Duel Masters

franchise based on a manga, anime and a trading card game

Duel Masters (デュエルマスターズDyueru Masutāzu) is a franchise based on an anime and a trading card game.

Episode : Water You Waiting For?

“Hey! Why does the camera always pan up when I’m just getting to the good stuff?!”
“I hate it when that happens.”
- Shobu and Rykuta
“We’ve gone three day’s without sleeping or taking a bath but we’ve finally come up with the perfect deck!”
- Shobu
“Here goes…Eenie Meenie Peter Piper and the cow jumped over the moon!”
“So, is that how you open the portal?”
“Yes, I think so. Sometimes it just makes a pothole…”
- Portal Master and Shobu

Toru Toru Toru Part One

Kokojo: I know everything.
Shobu: How's that?
Kokojo: 'Cause I'm an evil genius.
Knight: Man, is it me or the camera is way too close?