Eamonn McCann

Northern Irish writer and activist (born 1943)

Eamonn McCann (1943-03-10) Former MLA, NI Civil Rights Movement veteran, Author, Socialist. (Wikipedia)


  • "A lesser man than you? Name one."
    • Tweet by Eamonn McCann on 2018-11-27
    • In reply to Ian Paisley Jr, speaking about his 30 day suspension as an MP from Westminster, stating a "A lesser man than me would've crumbled."

  • "What finally did the trick and got reforms out of Stormont was the sound of marching feet, not the sound of gunfire."
    • Eamonn McCann
    • Speaking at the "Remembering 1968: The Civil Rights Movement in Northern Ireland" event in Queens University Belfast on 2018-03-24

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