Ekaterina Kotrikadze

Russian journalist and news presenter

Ekaterina Besikievna Kotrikadze (Georgian: ეკატერინე კოტრიკაძე, Russian: Екатерина Бесикиевна Котрикадзе), born 23 March 1984) is a Georgian-Russian journalist and media manager, host of the Dozhd TV channel and the former head of the information service of the RTVI TV channel.

Ekaterina Kotrikadze, RTVi, 2013


  • What is happening to us right now is a catastrophe. How did we end up in this hell? One person flashing nuclear weapons like keys to an expensive car took it upon himself to determine the future of my children, our children. He decided that the future of children in Russia is poverty, isolation and war.
  • Everything on Russian state TV is such a terrible hypocrisy, like they don't remember that Russia has started this invasion, and of course they don't say anything about dead children. Maybe they don't care, I don't know.
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