Eduardo Machado


Eduardo Machado (born June 11, 1953) is a Cuban playwright living in the United States.


  • There’s always somebody in my plays who’s the outsider looking in. And when you don’t fit into the family structure, you’re the outsider. And the more fascistic a country is, the more that it wants to punish the outsider…
  • To perceive Latin people as menial workers, with some sort of underground element. Not to see people as individuals, to always see people in terms of their racial group. That’s who you’re fighting all the time; that’s who you’re fighting in theater, as well…
  • It’s the duty of the playwright to sneak in as many effronteries as he can. If you act completely effrontive to people, they’ll never go listen. So you gotta sneak it past them…
  • It was a challenge to always be a Latino to Whites, but a Cubano to L.A.’s Chicanos. I was married to a woman for awhile and no one asked about my sexual behavior; but when I came out, it’s often the number one question asked by journalists, which I find insulting as it distorts the purpose of the interview. This notion that I must somehow be sleeping with anyone famous [he’s not] is too much about my private life.

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