Eating Raoul

1982 film by Paul Bartel

Eating Raoul is a 1982 black comedy film about a married couple living in Hollywood who decide to kill swingers to fund their lifelong dream of managing a country kitchen. They eventually cross paths with Raoul, a scheming locksmith, who decides to help them.

Directed by Paul Bartel. Written by Paul Bartel and Richard Blackburn.
A tasty comedy of bad manners. 

Opening Narration edit

  • Hollywood, California: city of contrast. Home to the rich and powerful... yet so popular with the broken and destitute.
  • A center of casual violence and capricious harassment where rampant vice and amorality permeate every stratum of society, and the barrier between food and sex has totally dissolved.

Dialogue edit

Paul: Mary, I just killed a man.
Mary: [Looking at a black bag on the floor] He was a man. Now he's just a bag of garbage.

Mary: [Talking about how to fund their restaurant] I was thinking about going to the bank and getting a loan.
Paul: No bank is gonna loan us any $20,000.
Mary: No, I know that. But a bank might loan us $10,000, and then we could sell some of your wine collection.
Paul: Sell some of my wine collection?

Paul: Why don't you go to bed, honey? I'll bag the Nazi and straighten up.

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