video game played in a web browser

Ennuigi is the 2015 browser game based on Super Mario Bros. The story centers on Luigi's inability to come to terms with the lack of narrative in the original game.



  • Another castle. Always another castle. And yet we always ask, 'where is the princess' and never think to ask whence these castles.
  • I am alone in my thoughts, as I am alone in all things.
  • I asked her, why do you stay with him. She laughed, the kind of laugh so empty it's less funny than a sob. 'Well, he did rescue me, didn't he?'
  • I look at a turtle, I think I have done you one better; You wear a shell. I have become one.
  • I looked down at Bowser's broken body, and saw in it a map of a broken world.
  • It’s a kind of slow death, being an understudy in someone else’s life.
  • So much depends on a red Koopa shell glazed with boot marks beside the green warp pipe.
  • The aftermath. The after-math. When it no longer adds up.
  • Where are the cities, where are the homes? What is a kingdom with no people to protect?
  • Who fixed these blocks to the sky? What being? What being could so casually defy gravity?
  • Where are the masons? Where are the bricklayers? Stone and mortar everywhere but by whose hands?
  • I've lost track of time. I've lost track. I've lost.
  • How long have I been walking?

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