Emily Blue

American singer-songwriter

Emily Blue (born Emily Caroline Otnes 28 June 1994), American singer of Norwegian descent.

Emily Blue performing in 2013


  • Music is like food. It is necessary for me to stay alive. It is a fundamental part of being a human being. It is sustenance, full of different flavors, full of culture and beauty... I also just really love food, so, this is my analogy, I guess.
    • Champaign-Urbana Smile Politely, 2016
  • "We’re all living double lives: There’s the skin we wear on the surface, and then the one we keep to ourselves – the part of us that indulges in curiosities and fantasies we wouldn’t dare admit to the world, let alone ourselves.
  • I enjoy strategizing and planning releases as packages, not just throwing them out willy nilly. But honestly, in today's music culture, every form of expression becomes valid if you give it your authentic effort.

Song lyrics

  • Men will tell you what you are
    From the day you are born
    ‘til the day when your heart stops beating
    They give you their names
    • "Boys" (Another Angry Woman; 2016)
  • He don’t know how the devil comes
    Right out under the midday sun
    How he hungers for a way to make control
    How he’d throw my body down
    How I’ll never make a sound
    How he’s waiting around the corner
    • "Sidewalk Devil" (Another Angry Woman; 2016)
  • The rules I want to break
    The games I love to play
    I know I shouldn't say
    It's burning up my time
    • "Rico Acid" (Blackberries // Rico Acid; 2017)
  • We come together
    Baby, can you feel it?
    We're all torn up inside
    • "Microscope" (single; 2018)
  • You've got to know your power
    • "Dum Blonde" (*69; 2018)
  • It's midnight in Vegas
    And oh, I want to be famous
    And oh, I'm willing to get it just right for you
    That's why I'm spread on the bed tonight
    I'm feeling so dead inside
    • "Daddy" (Emily Blue on Audiotree Live, 2019)
  • I make a lot of bad decisions
    • "Bad Decisions" (single, 2019)
  • I have to know what I'm doing
    I don't know what I'm doing
    Not gonna lie to you
    No idea what I'm doing right now
    • "Whip Cream" (*69 Voicemails, 2019)
  • When I wear the crown
    You bow down!
    • "Trump." (single, 2020)

About Emily Blue

  • "I can’t think of anyone more suited for Eurovision. She’s an LGBT artist, an absolute live performance beast, she’s drop-dead gorgeous, and her ever-changing genre-defying music would totally speak to all sub-fandoms. She’s made of the same material as Eurovision winners."
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