Eamon Gilmore

Irish politician

Eamon Gilmore (born April 24, 1955) is the current Tánaiste (deputy prime minister) and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland. He leads the Labour Party and is in coalition with the right-wing Fine Gael.

Labour's way or Frankfurt's way?


  • It's Labour's way or Frankfurt's way.
  • It's a clear decision. It's a decision we respect and it's the end of the Lisbon Treaty. The speculation that there will be a second bite at it -- there won't be.
  • That debate is over and the referendum has delivered a result.
    • Gilmore following the rejection of the first Lisbon Treaty referendum by the Irish people. Sunday Independent
  • Running around like a blue-behind bluebottle waving slogans.
  • You have a neck. You have a neck. You have a neck. You come in here with your orders from Belfast to make allegations. You have a neck.

Quotes about Gilmore

  • Gilmore, who has led calls against a second referendum, has told the [American] embassy separately that he fully expects, and would support, holding a second referendum in 2009. He explained his public posture of opposition to a second referendum as 'politically necessary' for the time being.
  • From now until the day he leaves office, anything Eamon Gilmore says can be legitimately discredited with a single sentence: "Ah, yes, Minister, but is that what you're telling the American Embassy?"
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