Elmo Saves Christmas

television special

Elmo Saves Christmas is a 60-minute fantasy comedy television special released on PBS on December 2, 1996. It was released to VHS that same year. Inspired by the 1892 short story "Christmas Every Day" by William Dean Howells, Elmo wishes for Christmas to occur every day, only to be taken to the future to see the adverse consequences of his wish. The program was filmed in Sesame Street's usual home, the Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York City. Footage from the film It's a Wonderful Life also appears in the program.


Zoe: Oh, I hope it snows. I hope it snows!
Baby Bear: Mmm, mmm! Christmas! (singing) Porridge roasting on an open fire!
Telly: Yeah, yeah, but chestnuts too!
Zoe: Oh, I love the Christmas tree!
Baby Bear: Yeah! And I love the toys under the twee!
Zoe: Yeah!
Telly: Oh, yeah! You know what? I wish it was Christmas every day!
Zoe: Me, too!
Baby Bear: Me too!
Maya Angelou: Hold on! Hold on. Christmas every day?
Zoe: Yeah!
Baby Bear: Yeah!
Maya: Didn't Elmo ever tell you the story about the time he saved Christmas and then almost lost it again?
Telly: How did he do that?
Zoe: Yeah, tell us, please!
Baby Bear: Yeah, tell us!
Maya: Well, this is a very Christmasy story. It all began on a Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.

[The scene transitions to Sesame Street as the title, "Elmo Saves Christmas" appears on the screen and then it shows the citizens of Sesame Street walking while holding their presents and then to Bob]
Bob: Merry Christmas, Big Bird!
Big Bird: Oh, Merry Christmas!
[The crowd gets together, start of "It's Christmas Again"]
Bob: Hang a star upon the tree
All: It's Christmas again
Big Bird: Candy canes for you and me
All: (singing) It's Christmas again
All: With jingle bells
and pine tree smells
and peace on Earth to men.
All: So wave the turkey leg on high
Hooray for mince and pumpkin pie
And Santa Claus up in the sky
It's Christmas again
Mr. Handford: There you go.
Elmo: These cookies look delicious, Mr. Handford.
Mr. Handford: Great
Elmo: Thank you.
Mr. Handford: And merry Christmas, Elmo.
Elmo: Merry Christmas to you, too! [Notices the viewer] Oh, hi! Elmo has lots of cookies to put near the chimney for Santa Claus! This year Elmo will definitely, definitely see Santa Claus go down the chimney and eat the cookies! Elmo won't fall asleep! No, no, no. Not like last year. Bye-bye. Gotta go home.
Cookie Monster: (singing) Dum, dum, dum. Oh, Elmo. Wait, wait, wait. Oh, those cookies too heavy For little monster like you to carry. Hey, hey-- How about me eat one cookie or two, Maybe lighten your load. Only thinking of you, of course.
Elmo: No, Cookie!
Cookie: How about half a cookie? Maybe crumbs?
Elmo: No, Cookie! These cookies are for Santa Claus.
Cookie: Oh. Oh! Why you not say so? Cookies for Santa Claus! Say no more. Case closed! Hasta luego. [He returns, wearing a Santa hat and a shredded white beard] Ho-ho-ho! Ha-ha! Me Santa Claus! Me come for cookies! Me doing matinee today. Ho-ho-ho, Ho ho! And a couple of ha-ha's.
Elmo: [Laughing] You're not Santa Claus! You’re Cookie Monster! [walks away]
Cookie: Oh, well. What the hey? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
[the music "It's Christmas Again" continues playing]
Elmo: There's smiling Christmas faces, and a lot of Christmas cheer...
Oscar: Yuck!
Which really makes me grateful that it's only once a year.
[scene shows Snuffy holding a suitcase saying "Cincinnati or Bust"]
Snuffy: So long, Bird. I'm going to Cincinnati to spend Christmas with my granny.
Big Bird: But, you mean...This is good-bye?
Snuffy: Yes, Bird. Good-bye.
Big Bird: Oh! Oh, Snuffy! Aw...
Snuffy: Oh, Bird. So long, Bird.
[Elmo walks by, balancing the mountain of cookies on the plate]
Big Bird: I'm gonna miss you, old pal.
Snuffy: Yeah. I'm gonna miss you too, Bird. A lot.
Big Bird: Oh, I'll miss you more. Christmas won't be the same without you. It'll be different. Aw, Snuffy.
Snuffy: Aw, Bird. Um, of course It's only for one day.
Big Bird: Oh. Yeah. It's just for one day?
Snuffy: Yeah. I'll be back the day after Christmas.
Big Bird: Sure, the day after Christmas! Hey! Sure. Well, have a good time, old pal.
Snuffy: Thanks, Bird. So long. And Merry Christmas!

Big Bird: Merry Christmas, Snuffy. Oh, boy. I'm gonna miss that guy.

(scene shows Grover selling Christmas trees)
Grover: Oh, buy a Christmas sapling
from a monster who is blue.
It will make you happier
and I'll be happy, too!
[A Christmas tree falls onto Grover]
Grover: Aaargh! ...While they last.
(scene shows the Furry Arms Hotel and Natasha, Humphrey and Ingrid ringing the bells)

[bells chime]

Humphrey: (singing) Ding dong, Ding dong. ding dong, ding dong
Luis: This is half of them. Now for the other half.
Elmo: Wow! Have Maria and Luis been shopping?
Luis: Are you kidding, Elmo?
Maria: We must have cleaned out Santa's Workshop!
(At Santa's workshop, the elves are producing toys)
Elves: We whistle while we work making toys for Santa's sleigh. When Christmastime is over, we get a holiday!

(scene shows the Sesame Street cast decorating the Christmas tree.)

All: With jingle bells and pine tree smells and peace on Earth to men. So wave the turkey leg on high! Hooray for mince and pumpkin pie and Santa Claus up in the sky! It's Christmas again!
Count Von Count: That's one, one Christmas tree and one Christmas! Ah-ah-ah!

