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ElfQuest is a comic book series including several spinoffs, generally authored or edited by Wendy and/or Richard Pini, with the original being drawn by Wendy. However, while the husband-wife team maintain a hand in the editing, other authors and artists have written and/or drawn certain series.

Original Elfquest Edit

Volume 16 Edit

Bearclaw: Where you go, they want to follow. It’s “The Way.” You were wrong to let yourself be muddled by dreams. What’s real, what’s now is all that matters!
Cutter: Is it Father? You killed yourself because you couldn’t think or feel beyond the moment!
Bearclaw: You’ve killed yourself by thinking too high and too far, and by trusting too much!

Cutter:How can our race ever be united if we can’t trust each other? Humans aren't the enemy—We are, to ourselves!

Cutter: Elves? We found more elves?
Kahvi: More like we found you, pretty face.

Kahvi: Hmm… Your lifemate, eh, healer? Young… good shoulders. Do you share?

Ekuar:You look at me with pity. Why? I am free. I belong to myself now, thanks to this brave one here! Oh… he has not told you yet? Sit! Sit! It is a tale I never tire of- and I’m in it!

Ekuar: You work too hard. What do you expect of yourself.
Rayek: Everything!

Leetah: Admire… these hands? They’ve taken a life! What can heal them?

Volume 18 Edit

Scouter: Troll guts are mostly red from what I’ve seen- what color are yours, Picknose?

Volume 19 Edit

Two-Edge: The low blood cancels the high she said- and the high blood makes madness the low replied.

Two-Edge: All was even once before, and all shall be once more! Mettle against metal, troll against elf, winner take all- me, myself!

Siege at Blue Mountain Edit

Volume 4 Edit

Ekuar:Let me be a little sorry for you…*sniff*-There is no baby brownskin! What is all this scrambling for without the babies?

Volume 5 Edit

Two-Edge: Need? All who answer her needs are consumed! All who deny her needs are condemned! Games! Only games keep her off balance- and only when the rules are yours, not hers! Fool! You do not know how to play!

Kings of the Broken Wheel Edit

Volume 2 Edit

Treestump: What’s happening, Clearbrook? First Strongbow shoots down a glider… And now Rayek’s finished Kahvi! Elves are killing elves! How can it be? And how can they allow it- the spirits of all our dead kin who haunt the palace?
Clearbrook: Maybe they can’t see what happened in the world- or if they can, maybe they don’t judge!

Maggoty: “King Picknose…” Hah! Strutless, gutless, nutl
Oddbit: Not that, grandmamma! (giggle) at least not that!

Volume 3 Edit

Skywise:This is a good place to leave him… right under the moons. Mother moon is holding child moon in her arms, see? She’s telling child moon, ‘Don’t be afraid. A wolf has lived a good, long life… and has just left it.

Skywise: Some parts of death I can look at. Some parts I can’t. Some… I can’t even think about!
Cutter: I know. You don’t like it when the leaves go brown and drop off the trees, thou you know the season of New-Green always follows the Death-Sleep.
Skywise: I don’t like things to end.
Cutter: Well… even the stars make room for new stars.
Skywise: No!
Cutter: No? but the scroll of colors showed us…
Skywise: All right! Maybe stars do die, and wolves and Wolfriders too! But if I have to give my blood and bones back to the land that made me… why can’t I be the one to say when?

Volume 6 Edit

Kahvi:Differences make good sparks.

Kahvi:Look there! Ants can live anywhere! They’re tiny, but they’re survivors, like my tribe! Step in them, and they swarm back to bite you, they and their young! And sometimes the children have sharper stings than their mothers!

Volume 7 Edit

Nightfall: Strands of white blending with the red-gold…
Redlance: Means an early white cold! Our cub’s changing pelt never lies!

Volume 8 Edit

Leetah: I always believed that one day your heart would open fully. I was patient… because I thought there was time! Time enough for you to learn how to love. I never dreamed you would harm me so.
Rayek: Harm you?
Leetah: My lifemate…
Rayek: But-But I spared you seeing him age and die like an animal! You knew he would! You were with him all of eight and three years! He was just a breeze through your hair!
Leetah: He… was… my… SOUL!!

Leetah:Pain given… blood changed… the only difference lies in the why of it… There is nothing I do, it seems, that Winnowill has not already done…

Volume 9 Edit

Winnowill:A Healer is prepared to cause anguish, at first, knowing it will soon pass! But she withdrew… Just as my shame, once safely buried, erupted like a red sore! I was made to remember… and remember… and remember! Hard won, the ground I’ve gained since… Harder won than you dare dream!

