Echo & the Bunnymen

English rock band

Echo & the Bunnymen are an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1978. The original line-up consisted of vocalist Ian McCulloch, guitarist w:Will Sergeant and bassist Les Pattinson. By 1980, Pete de Freitas joined as the band's drummer.

Echo & the Bunnymen performing in 2010
Ian McCulloch

Song lyrics

  • If I said I'd lost my way,
    Would you sympathise?
    Could you sympathise?
    I'm jumbled up,
    Maybe I'm losing my touch.
    I'm jumbled up,
    Maybe I'm losing my touch.
    But you know I didn't have it anyway.
  • Can you hear it?
    The sound of something burning.
    Something changing
    On the merry-go-round tonight.

    The pictures on my wall
    Are about to swing and fall.
    Love it all,
    Love it all.

  • The man at the back has a question,
    His tongue's involved with solutions.
    But the monkey on my back
    Won't stop laughing.

    Over the wall,
    Hand in hand.
    Over the wall,
    Watch us fall.

  • You said something will change.
    We were all dressed up, somewhere to go.
    No sign of rain,
    But something will change.
    You promised.

    You said nothing will change.
    We were almost near, almost far.
    Down came the rain,
    But nothing will change.
    You promised.

  • Conquering myself until
    I see another hurdle approaching.
    Say we can, say we will,
    Not just another drop in the ocean.
  • We're taking advantage of,
    Breaking the back of love.
    We're taking advantage of,
    Breaking the back of love.

    Easier said than done you said,
    But it's more difficult to say.
    With eyes bigger than our bellies,
    We want to but we can't look away.
    What were you thinking of
    When you dreamt that up?

  • Measure by measure, drop by drop
    And pound for pound, we're taking stock
    Of all the treasure still unlocked.
    The love you found must never stop.
  • The sky is blue,
    My hands untied.
    A world that's true
    Through our clean eyes.
    Just look at you
    With burning lips.
    You're living proof
    At my fingertips.
  • Under blue moon I saw you
    So soon you'll take me
    Up in your arms too late to beg you
    Or cancel it though I know it must be
    The killing time,
    Unwillingly mine.

    Up against your will
    Through the thick and thin
    He will wait until
    You give yourself to him.

  • A longing for
    Some fresher feeling.
    Or just forever kneeling.
    Where is the sense in stealing
    Without the grace to be it.

    Seven seas,
    Swimming them so well.
    Glad to see
    My face among them
    Kissing the tortoise shell.

  • A sense of duty was my one intention
    And an ugly beauty was my own invention.
    Pride, a proud refusal.
    And I refuse to need your approval.
    Too many seekers, too few beacons,
    But through the fog we'll keep on beaming.

    Through the crying hours of your glitter years,
    All the living out of your tinsel tears.
    And the midnight trains I never made
    'Cause I'd already played the game.

  • She floats like a swan,
    Grace on the water.
    Lips like sugar.
    Lips like sugar.
    Just when you think you've caught her,
    She glides across the water.
    She calls for you tonight
    To share this moonlight.

    You'll flow down her river.
    She'll ask and you'll give her

    Lips like sugar,
    Sugar kisses.
    Lips like sugar,
    Sugar kisses.

  • It was cheap at half the price,
    Took a shovel where a spoon would suffice.
    Now I can't see you.
    Now I can't see you.

    Regimental in my way,
    Detrimental at the end of the day.
    But you won't be told.
    No, you won't be told.

  • An angel walked amongst us,
    Tried but couldn't love us.
    Something's wrong.
    Since you've gone you know
    There's nothing and no one
    To hang love on.

    So tell me how it feels,
    Tell me how it feels
    To touch the flame.
    Tell me who I am,
    Tell me who I really am.
    What's my name?

  • I want to be like you.
    I want to fly, fly, fly.
    Want you to take me to
    All of your sky.

    Why don't you kneel me down?
    Why don't we try, try, try?
    'Cause when we come around,
    That's when I fly.

    • "[[w:I Want to Be There (When You Come)
  • And I want more than I can get
    Just trying to, trying to, trying to forget.

    I'd walk to you through rings of fire
    And never let you know the way I feel.
    Under skin is where I hide
    The love that always gets me on my knees.

All tracks written by Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant.

  • I wish that you were here
    Down amongst the dust.
    I need someone to help me,
    You need someone to trust.
    There's something with these tears
    Turning me to rust.
    I need someone to help me,
    Yeah I need someone to touch.

    Give me one more try
    And I'll come flaking back to you.
    I wish that you were here,
    I wish that it was true.

  • Let's go and take a starlit drive
    To where the shaping of our lives
    Had just begun...when we were young.
    When everything was coming right
    In our dreams of love and life
    And we could run...into the sun.

    Get in the car,
    We're taking a ride.
    We're looking for stars,
    We're looking for satellites
    Of love.
    Of love.

  • Here they come again:
    Whispers in my head.
    Same old sad refrain,
    Wished I'd never said
    What I said... yeah.
    Take me to the top,
    I need more not less.
    And don't ever tell me when to stop.

All tracks written by Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant.

  • Can we be like everyone,
    Pretending that there's nothing wrong?
    Remember when we walked upon
    Clouds that never rain?

    And I need it more than love
    And I love it more than life.
    And I want those stars above to shine this night.

  • Now do you see how
    They're in the margins.
    Below and up above.
    I'll see now
    How life wins
    When all that's left is love.
  • Must have forgotten something:
    How to forget how to be true.
    Covered myself in numb things.
    Don't touch me, and I won't touch you.

    Trying to remember something:
    Why am I here? And who are you?
    You must have meant something,
    Animals came in two by two.

    • "Think I Need It Too", written by Ian McCulloch, John McLaughlin, Simon Perry, David Thomas, and Will Sergeant
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