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Encanto is a 2021 American computer animated musical fantasy comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures as well as the studio's 60th feature-length film. It tells a story about a Colombian teenage girl named Mirabel who has to face the frustration of being the only member of her family without her magical powers.

Directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush. Written by Jared Bush and Charise Castro Smith.
There's a little magic in all of us ...almost all of us.taglines

Mirabel Madrigal

  • Well, my little friend, I am not. Because the truth is, gift or no gift, I'm just as special as the rest of my family.
  • And I might not be super strong like Luisa, or effortlessly perfect like Señorita Perfecta Isabela who's never even had a bad hair day, but... [sighs] Whatever.
  • You just healed my hand with an arepa con queso.
  • I will save the miracle. Wait, how do I save the miracle?
  • Bruno, your room is the worst!
  • Come on... Okay, I can do this. Oh... Whoo! [Pico flies away] Quitter!

Bruno Madrigal

  • The magic is in danger.
  • Mirabel, the fate of the family is gonna come down to you.
  • My gift wasn’t helping the family, but I love my family, y'know?
  • You're the real gift, kid. Let us in.
  • Abuela worried about the magic. So she begged me to look into the future. See what it meant. And I saw the magic in danger, our house breaking, and then I saw you... But the vision was different. It...it would change and there was no one answer, no clear fate. Like your future was undecided, but I knew how it was gonna look, I knew what everyone would think because I'm Bruno and everyone always assumes the worst. So...

Isabela Madrigal

  • Did someone say flowers?
  • "Hug it out"? Luisa can't lift an empanada, [pulls off a flower and crushes it] Mariano's nose looks like a smashed papaya. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND?!
  • Everything was perfect. Abuela was happy. The family was happy. You wanna be a better sister? Apologize for ruining my life. Go on. Apologize.
  • "Selfish"? I've been stuck being perfect my whole entire life! And literally, the only thing you have ever done for me is mess things up!
  • I never wanted to marry him! I was doing it for the family!
  • You're a bad influence.

Antonio Madrigal

  • [to Pico] I understand you.
  • Use my room. The rats told me everything. [to Parce who is about to eat the rats] Don't eat those.

Alma "Abuela" Madrigal

  • Long ago, when my three babies had just been born, your Abuelo Pedro and I were forced to flee our home. And though many joined us, hoping to find a new home, we could not escape the dangers, and your abuelo was lost.
  • There is nothing wrong with La Casa Madrigal. The magic is strong! And so are the drinks.
  • I was given a miracle. A second chance. And I was so afraid to lose it... that I lost sight of who our miracle was for. And I am so sorry. You never hurt our family, Mirabel. We are broken... because of me...
  • I asked my Pedro for help. Mirabel. He sent me you.


Abuela: [abruptly ends "The Family Madrigal", shouts at Mirabel, winces] Mirabel!!! What are you doing?
Mirabel: Uh, they were just asking about the family, and…
Girl #1: She was about to tell us about her super-awesome gift!
Dolores: Oh, Mirabel didn't get one. [shrugs with a squeak, then walks off]
[The confused kids turn to Mirabel]
Girl #2: You didn't get a gift?
Mirabel: Um-
Man: Mirabel! Delivery!

[after the song, "We Don't Talk About Bruno", ended]
Agustín: Miraboo! Got your party pants on? ‘Cause I… [sees Bruno's vision]
Mirabel: I broke into Bruno’s tower. I found his last vision. The family’s in trouble. The magic is dying. The house is breaking. Luisa’s gift is fading. And I think it’s all because of me? Pá?
Agustín: We say nothing. Abuela wants tonight to be perfect. Until the Guzmáns leave, you did not break into Bruno’s tower. The magic is not dying. The house is not breaking. Luisa’s gift is not fading. No one will know. Just act normal. No one has to know.
Dolores: [after hearing everything] I know.
Mirabel: She’s gonna tell everyone.
Abuela: Time to eat!
Agustín: Miercoles...

