Ed (film)

1996 film by Bill Couturié

Ed is a 1996 American sports comedy film about a talented baseball pitcher and his friendly ball-playing chimpanzee as his team's mascot.

Directed by Bill Couturié. Produced by Rosalie Swedlin and Bill Finnegan. Screenplay by David Mickey Evans. Story by Ken Richards and Janus Cercone
Minor league. Major friendship.

Jack "Deuce" Cooper

  • I am going to spank that monkey!
  • [to a spider] Hey Charlotte, where's Wilbur? [cut to his mom serving up ham] Wilbur, mom you didn't.
  • [as Ed's trying to get in the house pretending to need the bathroom] How dumb do I look? You wanted to play hardball remember? There's a sandbox down there so go pee your socks off, and quit banging on the door. [closes the door and Ed breaks it down] What the...?


Lydia: Two fingers is a curve ball, right?
Jack: That's a peace sign, I think.

Stats: You play major league?
Jack: No.
Stats: Minor league?
Jack: No.
Stats: Anybody ever see you play?
Jack: My mom.

[Ed complains about the bat being too big]
Tipton: Sorry Ed, we don't carry baseball bats your size.
[Ed bites off the end]
Chubb: [laughing] We do now.


  • Minor league. Major friendship.
  • Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.


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