Eddie Mair

Scottish broadcaster

Eddie Mair (born November 12 1965) is a Scottish journalist and radio and television presenter, known for his sarcastic style who has worked for both the BBC and LBC.

Eddie Mair in 2009
Eddie Mair is a Scottish journalist and radio and television presenter (2023).

Quotes edit

From PM and Broadcasting House edit

  • Remember, PM is not here to give financial advice. Your interest in the programme may go down as well as up.
    • Mair (2003) cited in: Eddie Mair in: The Daily Grind Jonathan. Sanderson’s weblog, May 23, 2003.
    • Quote while concluding a slightly incomprehensible interview on financial affairs with the PM.
  • … and if you want to hear more of that interview, fly to America and watch TV on Sunday night.
    • Mair (2003) cited in: "Eddie Mair again" in: The Daily Grind, Jonathan Sanderson’s weblog June 5, 2003.
  • Moments later he punched her unconscious. [Pause] No, he didn't, don't send us letters
    • Concluding an item in which a reporter asked random people on the street if throwing buckets of water at people was offensive, and whether he could do so[citation needed]
  • Do you have any trouble sleeping at night? [Reply] No, sir. I sleep very well.
    • Question to the Sudanese ambassador concerning the government's complicit stance towards Janjaweed atrocities in Darfur[citation needed]
  • We asked a minister for an interview - you know the rest.
  • "...makes my TV work look professional."
    • On organisations that issue statements on video rather than give interviews[citation needed]
  • Mair: "That'll be the police for you now..."
    • Mair was talking to a public figure on the subject of police investigations of allegations of homophobia against Sir Iqbal Sacranie. This person was quite hostile to the police action, and as he was speaking his mobile rang...[citation needed]
  • "I've been waiting to be arrested all day. I'm disappointed!" [Mair replies] "We're all with you on that one."
    • Reporter waiting to be arrested on cycle-path (a woman jogger had been arrested and cautioned earlier that week)[citation needed]
  • "...so do wrap up!"
    • After every single weather report on 'Broadcasting House' (Radio 4), no matter how sunny and hot[citation needed]
  • "David Cameron there, just a short walking distance away from our microphone."
    • After a tedious but far-away-sounding statement by David Cameron on the environment[citation needed]
  • "So those of you listeners who don't want to hear what the weather will be like in six months time... look away now."
  • "The population of the United Kingdom has, for the first time, reached sixty million. If they stood on each other's shoulders they would reach perhaps twenty feet in the air before toppling over."
    • PM, 24 August 2006 17:28.
  • "...and if you want to see a picture of Nils
    • Blyth, PM's financial reporter] and I, there's one on the Radio 4 home page today." [web page had picture of Wallace & Gromit advertising their Xmas special[citation needed]
  • "I'm sorry for croaking at you this evening. This is PM, I'm Eddie Mair: the walrus of news."
    • After presenting an edition of PM in an unusually husky voice (November 6 2009).
  • Sinn Fein say, "The British government are buggers".
  • ".... well with me now is Geoffrey Robinson. He was once voted 'After-dinner Speaker of the Year', so if you've had your tea, you're in for a treat"

From the PM Newsletter and Weblog edit

  • Our editor came to work today in a vibrant pink shirt. Vibrant. Several members of staff have had to go home sick.
    • In: PM Newsletter. August 2006.
  • Commentors to the Blog suggested Nick should take the Independent for every penny...
  • … the judge in the Saddam trial appears to be wearing comedy specs and moustache.
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran … in one shot on his website he appears to be dressed only in flowers. Oh - here's the page, you'll see what I mean.
  • Yesterday people were going past my window in t shirts and dresses. But that's the men at the BBC for you.
    • In: Headlines at bbc.co.uk, 22 September 2006.
  • "As a Doctor, I'm often asked: why can't we see more pictures of Albania?
    • In: PM newsletter. 28 Jan 08.

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