(scene shows Elmo taking the cookies home, but then got exhausted and almost dropped the cookies and crashed)
Elmo: Ah, home at last. (Then Elmo collapses in exhaustion.)
(scene switches to Maya telling a story to Zoe, Telly and Baby Bear)
Maya: So Elmo went home and hung his stocking by the chimney.
Telly: With care.
Zoe: Oh, but, I got a chimney at home.
Baby Bear: Bears have radiators.
Maya: Ahem. Anyway... Elmo put out the plate of cookies from Santa...
(scene changes to Elmo watching It's A Wonderful Life)
Clarence Oddbody: I told you, I'm your guardian angel. I know everything about you.
George Bailey: You look about like the kind of angel I'd get.
Elmo: Elmo is going to sit right here and wait for Santa Claus to come down the chimney and eat the cookies! Elmo will stay up all night. Elmo will not fall asleep this year. Mm-mmm. Not Elmo.
(After several hours, Elmo eventually falls asleep and hears Santa Claus grunting)
Elmo: What? Somebody's yelling, But who?
(Elmo gets off his chair to find out. He sees Santa's boots.)
Elmo: Oh! Santa?
Santa: Yes! Get me outta here.
Elmo: Ooh ooh! It's Santa Claus! Stuck in the chimney! Don't worry, Santa! Elmo will pull you out. Umm, let's see.
Elmo: (as he tries to rescue Santa) Can you move to the left a little bit? Aaaagggghhh! Ack! (crashes)
Santa: Foot! Pull the foot!
Elmo: Aaaagggghhh! Come on, come on.
(Then Santa comes down)
Elmo: It's him! It's him! Santa Claus!
Santa: Yeah, it's me. I got millions of toys to deliver and I get stuck in a chimney. You know how long I've been going down chimneys?
Elmo: No.
Santa: Since before you were born, and I never get stuck. Never. This sack, It's too big. Lightning!
Lightning: Hi.
Elmo: Ooh! Elmo's got a reindeer for Christmas! Yay!
Santa: No, son. He's one of mine. A reindeer-in-training and a stowaway. What's the story, Lightning?
Lightning: Gee whiz, sir. I just wanted to ride in your sleigh to see how it feels. I know I'm gonna pull it someday. If a reindeer gets hurt, I could fill in. I'm fast! I'm strong!
Santa: You're young and you're grounded!
Lightning: Aw, gee!
Santa: Sonny boy, I could have been stuck In this chimney all night. Then, what would've happened? Then there would have been no Christmas because of you. As for you, Elmo...
Elmo: Uh-oh.
Santa: You are a furry little hero. When you pulled me out of that chimney, son, you saved Christmas for kids all over the world. So I’m giving you a very special Christmas present.
Elmo: Oh! Goody goody! What is it? What is it, Santa?
Santa: (as he takes out the Christmas gifts) This pink bear or this magical snow globe.
Elmo: Ooh. Elmo likes the bear.
Santa: Of course, with the globe, you get three wishes.
Elmo: What? Get outta here! Really?
Lightning: I'd go for the globe!
Elmo: Okay. Wow! How does Elmo make a wish?
Santa: Just shake it and say "Blitzen."
Elmo: Okay. Here it goes! (Shakes the snowglobe) Wish-wish-wish-wish-wish, Wish-wish-wish-wish-wish. Blitzen!
(A glass of water appears on the table)
Elmo: It works! It works!
Santa: You wished for a glass of water?
Elmo: Uh-huh.
Lightning: Why?
Elmo: Because Elmo was thirsty.
Lightning: But you could've had anything!
Elmo: A diet soda?
Santa: A castle. A kingdom!
Elmo: Yeah.
Lightning: A fire engine! A real one!
Santa: You got two more wishes, son. Don't waste them.
Elmo: Okay, Santa.
Santa: As for you, Lightning, you are on my naughty list. Up the chimney. And sit on the back of the sleigh, and I don't want a peep out of you, until we get home.
Lightning: Aw, gee.
Santa: And fasten your seat belt! I gotta go. I got chimneys to go down and toys to deliver. (He then takes some cookies)
Elmo: Elmo's mommy says if you eat too many cookies, you could get fat.
Santa: Elmo's mommy is right. Thanks, kid. (Goes up the chimney)
Elmo: Ooh ooh! Thanks for the snow globe, Santa! And Merry Christmas!

(scene switches to Maya and the others)
Telly: And that's how Elmo saved Christmas.
Zoe: The end.
Maya: No, no, no. The beginning. Remember, Elmo still had two wishes left. So that morning, Christmas morning, Elmo went outside to celebrate and to try to think of a great second wish.
Baby Bear: Oh! I'd wish for a whole swimming pool full of porridge.
Zoe: And I'd wish for more bracelets.
Telly: I'd wish for a pogo stick with chrome handles, and world peace.
(scene shows people showing their Christmas presents)
Girl: Hi. Look what I got.
Gabi: Cool. Look what I got.
Elmo: Oh! Gordon, Gordon! Guess what?
Gordon: What?
Elmo: Elmo saw Santa Claus.
Gordon: Oh. Of course you did.
Elmo: Yeah.
(Gordon gives Elmo a present)
Gordon: From Susan, Miles, and me, to you.
Elmo: Oh, thank you.
(Gordon gives Elmo a hug)
Elmo: Merry Christmas, Elmo.
Gordon: Thank you, Gordon. Merry Christmas to you too!
Carlo: Hi, Elmo.
Elmo:Oh! Hi, Carlo. Guess what?
Elmo: Elmo saw Santa Claus.
Carlo: That's nice, Elmo.
Elmo: He gave Elmo this.
Carlo: Really?
Elmo: Yeah. Guess what?
Carlo: What?
Elmo: It's magic.
Carlo: Oh yeah. I'll bet it is, Elmo. I wanted to give you this.
Elmo: Really?
Carlo: Yeah. Merry Christmas, Elmo.
Elmo: Merry Christmas, Carlo.
Carlo: Bye.
Elmo: Bye.
(Rosita comes by)
Elmo: Oh! Hi, Rosita.
Rosita: Oh hi, Elmo. I've got Christmas present for you.
Elmo: Really, what is it?
(Rosita hugs and kisses Elmo)
Rosita: Feliz navidad, amigito.
Elmo: Feliz-- Merry Christmas!
(Rosita leaves)
Elmo: Elmo loves Christmas! Everyone stays home and sings and gets toys and eats Christmas cookies with their familes! Elmo wish it was Christmas every day!
(the screen zooms close to Elmo) That's Elmo's second wish! Yeah! From now on, Elmo wants it be Christmas every day. Every day, starting right away. (as he shakes his magical snowglobe) Wish-wish-wish-wish-wish, Wish-wish-wish-wish-wish. BLITZEN!
(the scene creates a whirl effect) Where's Elmo's wish? Everything looks the same. Where's Christmas every day?
(Meanwhile, at the North Pole in Santa's workshop, the scene shows the elves wearing sunglasses, hats and holding brocures for vacation)
Maya: Things were quiet at Santa's workshop. The elves had finished making Christmas toys, and were planning their vacations, when suddenly...
[The Christmasometer alarm sounds and the elves look surprised]
Green Elf: Hey! What's going on?
Blue Elf: The Christmasometer is bleeping!
Orange Elf: The toy machine is going again!
Lavender Elf: What exactly does this mean?
Brown Elf: But we just had Christmas!
Blue Elf: Well, we got it again! Work stations, everyone!
(The elves start to get to work again as more toys appear)
Green Elf: Wait, wait a minute. Wait, what about my vacation?!
Orange Elf: Forget about it.
Green Elf: No way. No. Santa, Santa!
(we cut to Santa playing golf in his office. The elves enter the room)
Santa: What's going on?
Green Elf: Santa, Santa, it's Christmas again.
Santa: It can't be.
Orange Elf: It is? Did you give someone three wishes again?
Santa: That little red monster on Sesame Street: Elmo. I've gotta go talk to him. Get me a sleigh and hitch up a reindeer.
Green Elf: But they're all sleeping. Last night was tough.
Santa: It's an emergency. Who else have we got?
(Lightning appears)
Lightning: Me!
Santa: Lightning?
Orange Elf: He's small, but he's fast.
Santa: He's a kid!
Green Elf: Yeah, but he's all we got.
Lightning: Oh, please, Santa? Please, Santa? Santa, Santa, Santa! Please???
Santa: Okay.
Elves: All right!
Santa: Hitch him up.

