Elena Ospina

Colombian painter, illustrator and cartoonist

Elena María Ospina is a Colombian painter, illustrator and cartoonist.

Quotes edit

Interview (2016) edit

  • I work a lot on environmental issues, ecology, justice, peace, equality ... because it seems important to show through caricature and humor, the imbalance that humans generate our actions.Cartoonists not fix the planet, but we propose starting points for other views.
  • Cartoon is the fun way to express opinions and communicate, that's why I like it. When I illustrate textbooks I also try to make them have humor.
  • I've been publishing professionally since the early 90's, I was lucky enough to get to work in a newspaper and that was a great school, like a second university.

Interview edit

  • My main motivation is to communicate an idea and generate a personal dialogue or with the reader around each image. I think we draw to "rethink".
  • I try by means of synthesis to tell as many things as possible, to reflect our inconsistencies and those of our society or simply to play with the absurd. It's a job that I really enjoy.
  • I value the political awakening of society and I hope that these protests are not in vain and bring changes. This is something unprecedented in our country, never before were there massive marches that lasted more than a month and also in the middle of a pandemic. There is a very complex crisis and a government that does not listen, closes in on dialogue and its only option is force. I am very concerned about the violation of Human Rights by the forces of the State… It is very serious, inadmissible in a democracy.

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