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Eek! the Cat

television series

Eek! the Cat (1992-1997) is an animate American/Canadian animated series created by Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp. In 1994 it was renamed Eek! Stravaganza to include episodes of The Terrible Thunderlizards.


Episode 1 MiserEekEdit

Eek!: "It never hurts to help!" - Catchphrase said just before he causes a disaster; reported in Newsweek (1993), Volume 121, Issue 1, p. 12.

Episode 14b Meat the ThunderlizardsEdit

Bill: "When does the hurting stop!" - Bill's catchphrase - utter in practically every episode after he suffers Scooter's latest invention.

Episode 23a Star TrEekEdit

Green Alien Babe: "Oh my, you're so short and fuzzy and purple, you remind me of Prince"

Eek! "If it were a trap the extra would have been blasted by now!"

Eek!: "Kumbaya! I have gravity poisoning!" - As Capitan Eek! after falling to the floor.

Eek!: "Hey, come on HAL, open the pod-bay doors"
HAL: "I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."
Eek!: "Dave? There's no Dave here. It's me, Captain Eek."
HAL: "Oh... sorry."

Episode 28a PAWSEdit

Mittens: "Why didja do that, man? How are we going to get help now? We're in a wading pool three feet from the plastic liner, man! No one around for feet, man!" - Jaws spoof where Mittens and Eek are in an inflatable kiddie pool in the back yard instead of the Atlantic ocean.

Episode 37b The Thunder YearsEdit

Kutter: That's a bad thing, right Doc?
Doc: Yes Kutter, having our little friend's head pulled off by the principle fits nicely into the bad things category.

Episode 38b T-Rex and SympathyEdit

Mr. T-Rex: "I pity the fool that can't catch a pair of itty-bitty squishy little bi-peds." - character voiced by Mr. T himself.

Episode 39 The Hurting ShowEdit

General Galapagos: "We dinosaurs are doomed, I just know it" - the General's catchphrase said in a few episodes.

Episode 40 Cromagnon FarceEdit

Squat: "Oh Man! I think I got origami poisoning"

Squat: "Blast 'em all and let the archeologists sort 'em out!"


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