(scene cuts to Hooper's Store where the customers, Mr. Handford, Elmo and the Count are watching It's A Wonderful Life)
George Bailey: Mary, I know what I'm going to do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year, and the year after that. I'm shaking the dust this crummy little town off my feet and I'm going to see the world!
(The channel changes to a news reports)
Announcer: We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin! We take you to Kermit the Frog for a fast-breaking news story!
Kermit the Frog: (singing) It's beginning to look a lot like... What? I'm on camera? Oh! Uh, hi-ho! Kermit the Frog here, where everyone's suddenly buying more Christmas presents! As you know, last night was Christmas Eve when kids hung up their stockings! I hung up mine. And this morning, they opened their presents! But here's the amazing news, folks. Tomorrow it will be Christmas again!
Customers: What? Christmas again?
Elmo: Ha ha ha.
Kermit: Get ready for more Christmas kids, because these folks are buying Christmas presents and shopping like crazy!
Father: Hey, frog! My kid wants a microphone! I'll give you 50 bucks for yours.
Kermit: Certainly not! This news frog’s mic is not for sale!
Father: How about 100?
Kermit: You want that wrapped?
Father: Nope.
Kermit: We now return you to It’s a Wonderful Life already in progress!
(channel changes back to It's A Wonderful Life)
George Bailey: This is a very interesting situation!
(back to the scene at Hooper's Store)
Elmo: Yay, Ha-ha-ha. Elmo got his wish. It's going to be Christmas again!
Count: Christmas again? That makes one, two Christmases! Ah-ah-ah!
Mr. Handford: Christmas again? Well, I've got some shopping to do.
(A newspaper appears on a screen saying "Xmas Again")
(scene cuts to Bob, Gordon, Carlo, Mr. Handford, Maria, Luis, Gabi and the others exchanging gifts)
Everyone: (singing) Hang the tinsel on the tree! It’s Christmas again!
Elmo: Again!
Bob, 14 Karat Soul, Gordon, Mr. Handford, Gina and two children: (singing) Candy canes for you and me! It's Christmas again!
Elmo: Again!
All: Again, again, again, again, again, again, again!
They're putting toys on Santa's sleigh! Today is just like yesterday! Cause Christmas hasn't gone away!
Elmo: It's Christmas again!

[Elmo shows the magical snowglobe close to the screen]

(screen cuts to Santa ringing the bell rings as everyone else carry presents)
Elmo: Yay! Ha-ha-ha. Christmas again makes everyone happy!
Santa: Not quite everyone.
Elmo: Oh! It's Santa Claus.
Santa: Shh! Elmo, what have you done?
Elmo: Elmo wished to have Christmas every day! Yay!
Santa: You can't have Christmas every day.
Elmo: Yes, you can.
Santa: No.
Elmo: Yes, It's easy, you have Christmas tomorrow, and then the day after that. Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Every day! Nobody has to work, or go to school...
Santa: Elmo.
Elmo: What, Santa?
Santa: If people don't work, who'll make things we need? And if kids don't go to school, how will they learn the alphabet? Christmas every day is a bad idea, Elmo. Forget about it.
Elmo: But why?
Santa: Because it's better to wait for Christmas, and have it once a year, and have a life in between. Christmas is fun, but every day is too much. (Singing) Every day can't be Christmas. That wouldn't be such a treat. You can get tired of chocolate candy when that's all you eat. Every day can't be your birthday. That wouldn't be much fun. Too many birthdays aren't half as nice as one. That you wait for… Wait for joy and recall that if every day was Christmas, there wouldn't be Christmas at all.
Elmo: But, Santa Claus! Elmo wants Christmas every day! Santa gave Elmo three wishes. They're Elmo's wishes and Elmo wished for Christmas every day.
Santa: I thought this might happen. I want you to see for yourself exactly what you've wished for. I brought you your own special sleigh, and a reindeer you know to pull it. Come over here.
(scene shows a little sleigh with Lightning pulling it)
Elmo: Lightning!
Lightning: Check it out, Elmo.
Santa: You're going for sleigh ride.
Elmo: [As Santa picks him up and puts him in the sleigh] A sleigh ride! Yay!
(scene switches to Maya telling a story to Zoe, Telly and Baby Bear)
Baby Bear: Where did Santa Claus want him to go?
Maya: To the future.
Telly: What's the future?
Maya: The future is tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after that...
Zoe: And the day after that?
Maya: That's right. You see, Lightning could take him there because he could fly very fast, Faster than time.
Telly: Whoa.
(scene switches to Santa helping Elmo get on the sleigh)
Santa: Lightning?
Lightning: Yes, sir.
Santa: I want you to fly past the morning sunrise, into the days after tomorrow so Elmo can see what Christmas will be like in springtime when it's warm and summer when it's hot and next winter at Christmastime so Elmo can really see if he really likes Christmas every day. Lightning, do this well and maybe someday you can help pull Santa's sleigh.
Lightning: Sir, yes, sir! I'll do it! I'll do it!
Santa: Got your snow globe in your backpack?
Elmo: Yes, Santa.
Santa: I'd go with you, but thanks to you, I'm going down chimneys again. Now get going.
Elmo: Giddy-up, Lightning!
Lightning: Here we go.
Elmo and Lightning: Yeee-ha! We have lift-off!
Santa: Christmas every day. Why didn't I give him the pink bear?
(scene cuts to Lightning and Elmo flying over Earth to the spring)
Maya: And so, Lightning carried Elmo out of snowy winter. Elmo looked down and saw the world getting greener and greener, until a puff of warm wind suddenly told Elmo it was springtime.
Elmo: Ha ha! This is fun.
Lightning: We're coming in on Sesame Street.
Elmo: Slow down!
Lightning: I thought I was. Where should we land?
Elmo: The park! The park!
Lightning: Hold on!
Elmo: Whee-eee-eee!

