'll make an exception.
[walks away]
Agent Calderone: [about John] Who does this guy think he is?
Robert Deguerin: Who, him? Well, he thinks he's the best guy in the game. I think he's right.

Morehart: This is James Haggerty, our chief of security.
Robert Deguerin: Hey, you ever done any wetwork?
James Haggerty: Only on three different continents.
Robert Deguerin: Wow, really? Listen, you wanna impress me, slick? Do your fucking job!

Robert Deguerin: Have I given you an evaluation yet.
Deputy Monroe: Evaluation?
Robert Deguerin: Yeah.
[shoots Monroe]
Robert Deguerin: A-plus, kid.
[his hands are now bloody]
Robert Deguerin: God dammit! Get me a wet-nap or something will ya?

[John wakes up from a drug-induced sleep]
Robert Deguerin: Confused, pal? New York.
John Kruger: You're off course.
Robert Deguerin: No, no we're not. You're gonna take us to her, John.
[John reaches for his gun. Robert holds up his gun in a plastic bag]
Robert Deguerin: You did a very, very bad thing, John. You killed Monroe. Now that makes you the mole.
John Kruger: No, and that makes you the murderer.

John Kruger: Drop your gun.
Robert Deguerin: What?
John Kruger: If you drop your gun now, I promise I won't kill you.

[John Kruger parachutes into a junkyard]
John Kruger: Where is this?
Camille: Earth. Welcome.

[John Kruger knocks down a door and shoots a guy]
Lee Cullen: You're late!
John Kruger: Traffic.

[Johnny C is working as a bartender in a drag club. John Kruger comes to see him]
Johnny C: I got one question: Was it your idea to hook me up with the Village People here?
John Kruger: Well, you're safe, aren't you?
Johnny C: Well, from the mob, yeah. I mean no self-respecting wiseguy would ever be caught dead in a joint like this. Oh, hey, do me a favor; don't let these guys on that I'm straight, okay? I don't wanna break any hearts or nothin'.
John Kruger: Trust me.

Nurse: Oh my God! Terrorists!
Johnny C: Terror? I'll show you some freakin' terror! [Refers to the defibrillator] Get your ass up here, I'll jump-start it!

Tony "Two-Toes": [Looking at a list of payments] Is this all that came in?
Little Mike: Infantino didn't pay.
Tony "Two-Toes: What do you mean, he didn't pay? [Takes Mike's food from him] What did he say??
Johnny C: [Standing in the shadows with Kruger] He said, "Tell that fat fuck Tony 'Two-Toes' that I ain't gonna pay him another dime."
Tony "Two-Toes": I know that voice, but it can't be him...unless he is a ghost.
Johnny C: [Steps into the light] Boo.
Sal: Johnny C? I thought you got whacked!
Johnny C: Must've been some other guy.
Tony "Two-Toes": Yeah? Some other guy rat out Vincenzo Canelli too?
Johnny C: Hey, Canelli's a piece of shit.
Tony "Two-Toes": I've got no love for Canelli either...but this time, this time you stepped over the line, Johnny.
Johnny C: Hey, I'm still here.
Tony "Two-Toes": No, what you did was wrong.
John Kruger: [Steps forward] What he did was get a drug dealer and his poison off the streets.
Tony "Two-Toes": [Gestures to Kruger] Who's da tree trunk?
Johnny C: This is the guy who saved my ass [Introducing Kruger to everyone] That's Tony "Two-Toes", there's "Sally Boy", and that's "Little" Mike.
Little Mike: [To Johnny C] Your funeral was absolutely beautiful, man!
Tony "Two-Toes": [To Kruger] Listen, if Canelli finds out he's still breathing...
Johnny C: Screw Canelli, we've got bigger problems than that. [To Kruger] Tell him.
John Kruger: There's a major arms deal going down; A U.S. contractor is selling out to international terrorists.
[Tony, Sal, and Mike look at each other, then start laughing]
Tony "Two-Toes": Look, Mr. 60 Minutes, tell me something I don't know!
John Kruger: It's going to be happening tonight...on your docks.
Tony "Two-Toes": [Stops laughing] ...That I didn't know.

Tony "Two-Toes": There they are. Commie bastards.
Little Mike: Actually, they're not Communists anymore. They're a federation of independent liberated states.
Tony "Two-Toes": Don't make me hurt you, Mikey.

[the phone rings]
Daniel Harper: It's for you.
Robert Deguerin: [takes the phone] Yeah?
John Kruger: [over the phone] You've just been erased.

[the limousine that Daniel Harper, Robert Deguerin, and Morehart were trapped in was just hit by a train]
Lee Cullen: What happened?
John Kruger: They caught a train.


  • He will erase your past to protect your future.


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