Edward M. Lerner

Edward M. Lerner (born 1949) is an American author of science fiction, techno-thrillers, and popular science.


Fools' Experiments (2008)Edit

All quotes from the hardcover first edition published by Tor, ISBN 0-7653-1901-2, first printing

  • “Do you believe that it’s dangerous?” Doug studied him closely.
    “Yes, although I’m in a minority here.”
    “Does that make you question your conclusion?”
    Glenn grimaced. “No, although it’s been strongly suggested that reconsidering would simplify my life.”
    “Group think?” Doug said. “Consensus is a poor substitute for thought. Tell the herd to eat shit—a hundred billion flies can’t be wrong.”
    • Chapter 17 (p. 119)
  • Sincerity does not equal truth, of course.
    • Chapter 17 (p. 120)
  • Truth seldom lends itself to crisp synopsis.
    • Chapter 20 (p. 138)
  • Patience neighbored respect for authority in Doug’s personal list of overrated virtues.
    • Chapter 30 (p. 188)
  • Facts form patterns. Patterns suggest hypotheses, Hypotheses are subject to inspection—and sometimes to proof.
    • Chapter 33 (p. 212)
  • Depression was merely anger without enthusiasm.
    • Chapter 51 (p. 333)
  • “The jerk kids are in one of those backwaters that don’t consider virus writing a crime. Nothing will happen to them.” No, that wasn’t exactly true. If the word ever got out, chances were they would get job offers. Glenn half-believed the antivirus companies were in cahoots with the virus writers. The protection racket updated for the digital age.
    • Chapter 55 (p. 354)
  • Once is random. Twice is coincidence. Three times is a pattern.
    • Chapter 56 (p. 357)

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