(scene cuts to the Park)
Elmo: Boy, that was some landing, lightning!
Lightning: Thank you very much, Elmo.
Lightning: Hey, look, Elmo. We made it.
Elmo: Wow! There's no snow! It's Christmas in springtime!
Lightning: Or Miami.
Elmo: Wow.
Elmo: Ooh! Elmo's never seen Christmas with so many flowers! Everyone must be very happy. Come on, Lightning.
Lightning: Okay.
(scene cuts to the stoops of 123 Sesame Street)
Count: Merry Christmas! Today makes 124 Christmases I have counted, one after the other! And you think you're having fun? It's Christmas again, and it's springtime!
Bob, Gordon and 14 Karat Soul: (singing) Cherry blossoms in the trees. It's Christmas again. Tell ladybugs and bumblebees it’s Christmas again. The birds of spring go caroling in every glade and glen. The snow has melted clean away. There's only grass for Santa's sleigh. And though it's very warm for May, it’s Christmas again!
Elmo: (as he follows Lightning) Come on.

(scene cuts to Elmo and Lightning seeing a sign on the Fix-It Shop that says "Closed for Christmas")
Lightning: Closed for Christmas.
(Then they see Maris and Luis come by with presents.)
Elmo: Whoa. Look at that. There's Maria and Luis. Hi, Maria and Luis!
Maria and Luis: Hi! Hi Elmo.
Maria: And who's this?
Elmo: This is Elmo's friend Lightning.
Lightning: Hello, Maria and Luis!
Maria: Hi!
Elmo: How come Maria and Luis aren't fixing the toasters?
Luis: Oh, we're too busy celebrating Christmas.
Maria: Yeah! Wrapping presents, unwrapping presents.
Luis: Cooking turkeys!
Maria: Eating turkeys! It's a full-time job! Who has time to work?!
(Suddenly, Elmo and Lightning hear Grover calling)
Grover: Hey, get your Christmas trees!
Elmo: Somebody's working.
(scene cuts to Grover selling Christmas trees and Mr. Johnson trying to buy one.)
Grover: Hey, ya. Get your Christmas trees for your your last Christmas tree! Get your Tannenbaums here, we deliver! Get your Christ--
Mr. Johnson: Is that the best tree you've got?
Grover: Wait, it is not only the best, sir, but the only tree I have. It has been Christmas for 124 days.
Mr. Johnson: Tell me about it.
Grover: The forests are cleaned out, but I have left this little beauty for you, sir.
Mr. Johnson: It has no needles. That's a used Christmas tree.
Grover: No, no, no. Not used, sir. Previous owned. One owner, may I add, little old lady.
Mr. Johnson: If that's all you've got, forget about it.
Grover: Wait, wait, sir. No, what I meant is, this is all I have in this size. Nobody buys the big ones, but I do have something bigger over here, but you would not be interested.
Mr. Johnson: Yes, I would! If that's all there is, I'll take it. You deliver, right?
Grover: If I'm in the area...
Mr. Johnson: You do want to sell it.
Grover: Well, I like the cash flow.
Mr. Johnson: Well?
Grover Three dollars.
Mr. Johnson: I'll take it. Follow me home.
Grover Should have said four.
Grover: Coming, sir.
(Grover tries to carry a huge Christmas tree)
Grover: (grunting) Christmas every day has got to stop!
(scene cuts to Big Bird's nest where he writes letters to Snuffy)
Big Bird: "Your best friend, Big Bird.” Well, Radar, I'm writing another letter to my best friend, Mr. Snuffleupagus. He's in Cincinnati spending Christmas Day with his granny. He's been there 124 days now. Every day, I write him the same letter because it's how I feel. "Dear Snuffy, I miss you. Your best friend, Big Bird." Just one big problem. It’s Christmas! And on Christmas Day, they don't pick up mail. I guess he'll have to read them when he gets back. If he gets back. If he can learn to read. Oh, I hope it stops being Christmas soon, Radar.
Lightning: I don't think he's having so much fun.
Elmo: But did you see all the toys Big Bird had? He'll have fun. Don't worry.
Easter Bunny: Eggs! Eggs for sale!
Lightning: What's that?
(scene cuts to the Park where the Easter Bunny, wearing a Santa hat, sells Easter eggs)
Easter Bunny: Christmas eggs! Get your Christmas eggs right here! Christmas eggs!
Elmo: Hi!
Lightning: Hello, who are you?
Easter Bunny: Why, I'm the Christmas Bunny!
Lightning: No, you're not! You’re the Easter Bunny!
Easter Bunny: Oh, yeah? Then how come I got all these here Christmas eggs?
Elmo: Those aren't Christmas eggs! Those are Easter eggs!
Easter Bunny: Shh… Shhh! Okay, okay, okay! Those are Easter eggs and I'm the Easter Bunny. But it's usually my season, and it's still Christmas! I gotta move these here eggs! Whaddya say, little fella? How ‘bout a lovely Easter egg for a Christmas present? Oh, it makes a very unique gift!
Elmo: Really?
Easter Bunny: [Singing] Buy your friends an Easter egg for Christmas! Easter eggs are useful as can be! Take your Christmas money to your local bunny and you can lay an egg beneath the Christmas tree! Easter eggs no longer just for Easter, now that we got Christmas every day! It's the universal gift! So give a pal a lift and buy a Christmas Easter egg today!
(Then some customers come)
Female Customer #1: But what do you do with them?
Easter Bunny: What can you do with them, huh? Uh…
Elmo: You hide it!
Easter Bunny: Yeah! And you can roll them on the White House lawn.
Female Customer #2: Really? What else?
Easter Bunny: What else can you do? You could make a nose with it! You could smell a rose with it! You could touch your toes with it! You could even pose with it! (several pictures of the Easter Bunny with an Easter egg are snapped.) You could bake a pie with it! You could make an eye with it! You could name it Fred! HIII, FREEEEDD!!! Or break it on your head! Or if you have the time and get the chance, you can give them tiny skirts and teach them how to dance! Un, deux, trois! (One, two, three)
Le can-can!
(Three Easter eggs with tutus dance the can-can and the Easter Bunny dances along)
Hens: Now don't forget who made them (Bawk, bawk!)
We're the hens who laid them (Bawk, bawk, bawk, bawk!)
Easter Bunny: So give your friends an Easter egg for Christmas!
Hens: For Christmas!
Easter Bunny: We only got a few, so don't delay!
Hens: Don't delay!
Easter Bunny: Here's the chance, so grab it! See your local rabbit...
Easter Bunny and hens: And buy a lovely Easter Egg for Christmas today!
Easter Bunny: Ha-cha!
Customers: Okay, how many?
Elmo: Bye, Mr. Easter Bunny!
Customers: I'll take 20.
Lightning: See you, Mr. Easter Bunny!
Easter Bunny: Bye, little guys!
Elmo: Oh boy, oh boy! Christmas in springtime is fun!
Lightning: Yeah.
Elmo: Everything is going great. Christmas every day is wonderful!
Lightning: Sure is.
Elmo: Oh, Lightning, Now Elmo wants to see Christmas in summer!
Lightning: Okie-dokie, Elmo. Let's go!
Elmo: Yeah!

