Dysfunctional Systems

2013 video game

Dysfunctional Systems is a visual novel series created by Dischan Media. The story follows Winter Harrison, a "mediator"-in-training, as she attempts to resolve chaotic situations in different worlds.

Episode 1: Learning to Manage Chaos edit

Cyrus Addington: Let me tell you, it's never fun when a surprise dragon flies out from behind a mountain, or when you realize that the person you've been talking to is really just a convincing projection...or worse, a robot. And once you start going into systems that threaten your definition of what being a "world" even means...? Hmph, good luck.

[after punching Cyrus in the ribs, after he tells her to have some alcohol]

Winter (narration): I glance up to find Cyrus resting his hand on my head. Although I know what he is doing (in fact, I just said so), I still am compelled to ask...
Winter: [to Cyrus] ...what are you doing?
Cyrus: Winter... Fine. I won't force you to drink.
Winter: You mean you can't.
Cyrus: I mean I won't. I will, however, put forth a stern suggestion: it would be very wise for you to drink. It will help you ease into the taste of another place. I know what they taught you, and I'd be lying if I said I ignore what I have learned.

[after entering the bar, expecting it to have a powerful stink]

Winter (narration): Slowly, I part the fingers over my nostrils. [Winter pauses] ...It does not smell at all.
Cyrus: Cut that out, Winter. You look ridiculous.
Winter (narration): Hey! Leave me alone! I've been misled!

Winter: I have been told that alcohol tastes like piss.
Cyrus: Well, I wouldn't know myself. I've never tried it.
Winter: [surprised] What? You've never tried alcohol?
Cyrus: No, piss.

Winter: [after drinking her first beer] Mmg—! Bleh! Puh—puhht! Lllleeeaauuu…
Cyrus: Oh, come on.

Man: You're a little young to be in here, aren't you?
Winter: [thinking to herself] YES I AM. I AM FOURTEEN. I SHOULD NOT BE HERE.

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