American record producer and rapper

El-P (born March 2, 1975), born Jaime Meline, is an American rapper, musician, songwriter, and record producer and co-founder of the hip-hop duo Run the Jewels with Killer Mike.

El-P (2007)


  • "I think there's something unspoken that whenever something emanates from you, you're going to get it back. And the fact is that it's emanated from a real place of friendship. I think that's translated. You can be down with a solo artist. You can be like, "I'm Ice Cube" — but you see two dudes on stage and you don't know why the fuck they're friends, you don't know how it happened and it doesn't require explanation. It allows people to feel a part of it, and they can be. At shows we see little five foot versions of us, fucking chubby white and black kids showing up with RTJ banners that they had made at their fucking house."

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