(scene cuts to Lightning and Elmo flying over Earth to the summer)

Maya: And the sleigh flew from spring, when it was just warm, to summer, when it gets really hot.
Elmo: Where we going, Lightning?
Lightning: How about the Fourth of July?
Elmo: Christmas on the Fourth of July! Yay!!
(scene changes to Santa's workshop where Santa shows the elves a stuffed cow with rabbit ears.)
Santa: What's this supposed to be?
Brown Elf: It's a cow.
Lavender Elf: Yeah. It’s a cow.
Santa: Cows don't have rabbit ears. Cows have horns.
Orange Elf: What do you want from us? We've worked for months without a break!
Green Elf: We get tired! We make mistakes!
Santa: Put horns on these cows!
Orange Elf: Forget about it! I quit!
Lavender Elf: There's no time. They need toys faster than we make them.
Santa: Then let's call it something else.
Brown Elf: How about Moo-Bunny?
Lavender Elf: Yes, Moo-Bunny.
Santa: Send out these Moo-Bunnies immediately.
Green Elf: Now how about our break?
Santa: You got five minutes.
(all the elves take a nap on Santa)
Blue Elf: (as he shows Santa another stuffed animal. A rabbit with cow horns) What do you make of this, sir?
Santa: It's a Cabbit.
(scene cuts to Sesame Street where people are decorating the brown, dry Christmas tree with American flags)
Count: 193. Happy Fourth of July. I have counted 193 straight Christmases on Sesame Street.
(scene cuts to The Park)
Elmo: Slow down! Slow down!
Lightning: Hold on!
Elmo and Lightning: Whoa! (crashes)
Lightning: Well, that landing wasn't so bad.
Elmo: But it wasn't good.
Lightning: Look!
Elmo: It's Christmas in summertime!
(scene cuts the yard where Bob, Gina, two children and 14 Karat Soul unenthusiastically march down the street and they blow kazoos)
Crowd: Happy Independence Day! it's Christmas again! Let the marching music play! It’s Christmas again! So ring the bells and sing noels to tell the minute men. The stars and stripes are waving high. The fireworks are in the sky.

And on this fourth day of July...

Bob: It's Christmas again!
(Elmo finish the song with la-la-la-la, as he and Lightning march towards the Fix-It Shop)

Elmo: Boy! Elmo likes Christmas on the 4th of July. Christmas every day is fun!
Lightning: But look at all those toasters!
Elmo: Wow! Something tells Elmo that Maria and Luis still aren't working.
(Maria, Luis, and Gabi arrive tiredly)
Elmo: Hi! Maria, Gabi and Luis are still celebrating Christmas, huh?
Maria: Yeah, same old. Same old.
Luis: We've been eating turkey and watching It’s a Wonderful Life for six months! Not working in the shop because it's Christmas.
Maria: The work is really piling up.


Elmo: Yeah, 'cause it's always Christmas!
Luis: You know, I remember before it was always Christmas. We'd open up the shop in the morning, and we'd wave hi to everybody going by.
Maria: Yeah, they'd bring us stuff to fix and we'd fix it! We worked!
Elmo: But Maria, Christmas, Christmas is fun!
Maria: I'M SICK OF HAVING FUN, ELMO! I want to fix toasters! I’m gonna fix one right now!
(when Maria tries to fix a waffle iron...)
Luis: That's a waffle iron.
Maria: I know that!
Elmo: [whispering] Lightning, maybe Christmas every day doesn't make people as happy as Elmo thought.
Lightning: You said it. I didn't.
Maria: This is a toaster!
Maria: (after dropping several machines) We'll never catch up.
Mr. Johnson: OH! OH! I was afraid of that! You're all out of Christmas trees!
Grover: Oh, no no no, sir. It's true. I mean, there is a worldwide Christmas tree shortage, meaning we have used up all the Christmas trees, but I do still have a highly attractive... Tree... uh, for sale.
Mr. Johnson: W-where is it? I don't see it.
Grover: (as he shows Mr. Johnson a Christmas coat rack) How's that? Aha!
Mr. Johnson: That? That's not a Christmas tree! That's a coat rack!
Grover: To the jaded eye, yes, but watch.
(the star lights up)
Grover: Aha! Voilà! A Christmas tree.
Mr. Johnson: But...
Grover: If you squint and turn your head, kind of cock your head like that, it almost looks like a hemlock, sir. And also, you have a special feature here, you can use it to hang your coat on, like mine.
(Grover knocks down the coat rack and it lands on Mr. Johnson)
Mr. Johnson: Ow! Oh! I wish it would stop being Christmas every day!
Grover: You can say that again.
Grover: I thought you would meant that again.

