Emilio Massera

Argentine military officer (1925-2010)

Emilio Eduardo Massera (19 October 19258 November 2010) was an Argentine Naval military officer, and a leading participant in the Argentine coup d'état of 1976. In 1981, he was found to be a member of P2 (also known as Propaganda Due, a clandestine Masonic lodge involved in Italy's strategy of tension). Many considered Massera to have masterminded the junta's Dirty War against political opponents, which resulted in nearly 13,000 deaths and disappearances, according to official records. Human rights groups put the toll closer to 30,000.

Emilio Massera


Obituary, The Economist, 27 November 2010, p. 98Edit

  • Words perturb our powers of reason. The only safe words are our own.
  • Responsible, but not guilty.
    • After being convicted of murder, torture and false imprisonment.

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