E. Stanley Jones

Methodist missionary and theologian (1884-1973)

Eli Stanley Jones (1884–1973) was a 20th-century Methodist Christian missionary and theologian. He is remembered chiefly for his interreligious lectures to the educated classes in India, thousands of which were held across the Indian subcontinent during the first decades of the 20th century.


  • He [ Krishnamurti ] has received divine honors in India and in the West. I had a long interview with him, found him of average intelligence, of rather lovable disposition, of mediocre spiritual intuitions, and heard him swear in good, round English! I came away feeling that if he is all we, as a race, have to look to in order to get out of the muddle we are in, then God pity us.
    • The Christ of the Indian Road (1925); Quoted by A. McD Redwood in Heresies Exposed (3rd edition, 1921) under the chapter Theosophy
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