Elliott from Earth

British-French-American animated television series

Elliott from Earth (2021–present) is an animated television series created by Guillaume Cassuto, Mic Graves and Tony Hull for Cartoon Network. It premiered in the United Kingdom on March 6, 2021. In the United States, it aired from March 29 to April 9, 2021.





Part 1 [1.1]

Elliott: Come on! [rushes to the transport sphere]
Frankie: Elliott, wait! [grabs his arm] We can't just go, leave Earth! We don't know anything about that thing! How it got here, who sent it, or where it's gonna take us!
Elliott: Exactly. Don't you want some answers?
Frankie: But... I-I...
Elliott: Besides, we're pretty good at moving, right?
Frankie: Yeah, I guess we are.

Part 2 [1.2]

Frankie: Maybe we should get moving.
Elliott: Yeah.
[Frankie starts walking and grabs Elliott's hand]
Elliott: Uh, mum, I'm 11. [Elliott moves his arm to his body] We don't need to hold hands in public.
Frankie: Elliott, I'm 36, and we're on an alien planet. [Frankie holds Elliott's hand again] It's for my benefit, not yours.

Part 3 [1.3]

Kane: W-what are you talking about? We're not on a planet.
Elliott: We don't know. We don't know where we are. We don't even know what day it is.
Kane: It's Wednesday.
Elliott: Hm. They do have Wednesdays in space.
Kane: Of course we do. It's the 8th of Wednesday in klarch. And you're in Biosphere 1138.

Part 4 [1.4]

Frankie: [whispers] Elliott, come see!
Elliott: [gasps] It's exactly the same! [walks inside] The same as our RV from Earth.
Frankie: Yeah. [puts on her pair of eyeglasses] Just as messy. [water drops on a sink] Just as broken. And it's just what I need. [Frankie lies on a couch]
Elliott: [Elliott rushes to the window by his bed and gasps] There is one thing different...
[Camera pans out to show the Centrium]

Idiosyncratic Induction [1.5]

Hive Director: Oh, no offense... You're not a germ, are you?
Elliott: Nope. Human.
Hive Director: U-nan?
Elliott: Uh, human.
Hive Director: Whomin?
Elliott: Human.
Hive Director: Hummin?
Elliott: Human.
Hive Director: Herman?
Elliott: No, hu... Yeah.

Memory Mayhem [1.6]

Frankie: Ah, so your Mutualites give you different abilities. But what do they get out of it?
105E: Warmth. They like the heat from our circuit boards.
Frankie: Oh, like a cat on a laptop.
105E: What?
Frankie: Laptop. It's like a folding computer...
105E: No, no, what's a cat?

Developing Dilemma [1.7]

[Elliott and Frankie are at a pet store]
Frankie: Look, if you were to have a pet, it would need to be something a little less high-maintenance. Like that! [camera points to a bowl with a tiny pet]
Elliott: [gasps] Really? Oh, my gosh! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Frankie: No, I-I didn't mean that actual...
Elliott: I've never loved anything so much in my entire life.

Inadvertent Inversion [1.8]

Hive Director: I hear you're looking for something to do.
Frankie: Oh. Hive Director! Yes. How did you know?
Hive Director: Oh, it's a hobby of mine. Listening to other people's private conversations. Anyway, perhaps you could help me out today.
Frankie: Oh. Maybe I can... But you'll have to be patient with me. I'm still trying to get used to what's normal around here.
Hive Director: Oh, don't worry. Around here there's no such thing as normal.

Regurgitated Reminiscence [1.9]

Mo: I know exactly what to do.
[Elliott and Mo are running]
Elliott: I knew I could rely on you buddy! So, what's the plan?
Mo: Plan? I don't have a plan, I just like running! Helps me think!
Elliott: What? I thought we were going somewhere.
Mo: Well, we are, aren't we?
Elliott: Urgh, how's that gonna help?
[Elliott and Mo stop running]

Chaotic Clumping [1.10]

Lord Kallous: What are you two talking about?! I just want a name for the test! [slams right hand on table]
Elliott: [whispering to Mo] Tell him about the name.
Mo: We've agreed on "Archibald Trombone Jr.". High four!
[Elliott and Mo high five each other]
Elliott: We've been working on that.
Mo: We've been working on that.

Parallel Paradox [1.11]

Frankie: And for dinner tonight... whatever you want.
Elliott: Oh, uh... Can I have ice cream?
Mo: Oh! Can I have the cheese-flavoured one?
Frankie: Uh, that's frozen lasagna, but sure!

Problematic Prophecies [1.12]

Nara: I've never been in pain before, and you know what? I'm not a big fan.
Elliott: Right, so we should probably swap powers back now.
Nara: Yeah... no.
[Elliott and Mo drop to their knees on pillows]
Elliott: Noooooooooooo...
Mo: Noooooooooooo...
Nara: Where did those pillows come from?
Elliott: We knew we were gonna drop to our knees and scream, so thought we may as well make it comfortable.

Temporal Tedium [1.13]

Mo: May I present to you the bubbliest soda in the universe? It's Fizzness Time! It's actually called that.

Companion Confusion [1.14]

Elliott: It was so good! Except for all the stuff about "The One". Who would want that?
Mo: Yeah. Imagine having someone who'd keep you warm and dry, share their food with you, and catch you when you...
[Elliot and Mo fall down the stairs]

Melancholic Megalomaniac [1.15]

Lord Kallous: I don't care, nothing matters anyway. Oh, sorry about the smoke. My cape caught fire, and I can't be bothered to extinguish it. [walks out the room]

Diminishing Discourse [1.16]

Mo: Go? Where are we going?
Meteorite: We're going to your home.
Mo: Earth?
Meteorite: Negative.


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