(scene cuts to Big Bird's nest where's he's watching "It's A Wonderful Life")
George Bailey: Merry Christmas!
Woman: Merry Christmas, George!
Big Bird: Oh, guys! See what I mean? There's never anything else on TV. [Turns off the TV]
Lightning: Well, you wanna go for a sleigh ride?
Big Bird: Nah, I'll take a snow check. Some other time maybe. You know, I've written enough letters to Snuffy. Now I'm gonna call him at his granny's house.
Elmo: Big Bird really misses Snuffy, huh?
Big Bird: Yeah.
Elmo: At least you have all these toys.
Lightning: Yeah.
Big Bird: It's not the same. So if you'll excuse me, guys.
Elmo: O.K., Big Bird.
Elmo: Come on, Lightning.
Lightning: Okay.
(Elmo and Lightning leave)
Big Bird: Gee, it would be nice hearing Snuffy's voice again.
(Big Bird tries to call Snuffy)
Snuffy: [Voicemail] Hello. We’re not here right now. Please leave a message after the beep.
Big Bird: Oh, rats, it's the answering machine. Hi, Snuffy! It’s me, your old pal Big Bird! I sure wish I could talk to you in person, but I guess I'll have to leave you a little message. I sure do miss you, Snuffy. I wish Christmas would end. I've got lots of presents, but not the one I want most! (singing ) I don't want anything that you can pull on a string. All I want for Christmas is you. Some jacks and a ball wouldn't please me at all. All I want for Christmas is you. I don't need some crayons or an automobile. Just a shaggy person who can feel what I feel. A necktie is neat and shoes are a treat, but they can't make me smile when I'm blue. Don't give me a picture book to color and trace. Don't buy me a rocket ship that goes into space. All I need’s a buddy with a smile on his face. All I want for Christmas is you. (Starts dancing) Uh, you can't see it, Snuffy, but I'm doing a little dance. I'm so happy I'm talking to you, but I've never danced on the telephone before. Now I'm dancing in little circles. Now I'm doing a little soft shoe. (Resumes singing) A necktie is sweet and shoes are a treat, but they can't make me smile when I'm blue. I don't need a hula hoop, a top, or a ball. Don't give me a cuckoo clock to hang on the wall. All I want is Snuffy who's my best friend of all. All I want for Christmas is you. All I want for Christmas is you. All I want for Christmas is you! (Moans sadly) Six months and you're still in Cincinnati. Well, bye now, Snuffy. [Hangs up the phone] I wish it would stop being Christmas, so I could see Snuffy again!
(scene cuts to Elmo and Lightning)
Elmo and Lightning: Oh!
Lightning: Gee, Elmo, maybe Christmas every day wasn't such a great idea. People seem to be getting sick of it.
Oscar: (as he pops out of the trash can) Hey! Speak for yourself there, Bambi-face!
Elmo: Oscar!
Oscar: I love it! An ugly pile of toasters by the Fix-it Shop, trash full of wrapping paper and worn-out Christmas trees, and nothing on television but It's a Wonderful Life. Yeah, it's a “Bah, Humbug” Christmas every day.
Elmo: Oh, yeah, Oscar? Just you wait until it's the real Christmas again, with snow! Everyone will be happy. You'll see.
Oscar: Hmm, I sure hope not. (He slams the trash can lid)
Elmo: Oh, yeah?
Elmo: Come on, Lightning. Take Elmo to the day when it's really Christmas.
Lightning: Okay.

(scene cuts to Lightning and Elmo flying over Earth to the following December 25)
Maya Angelou: And so Lightning took Elmo ahead in time to December 25, the day that we call Christmas. Elmo hoped people would be in more of a Christmas spirit on that day.
(scene cuts to Sesame Street when it's snowy)
Elmo: We're landing! We're landing!
Lightning: We've landed.
Elmo: Oh. Where was the crash?
Lightning: Well, I'm getting better. [Gasps] But look at Sesame Street!
(Scene shows all the businesses being shut down and boarded up, surrounded by garbage bags, wrapping paper, and worn out decorations while a dark and gloomy version of the Sesame Street theme song plays)
Elmo: Oh, no! What happened to Sesame Street?
(Scene shows the Furry Arms Hotel and Gina's Day Care Center still closed)
Carlos: Hi, guys.
Benny Rabbit: Ah-Choo!
Lightning: There's snow on the ground. It sure looks like the real Christmas.
Elmo: But it doesn't feel like it. Where's the decorations? Where's the lights? [They meet the Count] Merry Christmas, Count.
Count: Likewise. Ditto.
Lightning: Well, this is the real Christmas Day, isn't it?
Count: Ah, yes. December 25, once the official Christmas Day. This year, just Christmas number 365 and I am tired of counting them!
Elmo: But you love to count, Count!
Count: My friend, the Count is Christmassed out. So is Sesame Street. Come. I show you.
(Scene cuts to the Bob, several kids, Gina, and 14 Karat Soul hoarsely singing)
Carol Singers: (hoarsely) Hang the star upon the tree, it's Christmas again.
Candy canes for you and me, it's Christmas again.
With jingle bells and pine tree smells
And-- (they start coughing)
Bob: I'm sorry. We sang so much, we lost our voices.
(they trail off because they've lost their voices after singing for a whole year)
Elmo: No lights, no decorations, no singing. Elmo thought this Christmas would be special.
Count: My little red chum, when it is Christmas every day, Christmas is no longer special. Too bad. I loved counting Christmas cards. (sighs and walks away)
Grover: Christmas trees for sale! Only 25 cents! [The lot is completely empty] Christmas trees for sale! Only 25 cents!
Mr. Johnson: Christmas trees for sale, only 25 cents?
Grover: You heard me, sir.
Mr. Johnson: Where are they?
Grover: Where are what?
Mr. Johnson: Where are the Christmas trees?!
Grover: What Christmas trees?
Mr. Johnson: The ones you're selling for only 25 cents!
Grover: I am not selling Christmas tree for only 25 cents. Do you not know they are an endangered species? Which is to say, they are all gone, kaput, we've used them up. Bye-bye, Christmas trees. Adios, Christmas trees...
Mr. Johnson: But you said, "Christmas trees for sale, only 25 cents!"
Grover: Of course I did.
Mr. Johnson: Then where are the trees????
Grover: Oh, sir, you have misunderstood me. Quel malentendu! I am out of trees, So I am selling this beautiful sign "Christmas trees for sale," for just 25 cents.
Mr. Johnson: THE SIGN?
Grover: I gotta sell something. I was born to sell.
Mr. Johnson: But... I... why... you...
Grover: Okay, fine. Twenty cents. And I'll throw in some goodwill.
(Mr. Johnson groans and faints)
Grover: Fifteen cents. Tough customer.
(Scene cuts to Luis boarding up the Fix-It Shop and putting up the "Out of Business" sign on the door It's a Wonderful Life still playing on television and Bert and Ernie watching it in surprise)
George Bailey: Bert, what's happened to this house? Where's Mary? Where's my kids?
Ernie the cabby: Watch him, Bert!
George Bailey: Bert! Ernie! What's the matter with you two guys?! You were here on my wedding night! You, both of you, stood out there on the porch and sung to us, don't you remember?
Big Bird: Oh, Snuffy's been spending Christmas Day at Granny’s for a whole year. Every night, I hope that Christmas will end and he'll come back, but every morning, I wake up and it's still Christmas!
Maria: I know how you feel, Big Bird.
Big Bird: I'm beginning to believe I'll never see him again, never! (sobbing)
Elmo: What's wrong with Big Bird?
Big Bird: Nothing. I'm just never gonna see my best friend again. (sobbing)
Elmo: What's that? [Sees Luis boarding up the Fix-it Shop’s door] What's Luis doing?
Maria: (sadly) He's closing up the Fix-it-Shop. For good!
Elmo: No! You aren't gonna close the Fix-it-Shop. Elmo didn't want that.
Maria: (sobbing) Well, we can't work on Christmas and since it's Christmas every day… we can't work at all!
Lightning: But what will you do?
Maria: It's a very good question.
Luis: Well, that's that. Goodbye, Fix-it-Shop.
(Big Bird still sobbing)
Maria: Come up to our place for a cup of birdseed, Big Bird. We'll talk some more.

