Duran Duran

British band

Duran Duran are an English new wave band formed in Birmingham in 1978. The group was a leading band in the MTV-driven Second British Invasion of the US in the 1980s. The group was formed by keyboardist Nick Rhodes and bassist John Taylor, with the later addition of drummer Roger Taylor, and after numerous personnel changes, guitarist Andy Taylor (none of the Taylors are related) and lead singer Simon Le Bon. These five members featured the most commercially successful line-up.

Duran Duran in concert in Toronto (2005)

Song lyrics

  • Please, please tell me now.
    Is there something I should know?
    Is there something I should say
    That would make you come my way?
    Do you feel the same?
    'Cause you don't let it show.
  • Meeting you with a view to a kill.
    Face to face in secret places, feel the chill.

    Nightfall covers me, but you know the plans I'm making.
    Still overseas, could it be the whole Earth opening wide?
    A sacred why, a mystery gaping inside.
    A week is why, until we...

    Dance into the fire.
    That fatal kiss is all we need.
    Dance into the fire.
    To fatal sounds of broken dreams.
    Dance into the fire.
    That fatal kiss is all we need.
    Dance into the fire.

  • See them walking hand in hand across the bridge at midnight,
    Heads turning as the lights flashing out it's so bright.
    Then walk right out to the four-line track,
    There's a camera rolling on her back, on her back.
    And I sense the rhythm humming in a frenzy all the way down her spine.

    Girls on film;
    Girls on film.

  • Only came outside to watch the night fall with the rain,
    I heard you making patterns rhyme.
    Like some new romantic looking for the TV sound,
    You'll see I'm right some other time.

    Look now, look all around, there's no sign of life.
    Voices, another sound, can you hear me now?
    This is Planet Earth, you're looking at Planet Earth.
    Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop this is Planet Earth.

  • Fear hangs a plane of gun smoke,
    Drifting in our room.
    So easy to disturb
    With a thought,
    With a whisper,
    With a careless memory.

Rio (1982)

  • Moving on the floor now babe you're a bird of paradise,
    Cherry ice cream smile I suppose it's very nice.
    With a step to your left and a flick to the right,
    You catch that mirror way out west.
    You know you're something special
    And you look like you're the best.

    Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand,
    Just like that river twisting through a dusty land.
    And when she shines she really shows you all she can.
    Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande.

  • In touch with the ground,
    I'm on the hunt, I'm after you.
    Smell like I sound, I'm lost in a crowd,
    And I'm hungry like the wolf
    Straddle the line, in discord and rhyme,
    I'm on the hunt, I'm after you.
    Mouth is alive, with juices like wine,
    And I'm hungry like the wolf.
  • You saw me standing by the wall,
    Corner of a main street
    And the lights are flashing on your window sill.
    All alone ain't much fun,
    So you're looking for the thrill.
    And you know just what it takes
    And where to go.

    Don't say a prayer for me now,
    Save it 'til the morning after.
    No, don't say a prayer for me now,
    Save it 'til the morning after.

  • Oh, why don't you use it?
    Try not to bruise it.
    Buy time, don't lose it.
    Oh, why don't you use it?
    Try not to bruise it.
    Buy time, don't lose it.

    The reflex is a lonely child, who's waiting by the park.
    The reflex is in charge of finding treasure in the dark
    And watching over lucky clover, isn't that bizarre?
    And every little thing the reflex does
    Leaves you answered with a question mark.

  • I light my torch and wave it for the
    New moon on Monday
    And a firedance through the night.
    I stayed the cold day with a lonely satellite.
  • Telegram force and ready,
    I knew this was a big mistake.
    There's a fine line drawing
    My senses together
    And I think it's about to break.

    If I listen close I can hear them singers,
    Voices in your body coming through on the radio.

    The Union of the Snake is on the climb.
    Moving up it's gonna race it's gonna break
    Through the borderline.

  • The wild boys are calling
    On their way back from the fire.
    In August moon's surrender to
    A dust cloud on the rise.
    Wild boys fallen far from glory,
    Reckless and so hungered,
    On the razors edge you trail
    Because there's murder by the roadside
    In a sore afraid new world.

    They tried to break us;
    Looks like they'll try again.

    Wild boys never lose it.
    Wild boys never chose this way.
    Wild boys never close your eyes.
    Wild boys always shine.

  • You own the money,
    You control the witness.
    I'll leave you lonely,
    Don't monkey with my business.
    You pay the prophets to justify your reasons.
    I heard your promise, but I don't believe it.
    That's why I've done it again.


  • Don't fake it when it comes to making money.
    So she smiles, but that's cruel.
    If you know what she thinks,
    If you knew what she was after.

    Sometimes she wonders
    And she laughs in her frustration.

    Would someone please explain
    The reason for this strange behavior
    In exploitation's name.
    We must be working for the Skin Trade.

  • I don't mind if you're keeping someone else behind.
    I don't care cause you've got something I can share.
    Hey, take a chance, even if it's only,
    Only while we're dancing in the
    Light of your second sight because
    When you understand me,
    You might feel good around me now.

    I don't want your love to bring me down.
    I don't want your love so turn it around.

  • Divine intervention
    Couldn't keep the word from leaking out (Out, out...)
    With your pleasure in suspension,
    Not to mention what you hang it around.
    If you need a lead to heaven again,
    A place to share in every position.
    What do you care?
    What do you dare
    What does your heart say now?
  • Do you believe in love?
    Do you believe in shame?
    And if love can conquer all
    Then why do we only feel the pain?
  • Oh woman you make me feel
    Like I'm on fire.
    Oh woman you make it real,
    It's the only way for me.
    So if we sometimes fight,
    Doesn't mean we got problems.
    Ain't always black and white.
    Who cares anyway?

Duran Duran (aka The Wedding Album) (1993)

  • Destroyed by ABC
    I hate to bite the hand that
    Feeds me so much information.
    The pressure's on the screen
    To sell you things that you don't need
    It's too much information for me.
  • Came in from a rainy Thursday
    On the avenue.
    Thought I heard you talking softly
    I turned on the lights, the TV
    And the radio.
    Still I can't escape the ghost of you.

    What has happened to it all?
    Crazy, some'd say
    Where is the life that I recognize?
    Gone away.

    But I won't cry for yesterday
    There's an ordinary world
    Somehow I have to find
    And as I try to make my way
    To the ordinary world,
    I will learn to survive.

  • We'll try to stay blind
    To the hope and fear outside.
    Hey child, stay wilder than the wind
    And blow me into crime.

    Who do you need, who do you love
    When you come undone?
    Who do you need, who do you love
    When you come undone?

  • I knew when I first saw you on the showroom floor
    You were made for me.
    I took you home and dressed you up in polyester,
    Princess of my dreams.
    Emotionless and cold as ice,
    All of the things I like.
    The way you look,
    The way you move,
    The sound you're making
    In ultra-chrome, latex and steel.
  • Got to get you out of my mind,
    But I can't escape from the feeling.
    As I try to leave the memory behind,
    Without you, what's left to believe in?
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