Dreamscape (1984 film)

1984 film

Dreamscape is a 1984 film about a young psychic on the run from himself who is recruited by a government agency experimenting with the use of the dream-sharing technology and enters the mind of the US president to try to save him from an assassin in his dream.

Directed by Joseph Ruben. Written by David Loughery, Chuck Russell, and Joseph Ruben, based in part upon Roger Zelazny's novella, "He Who Shapes", and novel The Dream Master.
Close your eyes and the adventure begins.  (taglines)

Alex Gardner edit

  • Nice place you got here. Who's your decorator? Darth Vader?

Tommy Ray Glatman edit

  • Hello, Mr. President. Alex, what a surprise. I get to kill two for the price of one!
  • In this world, Alex, you're nothing. And me, I'm God.
  • [in the dream, to zombies] Help me, Help me! There he is! He's the one who pushed the button. He did this to you! He did this to you! He did this to you!
  • [in the dream, Alex turns into Tommy's father] Daddy? Daddy, I'm sorry!

Dialogue edit

Alex Gardner: [talking about his current lifestyle] Sounds like you disapprove.
Dr. Paul Novotny: You're damn right I disapprove! You've got tremendous gifts, and you've chosen to piss them all away.

Jane DeVries: Well, one of our areas of research is sexual dysfunction. If a man is experiencing impotency, we can determine whether the cause is physical or psychological by monitoring his sleep.
Alex Gardner: Mm-hmm. How's that?
Jane DeVries: Well, if it isn't physical, he'll experience three or four erections during the course of the night.
Alex Gardner: Mm, I see. So, Jane, what you do here, in effect, is count boners.

Dr. Paul Novotny: How did you sleep? Have any dreams?
Alex Gardner: You mind if take a leak before I give my deposition?

Dr. Paul Novotny: Bill Hardy has been a good test subject for us before.
Alex Gardner: Oh, he's a steel worker. I'll probably wind up in some bad beer commercial.

Alex Gardner: A woman died, Tommy!
Tommy Ray Glatman: Everybody dies.

Alex Gardner: You had Tommy Ray kill that woman in the dream link, didn't you?
Bob Blair: Yes.
Alex Gardner: Why?
Bob Blair: I wanted to see if it could be done.
Alex Gardner: You're a real humanitarian, Blair.
Bob Blair: I'm a realist. We live in a dangerous, hostile world. I will do whatever I have to to keep this country safe.
Alex Gardner: Yeah, that's what scares me.
Bob Blair: You're a very intelligent young man, Alex. You've mastered an amazing technique. Surely you can see the possibilities. During his dream link with Matusik, Tommy Ray stabbed her with a knife. A dream knife. The shock to Matusik's system caused a coronary and she died. So, the old wives tale comes true after all. When you dream that you die, you die in life at the very same instant. Now we can go into an enemy's dream, kill him, make it look as if he died in his sleep. Do you realize what that means?
Alex Gardner: It means no one's safe from you.
Bob Blair: The question is whether you're gonna cooperate. I never had any doubts about Tommy Ray.
Alex Gardner: Well, why should you? He killed his own father. He's a fucking psychopath.
Bob Blair: Alex, it's very simple. Either you work for me or you die.

Bob Blair: [opens the elevator door to find Alex there] How did you get in here?
Alex Gardner: It was easy!
[Rips his own head in two to reveal a monster inside that bites Blair's head off]

Taglines edit

  • Close your eyes and the adventure begins.
  • Alex Gardner has an extraordinary gift. To keep it may cost him his life...
  • Who in hell has peace of mind..?
  • He's the first mind traveler but can he survive the demons of nightmare warfare?
  • It takes an extraordinary adventurer to enter the...
  • Alex Gardner has an extraordinary gift. The government wants it...The scientists want it... To keep it may cost him his life...
  • Enter a world beyond your wildest imagination where anything can happen.

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