Elmo: Elmo thought Christmas everyday would make people happy, Lightning, but it's making them sad. The Fix-it-Shop is closed, Big Bird is crying, nobody is celebrating. And the Count says Christmas isn't special anymore because it's every day. Maybe Santa's right. (Singing) Everyday can't be Christmas. That wouldn't be such a treat.

You can get tired of chocolate candy when that's all you eat. Everyday can't be your birthday. That wouldn't be much fun. Too many birthdays aren't half as nice as one. That you wait for…

Elmo and Lightning: Wait for joy and recall
Elmo: That if every day was Christmas...
(as he picks up some tinsels) There wouldn't be Christmas at all. (Elmo sighs sadly)
(Santa in his baseball cap and summer clothes arrives)
Santa: Seems to me I heard that song before.
Elmo and Lightning: Santa!
Lightning: What are you doing here?
Elmo: Yeah.
Santa: I'm telling all my reindeer in person. Lightning, I've decided to retire.
Lightning: You mean you're not going to deliver Christmas presents anymore?
Santa: That's right. I'm getting out of the business, and moving to Florida.
Elmo: But, there'll be no Santa Claus, Santa!
Lightning: Yeah.
Santa: Elmo, I can't carry bags of toys every night. I'm a senior citizen. Besides, nobody seems to care about Christmas anymore.
Orange Elf: Yo, Santa! Come on, man, we're missing the peak tanning hours.
Santa: I'm coming. I gotta go. The elves are waiting for me.
Elmo: Wait wait, Santa. What should Elmo do about Christmas every day?
Lightning: Yeah.
Santa: I wish I could help you, but... I don't have a wish. If somebody had a wish... (as he winks to the audience) They could make Christmas the way it used to be. Hold the sleigh!

Elmo: (looks at backpack) A wish. Who has a wish?
Lightning: You do! The snow globe, remember? You have one more wish.
Elmo: Oh, yeah, the snow globe. It's in Elmo's backpack.
Lightning: Get it quick, Elmo.
Elmo: Ahh! Elmo almost forgot!
Elmo: Ah! Elmo almost forgot! Okay, everybody, hey! Elmo has a wish! Hey! Everybody! Come on! Come on, come on! Elmo has great news. Santa gave Elmo this magic snow globe. Elmo used it to wish for Christmas every day.
(Maria and Luis, Big Bird, Ernie and Bert, Gordon, Bob and Gina, the carolers, the Count, the Toucan, a postal worker, Oscar and Grundgetta (from behind the trash area) come out to see Elmo make his third wish)
Everyone else: What? (they react in a surprised expression)
Gina: (among the surprise) Elmo, that was you?! I can't believe this!
Elmo: No, no, no. But Elmo has one wish left. Elmo was going to wish for rollerblades, but now Elmo wishes that Christmas will be just like it used to be: one day a year!
Oscar: NO! Go for the rollerblades!
Maria: (furiously) QUIET, OSCAR! (calmly) Elmo, wish for Christmas once a year, please!
Count: Yes, please! That's two pleases.
Bob: [hoarse whisper] Please?
Count: Three pleases.
Big Bird: Please, Elmo, so I can see Snuffy again?
Everyone else: Please? Elmo, please?! Please?! (everyone else keep on begging Elmo to wish for Christmas once a year again as the Count counts all the pleads)
Elmo: OKAY, OKAY, OKAY! Here Elmo goes. Umm, Elmo wishes that everything on Sesame Street was the way it used to be, when Christmas was only once a year! (Shakes the snow globe) Wish-wish-wish-wish-wish, Wish-wish-wish-wish-wish.
(The snow globe flies out of his hands and breaks, disintegrating into dust. The crowd dramatically gasps as some of the dust starts to blow away in the wind.)
Everyone else: Oh!
Elmo: (frantically) BLITZEN, BLITZEN, BLITZEN! Oh, no! (close to tears) Now Elmo's wish won’t come true!
Luis: It's Christmas... forever!
Big Bird: Oh, goodbye, Snuffy.
(The crowd groans and sadly leaves and Oscar and Grundgetta go back into Oscar’s trash can as all looks lost)
Elmo: But Elmo’s sorry! This is terrible! Now what do we do now, Lightning?
Lightning: Well, I don't know. All I know how to do is pull a sleigh.
(Suddenly, Elmo remembers Lightning's idea.)
Elmo: That's it!
Lightning: What's it?
Elmo: Well, maybe we can go back in the sleigh!
Lightning: Back to where?
Elmo: Back to when Elmo pulled Santa out of the chimney, before Elmo wished for Christmas every day!
Lightning: Yeah! If I can fly us here, I can fly us back. Let's do it, Elmo!
Elmo: And this time, Elmo will choose the pink bear!

