Dummy (film)

2002 film directed by Greg Pritikin

Dummy is a 2002 film about an aspiring singer in a dysfunctional household who finds her niche in Yiddish music, while her friend tries to make it as a ventriloquist, saddled with a dummy who embodies his inner doubts.

Written and directed by Greg Pritikin.
The story of a dummy and his man. Taglines

Fangoria "Fanny" Gurkel

  • D'you know our high school reunion's comin' up? Ten years... D'you know how depressing that is? D'you think I don't wanna slash my fucking wrists when I think about that? Goddamn it!
  • Steven, you drive like my fucking grandma! Wait... that's actually an insult because my grandma drives better than you do!
  • [Being thrown out for throwing a tantrum in a mall.] Fucking suburbanized shit!


  • Steven Schoichet: I look both ways when I cross the street.
  • Heidi Schoichet: [seeing Steven in his underwear, with his dummy dressed as a child] Steven? Gross! You look like a child molester.


Heidi Schoichet: Because every klezmer band in town is booked and I desperately need a band. But if I hire you, you have to be willing to "hora". Is that a problem?
Fangoria "Fanny" Gurkel: Oh man, at this point, I'd fuck anyone.

Heidi Schoichet: What're you apologizing to her? She's an unwed mother.
Fern Schoichet: Better an unwed mother than just plain unwed.

Fangoria "Fanny" Gurkel: I bought a gift for you.
Steven Schoichet: Oh, no.
Fangoria "Fanny" Gurkel: Actually, I lifted it from Borders. But it's perfect for your date. It's classical music.
Steven Schoichet: Oh, thanks!
Fangoria "Fanny" Gurkel: Yeah, when you get Lorena alone, put this on. Classical music makes women horny. Just trust me on this one.
Steven Schoichet: Thanks. "Best of John Philip Sousa".
Fangoria "Fanny" Gurkel: Yeah. Chicks dig it.

Fangoria "Fanny" Gurkel: You can fuck me if I'm wrong!
Steven Schoichet: No. That's okay.

Heidi Schoichet: [about Michael going in jail] Serves him right! I hope you rot in there, fucking loser!
Fern Schoichet: Heidi! That loser was almost your husband!
Heidi Schoichet: Why can't you get it into your head, he's a psychopath?
Fern Schoichet: I'm sure he is. But he's also a very successful accountant.


  • The story of a dummy and his man.
  • Sometimes you need a little help finding yourself.
  • A comedy about finding your voice before you lose your mind.
  • Some people can say a lot without moving their lips.


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