Dungeon of Harrow

1964 American film directed by Pat Boyette

Dungeon of Harrow is a 1964 film about an evil, sadistic count who lives in a waterfront castle with his insane family members, and when the survivor of a shipwreck washes ashore near the castle he finds himself a captive there.

Directed by Pat Boyette. Written by Henry Garcia and Pat Boyette.

Aaron FallonEdit

  • How many times have I stood before this symbol of my family's greatness? And now this crest and I are dying together. In another time and another place, I might have brought honor and glory to the Fallon family, but instead I shall leave a legacy of decay and unspeakable horror.


Aaron Fallon: You're quite certain I'm a bit of an ass, aren't you, Captain?
The Captain: I don't believe there's a yes or no answer to that, Mr. Fallon.

Aaron Fallon: Captain?
Cassandra: The captain is quite all right. He's been given a potion... the pain was most severe.
Aaron Fallon: You what?
Cassandra: You're quite safe now. You're in the castle of Count Lorente De Sade.

Cassandra: If your strength will permit, the Count requests your presence at the evening meal.
Aaron Fallon: I am grateful, but the captain is lying for a very cold floor. In his condition, pneumonia could surely occur. You must have accommodations...
Cassandra: I said your friend will recover, sir. The count has seen fit to offer lodging and refuge. I'm not in a position to question the extent of his hospitality. If you desire to put the captain in your bed, by all means do so. I was sent to announce the count has elected to share his evening fare with you - an obligation I have now discharged. If you wish to show your lack of gratitude by refusing, then I'll relay your indiscretion.
Aaron Fallon: I most certainly want to meet the count.


  • Russ Harvey — Aaron Fallon
  • Helen Hogan — Cassandra
  • William McNulty — Count Lorente de Sade
  • Michele Buquor — Ann
  • Maurice Harris — Mantis

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