1999 film by Jon Amiel

Entrapment is a 1999 American caper Western film about an insurance agent who is sent by her employer to track down and help capture an art thief.

Directed by Jon Amiel, Written by Ronald Bass and William Broyles Jr..
The trap is set.(taglines)

Robert "Mac" MacDougalEdit

  • I'm never late. If I am, its because I'm dead.
  • It's impossible. But doable.
  • Believe me, I was prepared for everything - except you.
  • In order for there to be complete trust between thieves, there can be nothing personal.
  • We'll either both get caught or both get dead.
  • You know what they say about fear. The only remedy is to cut off the head.


Mac: Rule number one: never carry a gun. If you carry a gun you may be tempted to use it.
Gin: What are you doing here?
Mac: I'm going to ask you some questions. If I don't like your answers, you're going out the window. Why are you following me?
Gin: I've got a proposition for you.
Mac: How do I know that you're not a cop?
Gin: I-I don't know. You-You're just going to have to trust me.
Mac: Rule number two: never trust a naked woman.

Mac: Has there ever been anyone you couldn't manipulate, beguile or seduce?
Gin: No.

Gin: You stole my suitcase?
Mac: I'm a thief. So sue me.

Gin: I said this is called entrapment.
Mac: No. Actually, it's called blackmail. Entrapment is what cops do to thieves.

Mac: What's the job?
Gin: Like the wise man said: first we try then we trust.

Mac: You are the most beautiful crook I've ever seen.
Gin: Why, thank you kind sir.

Mac: I don't like surprises.
Gin: Trust me, there won't be any.
Mac: Trust me, there always are surprises.

Mac: I have absolutely no reason to believe anything you say.
Gin: But you want to.

Gin: Look what you've done to that beautiful car!
Mac: Thank God it's not mine.

Gin: Is all this paid for?
Mac: With blood.

Thibadeaux: Where's the honey?
Mac: In the loch, training. I told her I swim for an hour everyday; so, she'll do it for two.
Thibadeaux: So, when is it we do the dirty?
Mac: Maybe we should wait a bit. She's got a bigger job after this one.
Thibadeaux: This is big enough, Mac.
Mac: It's never big enough.

[a train passes and Gin appears on the opposite platform]
Mac: How did you do it?
Gin: I jumped trains mid-station. When the train slowed down I just... It was perfect.
Mac: Was it now?
Gin: [starts walking along the platform] You know what, Mac? I don't want to hold the record alone.
Mac: No?
Gin: I need your help on another job.
Mac: Wow. The crown jewels or something?
Gin: [smiling] No! Come on! Too easy.


  • Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Then again, practice makes perfect.
  • The trap is set.


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