Abuela: Señora por favor...
Mirabel: Abuela, please! There’s gotta be an explanation!
Isabela: I HATE YOU!
Luisa: [bawling] I'm a loser!
Agustín: Luisa!
Mirabel: I’m not doing anything! It’s Bruno’s vision! It’s...
[Mirabel finds the rats that was taken by emerald glass shards and starts following it cut to Abuela leaving Mariano and his mother]
Abuela: [furious] The magic is strong! EVERYTHING IS FINE! We are the Madrigals! [furiously slams the door] MIRABEL!!! [thunder crashes from inside]

Mirabel: Have you been in here patching the cracks?
Bruno: Oh, that? No, no, no. I'm too scared to go near those things. All the patching's done by Hernando.
Mirabel: Who is Hernando?
[Bruno pulls his hood over his eyes]
Bruno: I'm Hernando, and I'm scared of nothing! [He pulls his hood off] It's actually me. I used to say my real gift was "acting". [laughs nervously, then puts a bucket over his head] I'm Jorge. I make the spackle.
Mirabel: [after a long pause] How long have you been back here?

Abuela: You should have told me the second, you saw the vision! Think of the family!
Agustín: I was thinking of my daughter!
Abuela: Pepa, calm down!
[Félix waves the cloud away on Pepa's head]
Pepa: I'm doing my best!
Félix: Yes.
Pepa: You're lucky it's not a hurricane!
Julieta: Mamá, you've always been too hard on Mirabel. [cracks emerge on Casita]
Abuela: Look around. We must protect our family, our Encanto. We cannot lose our home.
[Arturo and the townsfolk of Encanto greet Abuela]
Arturo: Señora, perdón, people in town are becoming anxious about the magic. They want to see you.
Abuela: Mirabel was in that vision for a reason. Find her.

[after the song, "What Else Can I Do?", ended]
Isabela: You're a bad influence.
Abuela: [off-screen, furious] What is going on?! [Mirabel and Isabela realize Abuela returned home to find Isabela's true nature.]
Mirabel: Abuela! It's okay! Everything's... We're gonna save the miracle. The magic...
Abuela: What are you talking about?! Look at our home! Look at your sister!
Mirabel: Please just... Isabela wasn’t happy.
Abuela: Of course she isn’t happy! You ruined her proposal!
Mirabel: No, no, no. She needed me to ruin her proposal. And then we did all of this! [Abuela grunts] And the candle burned brighter and the cracks...
Abuela: [becomes angry] Mirabel...
Mirabel: That’s why I’m in the vision! I’m saving the miracle!
Abuela: YOU HAVE TO STOP, MIRABEL! The cracks started with you... Bruno left because of you. Luisa's losing her powers. Isabela's out of control. Because of you! I don't know why you weren't given a gift, but it is not an excuse for you to hurt this family!
Mirabel: [Casita begins to shake, and Mirabel is finally fed up with this mistreatment] I will never... be good enough for you... Will I? [cut to Mirabel defending Isabela and Luisa and her family] No matter how hard I try. No matter how hard any of us tries. Luisa will never be strong enough. Isabela won't be perfect enough. Bruno left our family because you only saw the worst in him!
Abuela: Bruno didn't care about this family!
Mirabel: He loves this family! I love this family! We all love this family! [cracks on the floor starting to emerge, cut to the townsfolk of Encanto seeing the streets spreading of floor cracks through the Casita] You're the one that doesn't care! You're the one who's breaking our home!
Abuela: [enraged] DON'T YOU EVER--!
Mirabel: The miracle is dying BECAUSE OF YOU!
[Abuela gasps in utter shock by Mirabel's words. As Mirabel becomes shocked by her wham line, the Casita begins to crack]
Pepa: [gasps] No, no, no! [The Madrigal family realizes on top of the balcony that the candle begins to fade]
Félix: The candle!

