Indian Hindu saint, philosopher, and poet (1533– 26 February 1599)

Sant Eknath (Marathi pronunciation: [eknaːt̪ʰ]) (c. 1533 – c. 1599),[1] commonly known as Sant (saint) Eknath was an Indian Hindu saint, philosopher and poet. He was a devotee of the Hindu deity Krishna and is a major figure of the Warkari tradition. Eknath is often viewed as a spiritual successor to the prominent Marathi saints Dnyaneshwar and Namdev.

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  • ‘Wicked kings began to rule, and they exploited their subjects like thieves. Themselves worse than Shudras they converted people of all castes. Such being the condition ( sinful and sacrilegious) Brahmans gave up studying the scriptures; they became drunkards, served the ignominious, and fed themselves like dogs...on the leavings from the Turks’ table.’
    • quoted in Sharma, "THE FOUNDING OF MARATHA FREEDOM" [1]

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