Edward Sherburne

English translator and poet (1618-1702)

Sir Edward Sherburne (18 September 1618 – 4 November 1702) was an English poet and translator and a staunch royalist.


There's no dallying with love
Though he be a child and blind.
  • There's no dallying with love
      Though he be a child and blind;
    Then let none the danger prove,
      Who would to himself be kind:
    Smile he does when thou dost play,
    But his smiles to death betray.
    Lately with the Boy I sported;
      Love I did not, yet love feigned;
    Had not mistress, yet I courted;
      Sighed I did, yet was not pained;
    Till at last this love in jest,
    Proved in earnest my unrest.
    When I saw my fair one first,
      In a feigned fire I burned;
    But true love my poor heart pierced,
      When her eyes on mine she turned:
    So a real wound I took,
    For my counterfeited look.
    Slighted Love, his skill to show,
      Struck me with a mortal dart;
    Then I learnt that 'gainst his bow,
      Vain are the weak helps of art;
    And thus captived, found that true
    Doth dissembled love pursue.
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