Eddie Brennan

Irish hurler

Eddie Brennan (born 2 October 1978), hurling analyst and former player of the game for the Kilkenny county team. Brennan has also been involved in management and works as a garda (i.e. a police officer).

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  • Brennan: Hope you get used to that cell you're in.. Six-by-six, not much room to move around in.
    Colleague: With a big black person.
    Brennan: With a big black fella there.
    Colleague: He might like your haircut.
    Brennan: All he'll want is his bit, boy, up the Gary Glitter.
  • Colleague: When you go to Mountjoy, you'll be a small man, that's for sure. Those are fucking real men in there.
    Brennan: Hardened men, boy, that are in there seven or eight years. Bent over, boy, and have had soap shoved up the cheeks of their arse. Take it like a man. Someone paying lad packets of smokes to protect him. Your future is looking bleak.
    Brennan: Wait until you see lads who are there for 10 or 12 years. They will take a shine to you. I don't know, your future is looking bleak.
  • The boys have been holding Laois back for years with hurling and football. There is no point in fucking having absolute stooks in there and all they are doing it for is their free jackets and their free entry into the matches and they going around scratching their hole when they have absolutely no ambition for the good of the county.
    • November 2020 comments on Gaelic games administrative officials that quickly went viral. Brennan exited as Laois senior hurling manager shortly afterwards.

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  • a number of the executive members were of the view that he shouldn't be offered a new term on the back of what he said.
    • Laois GAA officials after Brennan spoke against them during an interview.
  • LaoisToday.ie

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