Eduardo Martínez Somalo

cardinal of the Catholic Church (1927-2021)

Eduardo Martínez Somalo (31 March 1927–) is a Spanish Cardinal of the Catholic Church.


  • We cannot call up an army of peace but we can call up a spiritual army to implore peace, so that the fact that one day of peace is better than years of war will penetrate peoples’ consciences.

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  • While I am pleased to recall the long and dedicated service that closely bound your priestly and episcopal ministry to the Apostolic See, I would like in particular to express to you my deep appreciation for the great dignity and solemn sobriety with which you carried out your role as Camerlengo of Holy Roman Church, at the moment of the devout death of the late Pope John Paul II, on the occasion of the extraordinary demonstration of faith during the funeral of the beloved Pontiff, during the entire period of the Vacancy of the Apostolic See and in carrying out the tasks of the Conclave for the election of the new Pope. As your high office as Camerlengo and your other important offices in the various Dicasteries of the Roman Curia come to an end, I am sure that the memory of all the good you have done will be a comfort to you and a cause of thanksgiving and praise to the Lord.

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