(scene cuts to Lightning and Elmo flying over Earth back to the starting Christmas Eve)
Maya Angelou: And so lightning took Elmo back. Back, back, through fall, and summer, and spring, to the Christmas Eve when it all started, when Elmo pulled Santa out of the chimney.
Elmo: Come on! Come on!
(scene changes to Elmo pulling Santa out of the again and then Santa coming down the chimney)
Elmo: It's him! It's him! Santa Claus!
Santa: Yeah, it's me. I got millions of toys to deliver and I get stuck in a chimney. You know how long I've been going down chimneys?
Elmo: No.
Santa: Since before you were born. And I never get stuck. Never! This sack! It's too big! What's this?
Santa: Lightning!
Lightning: It worked! We're back to where we started.
Both: Yeah!
Lightning: It was your idea, Elmo! You saved Christmas!
Santa: That's right, Elmo. You saved Christmas. When you pulled me out of that chimney, you saved Christmas for kids all over the world. So I'm gonna give you a very special Christmas present! This pink bear or this magical snow globe.
Elmo: Elmo will try the pink bear.
Santa: Or better yet... (Takes the Moo-Bunny out of his sack) This... Moo-Bunny!
Elmo: Oh! Elmo wants the Moo-Bunny! Oh, thank you, Santa!
Santa: You're welcome. As for you, Lightning...
Lightning: Uh-oh!
Santa: I have a feeling you've got the right stuff.
Lightning: Really, sir?
Santa: I want you to sit up front with me, and I'll teach you to be one of Santa's reindeer.
Lightning: Oh, boy! Oh, thank you, sir!
Santa: Maybe next year, you'll be pulling the sleigh. Now, get up that chimney!
Lightning: All right, sir. Thanks, Elmo. Bye-bye!
Elmo: Goodbye, Lightning. Thanks for the ride. Come back see Elmo.
Lightning: I will, every year.
Santa: Fasten your seatbelt! I gotta go.
Elmo: Yeah.
Santa: I got chimneys to go down and toys to deliver. Goodbye, Elmo.
Elmo: Goodbye, Santa.
Santa: (as he takes some of the cookies again) You know, this job is not half bad. I think I almost retired.
Elmo: Bye-bye, Santa!
Santa: Good-bye, Elmo! Merry Christmas!
Elmo: (as he watches Santa leave) Merry Christmas!
(scene switches to Maya Angelou as she has finished the story)
Maya: And that's how Elmo saved Christmas, and learned something, too. He learned you cannot have Christmas every day.
Baby Bear: I'll say!
Maya Angelou: Now, you know you can keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year long.
Maya: (pointing to her chest) Here, in your heart.
(a horn plays "Keep Christmas With You (All Through the Year"))
Telly: Yeah. If you think about it, and feel it!
Zoe: I think I feel it. I think I feel it!
Baby Bear: Yeah, me too!
Maya Angelou: I feel it. You too? And you too?

(scene changes to Bob helping Prairie Dawn decorate the Christmas tree)
Bob: Keep Christmas with you all through the year.
(scene shows Maria, Luis and Gabi)
Maria, Luis and Gabi: When Christmas is over, you can keep it near.
(then 14 Karat Soul)
14 Karat Soul: Think of this Christmas Day,
(then Gina and some children join in)
Gina and some children and 14 Karut Soul: When Christmas is far away.
(Gordon, Mr. Handford and Carlo come along)
Gordon, Mr. Handford and Carlo: Keep Christmas with you all through the year.
(then Zoe, Telly and Baby Bear)
Zoe, Telly and Baby Bear: When Christmas is over, save some Christmas cheer.
(everyone gathers together in the yard around the big Christmas tree)
All: These precious moments hold them very dear,
(scene shows a bunch of kids (including Gabi) close up)
Children: And keep Christmas with you, all through the year.
(The music pauses, and the scene cuts to Big Bird standing near the Fix-it-Shop, alone and sad until Snuffy rounds the corner)
Big Bird: Snuffy?
Snuffy: Bird!
Big Bird: Oh, Snuffy!
Snuffy: Merry Christmas, Bird! [Hugs him with his trunk]
Big Bird: Oh, Snuffy, old pal! What are you doing here? I thought you were spending Christmas with your grandma in Cincinnati.
Snuffy: I was, Bird! But guess what! She came here instead!
Big Bird: Oh, well, I'm so glad. I'd hate for us to be apart even for one day!
Snuffy: Oh, me too, Bird! Merry Christmas, Bird!
Big Bird: Oh, Merry Christmas, Snuffy. Come on.
(The music continues, and the scene cuts to the entire Sesame Street cast (along with other children and adults, Herry, an Anything Muppet monster, Joey and Davey Monkey, Bert and Ernie, Natasha, Humphrey, Ingrid, Rosita, the Count, Grover and Cookie Monster) convening around a Christmas tree in the yard and singing the final chorus.)
All: Christmas means the spirit of giving,
Peace and joy to you.
Big Bird and Snuffy: The goodness of loving, the gladness of living.
These are Christmas, too.
All: So keep Christmas with you all through the year.
When Christmas is over, save some Christmas cheer.
These precious moments hold them very dear,
(Then, Elmo joins the rest of the cast convened around a Christmas tree in the yard and sings the last line.)
Elmo: And keep Christmas with you, all through the year.
All (including Elmo): Yes, keep Christmas with you, all through the year!
Elmo: Merry Christmas, everybody!
(Everyone cheers, then the credits follow with the medley of "All I Want for Christmas is You", "It's Christmas Again" and "Give Your Friend an Easter Egg for Christmas" playing over as the Sesame Street cast celebrate, then it fades to black.)

(scene then fades to a footage of "It's A Wonderful Life")
Zuzu: Look, Daddy! Teacher says, Every time a bell rings, An angel gets his wings.
George Bailey: That's right. THAT'S RIGHT! Atta boy, Clarence!
(The TV channel changes to Elmo with his magical snowglobe.)
Elmo: Have a Merry Christmas!
(the video ends with a fade to black.)

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