Mirabel: Casita! Get me up in there!
[Casita uses the rail stairs and starts to climb, but Camilo and Isabela try to reach the candle, but Isabela uses the vines to get, but the door vanishes]
Isabela: No! [as she falls and Casita saves her, and Camilo tries to shapeshift, but it fails as Isabela and Camilo notice that their powers are gone]
Camilo: No...
[Mirabel tries to reach as she sees the mountains cracked in half and Antonio's door vanishes and the animals run away and Antonio sees the door falling on him, but is saved by Félix]
Félix: Careful, Antonio! We gotta get out of here!
Julieta: Mirabel?! MIRABEL?! MIRABEL!
Agustín: Mirabel, we have to get out!
[Casita pushes the Madrigals out of the house, as Bruno rescues his rats and uses his bucket to ram the walls and Mirabel sees Bruno outside as she tries to reach the candle]
Julieta: Mirabel, leave it!
[Mirabel tries to reach it as Casita uses its roofs]
Julieta: Mirabel! GET OUT!
Agustín: Mirabel!
[Mirabel has reached the candle, as she sees Bruno's tower fall as Mirabel slides on the stairs and the objects protect her and crashes, but the candle fades and is melted away]
Mirabel: [sadly] No.

[After the Casita was destroyed, while Mirabel is safe and Julieta checks on her]
Julieta: Mirabel! Mirabel, are you hurt?! Mirabel!
[Julieta realizes Mirabel that she was safe until Pepa calls Julieta]
Pepa: Julieta! Come quick! Julieta!
Julieta: Don’t move. I’ll be right back!
[Julieta rushes to find medicine while Mirabel watches sadness over the town's fear and panic]
Pepa: How did this happen?
Dolores: Here, let me help you. Let me help you.
Agustín: Everyone okay?
[Mirabel watches Dolores help Abuela's shock and pain over Mirabel]
Pepa: Antonio, don't cry, papito.
Félix: How is this possible? The encanto's broken.
Pepa: What do we do now?
Camilo: My powers. They're gone. What about Antonio, what is he going to do?
[Julieta grabs the medicine box and realizes Mirabel is not here]
Julieta: Mirabel? Mirabel! Where’s Mirabel? Where is she?! Mirabel!
Agustín: Mirabel? Mirabel!
[The Madrigal family starts to panic that she left until Mirabel sadly walks away to the cracked mountains]

[The next morning, The Madrigal family and the townsfolk of Encanto are searching for Mirabel]
Luisa: Mirabel? Mirabel!
[The town kids searched for her and felt sad]
Cecilia: They haven't found her yet? [Juancho and Alejandra nod sadly]
[Cut to Julieta and Agustín calling for Mirabel in the forest]
Julieta and Agustín: Mirabel! Mirabel!
[Cut to Félix and Dolores using her sound waves to find Mirabel]
Félix: Mirabel?!
[Abuela finds the fabric of Mirabel's dress in the thorn of the branch to Mirabel who was releasing stress and crying at the river where Abuelo Pedro died during the war and Abuela finds Mirabel sobbing]
Abuela: [sadly] Mirabel.
Mirabel: I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt us. I just wanted... to be something I'm not.
[Mirabel cries a bit more and Abuela sits besides Mirabel in the river when she looks back in the river where she lost Pedro]
Abuela: I’ve never been able to come back here... This river is where we given our miracle.
Mirabel: Where Abuelo Pedro?
Abuela: [sighs] I thought we would have a different life. I thought I would be a different woman...

Bruno: She didn't do this! Whoa! She didn't do this! I gave her a vision! It was me! I was, like, "Go!" and she was, like, [blows raspberry] She only wanted to help! I don't care what you think of me, but if you're too stubborn to... [gets hugged by Abuela] To...
Abuela: Brunito.
Bruno: I feel like I missed something important.
Mirabel: Come on!
[Bruno gets kissed by Abuela and brings them to the horse]
Bruno: What... What's happening? Where are we going?
Mirabel: [exhales] Home.


  • There's a little magic in all of us ...almost all of us.
  • Magical House. Magical Family.
  • Meet la familia Madrigal. where all are magical... except one.


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