Venka:It was easy when you thought we were all long dead. Can you do it now… wipe them all out, with all of them there, watching?

A Human:Shy and secret forest folk, teach me as I sleep. Which trees, next day, are mine to cut, and which are yours to keep.

Hidden Years Edit

Volume 5 Edit

Eyes High: Farewell my cub! Live…! Live…! The stars are out. Can you see them…? Look up! Do you see Skywise…? …Skywise…

Volume 6 Edit

Timmain (Narration): What are the feelings that come when you see yourself mirrored in the eyes of a higher one? Love? Peace? Acceptance? Or something else?

Haken: Cruelty? What do you think powers this new ‘paradise’ Sefra brought us to? This place where there is no magic… Where death is dealt as a greeting! Is it cruel to send the truth, Aerth? To tell the others that to survive here we too may have to deal death… and consume what we kill!

Gibra: There are many truthsm Haken.
Timmain (Narration): It was a very dim memory. But we had once been creatures like these. If my people were to survive… I must remember how to run… and eat… and sing!

Timmain (Narration): These tiny creatures… They labor and search and hunt. They flutter and twirl and hide. And yet, as the evening falls, as the sun rises… they sing. Songs of joy. Songs of being. Everything here is so precarious… That no thing is taken for granted. Water is celebrated. Seedlings are celebrated. Breeding is celebrated. Even death is celebrated. No thing here dies, that it’s passing doesn’t feed something else. In the great cycle of this world, life lays itself down to preserve life, season after season. And no greater love of life is there than this.

Haken: Our kind does not die. We build new vessels to house our spirits. Do you hear me, Guin?! WE DO NOT DIE!! We live… forever.

Volume 7 Edit

Timmain (Narration): From the songs of this world I had learned the dance of I push… you pull. But Haken had learned another dance… I push… you bend!

Kaul: I… can’t sing.
Timmain: Then keep time, old friend. Strike on the pulse of your heart, Kaul.

Volume 8 Edit

Rayek: I-I’d rather tend his wounds… than finish him off!
Venka: Too late for that, father. He knows the game… and regret is not part of it.
Rayek: He cannot run- but he can fight! Can’t you feel the rage in him, Venka? He wants to live! How can I-?
Zahntee: How can you leave him halfway in between, Rayek?

Volume 9 Edit

Sun Tourcher :One’s body need not be perfect to be whole.

Rayek (Narration, in regards to Leetah):Somehow, and believe me, I know not how, ‘when I am ready’ came to mean ‘whenever you wish!’

Sun Toucher: Do not fear the dark, child! It always passes.

Rayek:The enemy… the darkness which overwhelms, possesses, engulfs the light… was no longer a fearsome stranger to her. She faced it- and conquered! All without show, for no one’s acclaim! None but I would know.

Shards Edit

Volume 1 Edit

Winnowill:Curse you, Rayek! How dare you seek to capture my spirit by means of real love! That is cheating!”-Winnowill

Volume 2 Edit

Rayek: The scroll records past, present and future! If she can decipher it, she can track anyone, me, you- maybe even Ember!
Krim: Brrr! That’s bad!
Strongbow: That’s never! We’ll beat her- once and for all!

Mender: (singing) Oowooo! Oowooo! The tale we tell is true!/ The High Ones traveled through the stars/ and saw this world so new!
Drub: Aaarrgh! Not that again! Let’s have a decent ditty!
Drub and Flam: (Singing) When I was a young troll I had brave ambitions/ to murder my uncle, his treasure to win/ but he was the stronger, he laughed at my folly/ He’ll die of old age, his gold buried with him.
Rayek: For pity’s sake, duel your songs more sweetly!

Villager:(Upon finding the trolls’ tunnel) Curses of Threksh’t! The moles are getting big as dogs these days!

Volume 4 Edit

Grohmul Djun: Your past is affecting my present, Lady Venovel, beginning with my master builder. A faceless voice… and miraculous inventions for my citadel were all he offered. The creature, whatever he is, served me dependably- until the crystals and you- came under my roof. Now he is capricious… uncooperative. And since you share history not only with him, but with the demons who blasted my library and stole my treasure last night, I must conclude it is not my world you have entered, but yours which encroaches upon mine.

Volume 5 Edit

Old Man: Carved when my fingers weren’t crippled with the old folks scourge! Now then, I’ll just bury you out back… so the grand-babes can dig you up later… and have something to believe in…!

Volume 6 Edit

Atvon Grang: Hear me, friends…! Grohmul Djun is… Only a man! Kill him! Or he’ll kill your spirit forever!

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